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She Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried - Real Insights Podcast #7 - REMentor

Bringing investors in, talking the talk so you can walk the walk, piggybacking on other investments so you can close deals.


"33 And A 3rd. Get It Done, Mark!" - Real Insights Podcast #6

Jeannie and Jermaine are back, stealing the show again while Dave is on vacation... Teaching Mark how to lock down a 33 and a 3rd deal, dealing with coin-op laundry amenities on the property, when you have above market rates, how to actualize a property that is already cash flowing, PNLs, assisted living facilities, and rents by county authorities, we visit ATL, Eastern Kentucky, apartments in Bridgeport, CT, and glorious Branson, MO, and how to romance that broker. Who needs 10X when you...


I See A Leprechaun - Real Insights Podcast #5 - REMentor

This one starts out with Dave planning a trip to Nepal for some meditation before getting down to business and answering questions from real estate newbies, 48 hour offers, what to do when sellers leverage your deal into another, playing buyers off each other, the real estate game, wording LOIs so they are honored, dirty words like “not binding”, purchase and sale agreements, that song, “Jean.” Running projections in multifamily investments, using “blind pools” to finance properties,...


It's Gonna Get Ugly - Real Insights Podcast #4 - From REMentor

Dave helps some investors navigate some rocky milage in their deals, a 65 unit cottage style property is closed, value plays and additional acres, mom and pop property managers, crowdfunding scams, structuring deals and variables, loss pro forma in Atlanta, that Red Sox and Yankee rivalry, when to get investors opinions, controlling the deal, and treating them like partners, but having the final say. Wrongful death suit on a property?! How is Savannah doing as a market, all real estate is...


Let’s Grill Jeannie - Real Insights Podcast #2 - From REMentor

Jeannie, Investor Relations from REMentor, gets grilled by our mentorship students. She is joined by Jermaine from the Mentorship Coaching Department. They do deep into pocket listings, 5 year pro formula, how to deal with month-to-month rentals, avoiding a mass tenant exit crisis, struggling with rental agreements, planning 10 month leases, 1031 developments, hanging on for 6 months, and avoiding nuance properties. Join Dave Lindahl and Sugar Ray Leonard for the main event at Ultimate...


The Holy Trinity of Real Estate - Real Insights Podcast #3 - From REMentor, of course.

Jeannie is back with another great episode. Joined once again by Jermaine as they engage in another conversation answering questions about the current real estate investment markets, figuring out if the buyer’s broker is sharing communications with seller’s broker, raising closing cost at the closing table to pay your broker, deal brokers at 12% cash on cash returns, when to show your underwriting skills, deciding when to buy properties or not, how to tell if the seller is really...


How Many Shipping Containers Does It Take To Make A House? - Real Insights Podcast #1 - REMentor

He is joined by Nizan Mosery, "The Serial Entrepreneur." Dave asks Nizan to tell his origin story before he got into real estate, Nizan discusses losing his father, rough transitions into business owning, a stint in Israeli armed services, doing everything Dave said not to do in the real estate game --- Nizan did, including owning a property before he knew it came with a "resident drug dealer" ( relax, folks, it gets worked out ), sacrificing a legendary ponytail to raise money for...