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E90: Amy Waninger - Founder of Lead At Any Level and Author of Network Beyond Bias

This episode is sponsored by IA Path - Unlocking Your Adjusting Superpowers. Go to Amy Waninger fell into insurance just like many of us (she needed a job). Also like us, she found the industry more compelling than the stereotype. Along the way, she discovered that having a strong, supporting network is the foundation for any successful career. Amy founded Lead at any Level to promote in-the-trenches leadership, diversity and inclusion, and career management through...


E89 - Randy Schwantz, Author, Sales Trainer & Creator of The Wedge

This episode is sponsored by IA Path - Unlocking Your Adjusting Superpowers. Go to My first experience with Randy Schwantz was at the first agency I worked at. All the corner office producers had The Wedge in their bookcases. In fact, in every successful agency I ever worked at had a copy of The Wedge. Coincidence? Nope. Randy Schwantz is considered one of the best insurance production trainers. The Wedge production system focuses on the biggest problem for...


E88 - The Captive Insurance Market With Van Carlson, CEO of Strategic Risk Alternatives

This episode is sponsored by IA Path - Unlocking Your Adjusting Superpowers. Go to I've been enamored with captive insurance for most of my insurance career. The ability of insureds to get tax benefits for self-insuring exposure solves a lot of problems when they are unable to 1. acquire insurance for their exposure (dangerous product or industry) or 2. are unable to acquire insurance at a reasonable premium (hard market or misunderstood exposure). In this episode, I...


E87 - Lawanda Hall On Being A Corporate Risk Manager & How To Avoid Calling Olivia Pope

This episode is sponsored by IA Path - Unlocking Your Adjusting Superpowers. Go to If in any moment of crisis you need to call Olivia Pope, you are not practicing risk management but crisis management. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I speak with Lawanda Hall, a Risk Manager for a global automobile firm. We discussed how her passion for math and numbers lead her to a degree in risk management and how she went on to become a corporate risk manager. She discusses...


E86 - Rebecca Wheeling: Automating Claims Communications With Schedule It

It is such a pleasure when I get to speak to someone to is solving a problem that I had no appreciation of its existence. Ultimately claims are the insurance product. Even well-meaning carriers looking to close claims quickly can stumble in situations where the adjusting team struggles to contact, schedule, meet and close the claim. Rebecca is solving this problem via technology. Using software, Rebecca and the Schedule It team are using technology to simplify the process and optimize time...


E85 - Full Stack Brokerage & Technology With John Prichard Jr., President of Oli Insurance Services

We often get questions at the Insurance Nerds Slack Channel on how one would open an agency. Carrier appointments, technology, sales, accounting and a whole host of other factors need to be addressed. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, Tony and I spoke with John Prichard Jr of Oli Insurance Services. Oli is a full-on support stack for every aspect of the brokerage business. Even a single person producer can get full back office support and market access using Oli, so that they can do...


E83 - Patrick Muscenti On Agency Production, Sales Training & Casual Fridays

Patrick Muscenti is the Lebron James of insurance production. He would blush at that, but he's from Cleveland, and Lebron James was mentioned in this podcast and Patrick is a really big believer in coaching, training and becoming eilte, thus he qualifies in the Lebron James category.


E82 - Extreme Agency Makeover with Kelly Donahue-Piro

This episode is sponsored by IA Path - Unlocking Your Adjusting Superpowers. Go to This episode was almost too much fun. Tony and I discuss all things agency with Kelly Donahue-Piro, President of Agency Performance Partners. Kelly discusses the things that great agencies do (and why poor performing agencies are poor performing). As Kelly mentions, great agencies strive for excellence. They hold everyone accountable and they execute their vision for excellence in every...


E81 - BONUS EPISODE: Conversations At Insurtech Rising in Boston

I apologize for some of the audio quality. My new microphone did not work so well. Regardless, there are some good conversations with attendees from the Insurtech Rising, Boston conference in early May.


E79 - Patrick West, Founder and Chief Shopping Officer of Hedge Quote

This episode is sponsored by IA Path - Unlocking Your Adjusting Superpowers. Go to Pat West is NOT an acting as an agent or a broker. But he helps customers get insurance. He is the Chief Shopping Officer of Hedge Quote. Confused? I was too until I sat down and spoke with Pat about this new twist to an old business model. As you will hear, Pat cares deeply about the customer experience and customer satisfaction As you will hear, Pat cares deeply about the customer...


E78 - Digital Namaste With Jason Keck, CEO of Broker Buddha

This episode is sponsored by IA Path - Unlocking Your Adjusting Superpowers. Go to Broker Buddha helps Insurance Brokers & Agents win more business by moving the application and renewal process into an interactive, customer-friendly online experience. In this episode Tony (he is the one making all of the typing sounds at the beginning of the podcast - before I sent him a nasty message) & I spoke with Jason Keck, CEO of Broker Buddha. Jason discussed more than just the solutions...


E77 - Ashley Fitzsimmons - On Being The Beyonce of Insurance & Doing Deals in Heels (Sponsored by IA Path)

This episode is sponsored by IA Path - Unlocking Your Adjusting Superpowers. Go to Recently I had the pleasure to spend a Saturday morning speaking with Ashley Fitzsimmons. I invited her on because I have been following her on LinkedIn and Twitter and her enthusiasm and motivation for her work stand out. She is the self-professed Beyonce of insurance and in this episode, we talked about her initial career, the trade-offs with working in the family business, millennial stuff and...


Profiles in Risk - E76 - SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE - Conversations From The 2018 Global Insurance Symposium

Last week I was very fortunate to attend the 2018 Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, IA. With well over 650 attendees, this is one of the biggest insurance focused events of the year. Besides great speakers and panel discussions, we got to hear the final pitches from the latest cohort of the Global Insurance Accelerator, a Des Moines based insurtech accelerator lead by Brian Hemesath. Another perk of the event is that I can walk around and talk to people. This special episode of...


E74 - Steve Evans Celebrating 20 Years of ILS and Artemis

Steve Evans is the owner of Artemis and Reinsurance News. These are the two go-to publications when it comes to ILS and reinsurance news (fitting name). Steve has been building Artemis for 20 years and has recently celebrated Artemis' 20th anniversary. In this episode, Steve discusses the history of Artemis, and how it has paralleled the internet, the birth of CAT bonds and now the insurtech scene. If you aren't signed up for Artemis, go to the link below, and do that now! Subscribe...


E73 - Bill Wilson on His New Book: When Words Collide-Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes

This is a special episode of Profiles in Risk. The audio for this episode is derived from a video webcam recording we did with Bill Wilson to announce the release of his new book When Words Collide-Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes. If you want to watch the Carly, Tony and myself discuss the book in video format, follow this link to our YouTube channel (and subscribe while you are there!) When Words Collide is the culmination of 30 years of Bill's work. Bill is a...


E72: David Tobias, co-Founder of BetterView: Using Digital & Drone Imagery For Property Exposures

David Tobias understood insurance from a young age (his Dad ). He also had a passion for technology (he taught himself how to code). David and his coFounder (David Lyman) saw a problem that existed in insurance, which was that roof inspections where hard, expensive, yet the desire to have that information, very useful. They also saw the potential for drone technology to be a potential solution. After their first paid gig, they saw a really big opportunity to use technology to both, acquire...