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How JotForm Acquired Over 3.6 Million Users with an Innovative Approach to Product Development and Co-Marketing

Leeyen Rogers is the VP of Marketing at JotForm, an online forms platform with over 3.6 million users worldwide. JotForm was named one of the "Best Privately-Owned Companies in America" by Entrepreneur Magazine. In this podcast episode you'll learn about the different strategies JotForm used to double their user base, and the exact launch process that has been a critical growth factor. You'll hear how Leeyen looks at product launching and product development from the marketing angle, the...


How PicMonkey Uses The 6 Fundamental Customer Segments to Delight over 450,000 Users

Meet Matt Emmons, the VP of Marketing at PicMonkey. Matt helps the marketing team to tell the story of PicMonkey, from business successes to new product launches. In this podcast episode we talk about the importance of in-depth knowledge of your customer persona, and what that truly means for marketing. We go into the fundamental 6 digital segments you must understand to truly comprehend user behavior, and it goes far beyond any typical user experience. We also learn how Matt creates...


How SimScale Exploded Their Customer Base By Over 1000% in 3 Years Using B2B Influencer Campaigns and Partnerships

Meet Agata Krzysztofik, the Chief Marketing Officer at SimScale, a cloud-based engineering simulation platform that is revolutionizing the way engineers, designers, scientists, and students design products. Before joining this company, Agata spent 7 years at Google where she led the community and social media team, and project managed the launch of Google AdWords communities globally and in this podcast episode you'll hear about some of the amazing strategic stuff she brought from Google...


How Backblaze Competes Head to Head with Cloud Storage Giants Using Transparency and a Dedicated Customer Focus

Meet Ahin Thomas, the VP of Marketing for Backblaze, an 11 year old player in the cloud storage space with the unique model of having both B2C and B2B and entrusted with 600 Petabytes of data from customers in more 160 countries. In this podcast episode, you'll hear what it's like to find positioning in a very crowded, competitive marketplace like cloud storage. You'll learn how company values can make or break your marketing and how they have to come from the top. You'll also learn how...


How Databox Broke The 1 Million ARR Mark using Strategic Referrals and Co-Marketing

Meet John Bonini, the Director of Marketing at Databox, a software company making performance insights more accessible to everyone. In this podcast episode, we learn how they just broke the 1 million ARR mark and go deep into how they use things like content marketing, using specialized systems like polling of user generated content to create amazing articles that have created a wave of traffic to their website, referral marketing using partners, and how they've been able to bring a...


How Gainsight Uses the Power of Thought Leadership to Explode Demand Generation and Become #102 on the 2017 Inc. 5000

Meet Matt Stone, a marketing operations and demand generation veteran with experience in both transactional and enterprise sales cycles, currently with Gainsight, the leader in customer success software and #102 on the 2017 Inc. 5000. In this podcast episode we talk with Matt about Gainsight's amazing brand recognition, thought leadership, product evangelism, and how that was created to give the company so much traction. We also talk about how he runs the marketing operations' team and how...


How MessageGears Scaled To Billions of Emails and 10x'd their ARR in 4 Years

Meet Will Devlin, a 15-year veteran of the email marketing industry that leads marketing strategy and execution for MessageGears, an enterprise email marketing technology company that works with high-volume B2C brands. In this podcast episode, you'll learn how Will has helped build the brand into one of the premier software providers in the enterprise marketing space, serving companies like Expedia, Ebates, and Chick-fil-A. You'll find out how they found product market fit and what it...


How ZephyrHealth has doubled revenue every year and achieved huge industry recognition in a High Touch Industry

Meet Leilani Latimer who leads Global Marketing, Partnerships and Commercial Operations for Zephyr Health, the Insights-as-a-Service leader harnessing the power of global healthcare data to help Life Sciences companies engage the right physicians, accounts, and institutions. In this podcast episode you'll learn how how they found the pain points in a market that didn't have any database companies in SaaS. We talk about the pains of cold outreach to high touch sales and how Leilani went...


How AdHawk Grew to a 40-Person Company in 3 Years Powered by Unique Content Marketing and Strategic Data

Meet Bobby Stemper, the Director of Marketing of AdHawk, a digital advertising company that makes advertising easy with frictionless optimization in cross platform reporting. In this podcast episode you'll learn how the company has gone from a team of 2-Ex Google co-founders with a Google Spreadsheet to a 40-person company in 3 years, how Bobby focused on building marketing systems and leveraging marketing automation to do the job of many as a team of one, and his exact steps to really...


How Buffer transformed their marketing early and become a brand authority with 1.5 million monthly uniques to their blog

Meet Kevan Lee, the Director of Marketing at Buffer, a social media management tool for brands, businesses, and marketers. In this podcast episode you'll hear the exact steps Kevan and his team took when they decided to pivot their blog's focus, how they set voice and tone in the content marketing and how they learned just how transformative that can be for marketing, for building a community and really getting the right people to look at your content. You'll find out about why content...


How BrandPoint Hub used the power of Strategic Partnerships to create Brand Advocates and MoM Growth

Meet Claire Berge the Director of Marketing at Brandpoint, a content marketing agency that gives marketing and PR professionals the tools and platforms to tell their stories. In this podcast episode you'll hear the exact steps Claire took to grow from the beginning their SaaS platform Brandpoint HUB, a content marketing platform and how they discovered the brand position, the customer profile, and a segment that would work for growth for both the agency and the SaaS platform. You'll find...


How Olark is winning in a super competitive market by building strategic partnerships and embracing an experimental mindset with Kasey Bayne

Meet Kasey Bayne, part of the marketing team at Olark live chat, the most beautiful and effective way to talk to your customers for sales and support. In this podcast episode, you'll hear about the mindset shifts you need to make to create and build strategic partnerships, like Olark has been doing, as well as, re-thinking the experimental techniques Kasey's team been implementing to win in a super competitive market. We also find out how they were able to scale up from word of mouth...


How Pagely is Using a New Form of Marketing VBO - Value Based Outreach - to Grow in a High Competition Market

Meet Rod Austin the Director of Marketing at Pagely, the premier Managed WordPress Host. In this podcast episode you'll hear the exact steps that Rod took to really streamline the marketing process for Pagely, to figure out the best channels to take their marketing forward and actually finding which ones were not as successful as they thought they would be, as they found a new niche to a new market to go after they made some really big changes based on what they learnt from their data in...


How Appcues Grew to 8M/ARR using a "Laser-Focused" Content Marketing Approach

Meet Ty Magnin the Director of Marketing at Appcues. In this podcast episode you'll hear how Ty uses brand as a primary differentiator and than doubled down on content marketing early to grow Appcues (which is now at $8M in ARR). We also go over how they create a solid UX based on honest feedback from their drunk users testing events and the importance of their User Onboarding Academy. Find out also which the right moment to start hiring a marketing team.


How Hotjar Exploded Growth with Simple Acquisition Strategies to Go from Free Beta to €1 Million ARR in 6 Months

Meet Jon Malmberg , the Director of Growth and Demand Generation at Hotjar. In this podcast episode you'll hear exactly how Jon builds the marketing initiatives for a growing SaaS, including the steps to build the RIGHT marketing team at the RIGHT time. We'll go through his powerful strategies, starting with understanding the customer and the customer journey by learning what he's doing to get customers on a call to reach most important details from them. We also discuss the specific...


How the deep understanding of your User Experience can transform your marketing with Alyssa Ackerman

Meet Alyssa Ackerman, the former Director of Marketing of EverThere, a SaaS company that allows brands to get in front of more audiences and create a unique experience for event audience members. It helps to create MQL or marketing qualified leads from live event audiences around the world and helps event organizers make more money from every single event. During this episode, we talk about Alyssa's big breakthrough in understanding the customer avatar which lead to huge breakthroughs in...


How One "Aha Moment" Will Make or Break Your Onboarding Experience with Onboarding Expert, Aaron Krall

Meet Aaron Krall, an onboarding expert and founder of the SaaS Growth Hacks Facebook group (one of the top SaaS groups for founders). Aaron's past work as a marketer helped him surge into the SaaS space finding a big hole for most SaaS marketing teams - onboarding. He was able to bring his understanding of customer research, benefit driven marketing, and powerful email testing to create high converting onboarding and activation campaigns for SaaS companies. In this episode, we take a look...


How ChartMogul's Early Emphasis on Quality, User-Specific Content Continues Fueling Growth with Ed Shelley

Meet Ed Shelley, the Director of Content at Chartmogul - a software built to help people build a better subscription business, through data. The Chartmogul team decided early on to double down on content and create campaigns that have paid off huge dividends as they grew. Ed joined as the first full time employee and together found strategic KPI's that drove their huge revenue growth.


How LucidChart Exploded from 2.5MM Users to over 16MM Users in 3 Years with VP of Growth, Spencer Mann

Meet Spencer Mann, the VP of Growth responsible for all areas of marketing and growth at LucidChart. In this podcast episode, we go through a variety of different tests that were ran over the past few years (they literally run up to 200-300 marketing experiments per year), the challenge to find the proper customer segments and personas for maximum growth, and the system they use to create dialed in hypothesis for all their new marketing experiments. This is an amazing episode, enjoy!


How Shayla Price Fuels SaaS Growth with User-Generated Content Campaigns

Meet Shayla Price, the Growth Content Marketer at and previously part of Drip, Kissmetrics and a number of other amazing SaaS Companies. In this episode, Shayla breaks down her hub and spoke approach to content marketing for strategic iniatives with content, how to align your goals with your content, and the true power of "user generated" content that most marketing teams totally miss. This is super helpful for anyone planning on creating content and wants to super-charge their...