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Jaci Russo is a nationally known Brand Strategist imparting 20+ years of experience weekly. This podcast is now the Swiss Army Knife in your toolkit, the strategist in your pocket, the conversation changer, about your brand, you’ve been looking for.

Jaci Russo is a nationally known Brand Strategist imparting 20+ years of experience weekly. This podcast is now the Swiss Army Knife in your toolkit, the strategist in your pocket, the conversation changer, about your brand, you’ve been looking for.
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Jaci Russo is a nationally known Brand Strategist imparting 20+ years of experience weekly. This podcast is now the Swiss Army Knife in your toolkit, the strategist in your pocket, the conversation changer, about your brand, you’ve been looking for.








Which eCommerce Site is Right for Your Brand

Ups and Downs of Choosing an eCommerce Site Choosing the right eCommerce site for your business is a huge commitment. You need great payment options, a good shopping experience for the user, and it has to be customizable to fit your company. In this episode, Jaci helps you sift through the infinite eCommerce sites out there. She has tips on what to know before you choose and she’ll walk you through the most popular choices out there. For information on these strategies, check out these Razor...


4 Ways to Differentiate Your eCommerce Brand

Tips on How to Make Your eCommerce Shop Stand Out from the Competition Standing out from the pack is problem you’ll face in your storefront and online. The number one problem you’ll have in the world of eCommerce is competition. eCommerce is one of the most competitive places to sell a product or service, In this episode, Jaci explains how focusing on value, branding, and being a leader will set you up for a unique chance of success. For information on these strategies, check out these...


7 Pros and Cons of Starting A Solely eCommerce Business

A Look at the Upside and Downside of Relying Strictly on eCommerce eCommerce is here to stay, but should it be your only source of business? There are pros and cons to only selling goods and services online. In this episode, Jaci will walk you through the good and bad of being a solely eCommerce business. From start-up cost to the online shopping experience, as well as managing shipping and competition she’ll lay put the good and bad. For information on these strategies, check out these...


4 Strategies That Will Help Your Team Warm up to Cold Calls

Dreaded Sales Cold Calls, How to Make It Through and Make It A Habit Cold calls are probably the least favorite part of a salesperson’s day. It’s hard to bother a person who doesn’t know they need you yet. But you know the person on the other end of the line could use you—at least—if you done your homework. Turns out, that’s one of the best way to perfect cold calls, research before you ring. In this episode Jaci will walk you through 4 proven strategies that will make cold calls even more...


Do You Need a Sales Script to Close the Deal?

The Pros and Cons of Relying on a Sales Script to Sell Your Brand A strict sales script isn’t for everyone, but don’t dismiss all scripts out of hand. The answer to whether or not a sales script works for your brand is a question hinged on your people and how they work best. In this episode, Jaci lays out the pros and cons to using a sales script. The details of this one might surprise you, turns out there’s good and bad to the scripting process—it’s all about how you approach it. For...


How to Prioritize Clients to Maximize Results

Getting the Most Out of Your Customers Means Learning to Prioritize Clients the Right Way Who are your clients? Don’t say everyone! That attitude can actually cost you big chunk of your bottom line. Your brand needs to appeal to a certain type of customer; one you can learn to prioritize and make the most of. In this episode, Jaci shows you how making some customers a priority does not translate into ignoring others. She’ll show you how using your base, targeting the right clients and...


4 Ways to Perfect Prospecting

Tips on How Prospecting for the Right Clients Will Help Your Brand Prosper New clients are essential to every brand. Bringing in new customers, or new businesses if you are B to B, is the only way your brand will grow. However, there’s way more to prospecting than netting new business. You need to land the right kind of clients over and over again. That type of prospecting takes strategy. In this episode, Jaci will show you how to turn everyday clients into future brand advocates through...


6 Steps to Creating a Sales Process that Works

Follow These 6 Steps to Implement a Sales Process That Will Invigorate Your Brand A sales process is crucial to a healthy brand. It doesn’t matter where your company is in its journey, whether just starting out or just looking to stay on a successful track, you need a sales process. In this episode, Jaci shows you how to create guidance for yourself and your sales team. She’ll take you from customer outreach to setting up criteria and goals all the way through implementation. The steps...


New Print Advertising Offers Many Opportunities to Your Brand

Breakdown of Top 3 New Print Strategies and What Each Can Offer It’s not for everyone, but it’s still a good way to get the word out about your brand. New print advertising has more to offer than just old school newspapers. Like all forms of communication and advertising, print is evolving. In this episode, Jaci talks about the impact of new print advertising and your brand. She’ll go over the opportunities in online newspaper components, magazines, and trade publications and show you how...


The Who and How of Outdoor Advertising

Learn WHO Outdoor Advertising Appeals to and HOW to Best Use It For Your Brand Outdoor advertising has been around for a long time because it’s very effective. Like all forms of advertising, it has evolved to accommodate a variety of simple, straight-forward, and even elegant messages. But buying some billboard space isn’t as simple as it sounds. In this episode, Jaci lets you in on some vital information you should know before you plaster your brand all over the great outdoors. For...


Television Advertising Will Bring Ultimate Brand Awareness

4 Things to Know About Television Advertising and Your Brand TV ads are some of the largest investments you can make in your advertising strategy, and also some of the most compelling. Investing in a television advertising campaign takes time, effort and money, which can pay off in a huge way, if your audience is there. Listen to this episode with Jaci BEFORE deciding whether or not television advertising is right for your brand. She’ll walk you through why it’s a great medium and why it’s...


The Intimacy of Radio Advertising

How Radio Advertising Will Connect Your Brand to Your Audience Video killed the radio star? Not so when it comes to your brand. Radio is one of the most ubiquitous and intimate forms of advertising. The emotional one-on-one connection makes radio a gem among marketers. In this episode, Jaci talks about how radio can help you connect with your audience. She’ll explain how the feeling of community still radiates from the radio and why it’s so important your brand be on the airwaves. For...


Keeping an Eye on the Right Analytics

Tracking these 7 Metrics Helps To Make the Most of Analytics Your website is an extension of your brand. In fact, it’s one of the most important marketing tools you have. But how do you measure its success? You keep an eye on the metrics. Knowing what to measure and how it stacks up is crucial to making your website live up to its potential. In this episode, Jaci will show you how using analytics tools to track metrics like incoming traffic, interactions, and page views can make your...


5 Tips on How to Get Your Mobile Website Updated and User Friendly

Enjoy only appealing to a quarter of your customers? No? Then you better have a high-quality mobile website up and running—right now. 75% of searches are done on mobile devices these days. Without a website that is fully optimized for mobile, you are missing out in more ways than one. In this episode, Jaci outlines 5 tips that will get your current website updated for mobile users. She’ll hit the must-haves like responsive design and high-quality images. Plus, she’ll talk about the things...


Quality Website Content Will Make Your Brand Trustworthy

Websites are more than just flash and style, they are a window into your brand. Content matters when it comes to making your brand resonate with your audience. Engaging content has to be interesting and relevant while providing value to the reader. It’s a tricky route to navigate, and in this episode Jaci goes over what it takes to get your website up to speed. She’ll take you through what it means to truly engage your website readers. From how to attract new visitors to keeping old ones...


How Website Design May be Helping or Hurting Your Brand

6 Tips to Achieving Great Website Design You NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression. Once a potential customer gets their initial thoughts about you in their mind, it’s hard to change it—it’s easier to just be great from the start. That’s why your website has to be on point. It’s often the first interaction with your company that people experience. In this episode, Jaci will let you know how that website experience can land you a new client or send them to the next Google...


Top 5 SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Even the best laid plans have to work around pitfalls. SEO is full of traps that can be avoided, and hitting the right balance for you brand will be a great deal of trial and error. Luckily, Jaci has outlined the big SEO mistakes for you. She’ll show you how to correct common keyword errors and talk about formatting problems that can hurt your SEO. Soon you’ll be able to confidently perfect your brand’s SEO strategy. For information on these strategies, check out these Razor Branding...


Project Pricing vs Hourly Pricing for a Branding Agency

It’s a question that haunts many conversations around creating a brand identity and it can greatly impact your company’s return on investment from a branding agency. Which is better, project based or hourly based pricing? In this episode, Jaci takes the uncomfortable question head on. She explains why project pricing has real advantages over hourly pricing, she gives you the inside track on how the branding process can be hampered with timesheets, and she breaks down why the creativity can...


5 SEO Tips to Make Your Brand Shine

You’ve planned, worked, and are hopefully in the midst of executing a well-thought-out SEO strategy. The tough part is over, so now let’s talk tips. In this episode, Jaci lets you in on 5 SEO tips that will take your strategy to the next level. From the correct keywords to engagement, and even how to best manage voice searches, Jaci walks you through the best SEO tips that will give your brand the best chance to move up in the rankings. For information on these strategies, check out these...


Why an Ongoing SEO Strategy is Essential for a Healthy Brand

5 Examples of what an Ongoing SEO Plan Should Include to Keep Your Brand on Top Once you’ve dedicated your brand to a Search Engine Optimization strategy, it’s important to stay on top of it. SEO is a constant process that stays in flux with the changing patterns of the internet. In this episode, Jaci talks about why it’s important to have an ongoing SEO strategy. She’ll let you know what a healthy plan entails and give you examples of what it takes to make ongoing SEO a second nature part...