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SHR Consulting | Rob Sanchious | Small Business Success Tips | Episode 7

Our guest in this episode is Rob Sanchious, the Founder and CEO of SHR Consulting Group. SHR, an 8(a) certified small business formed in 2012, supports many key federal agencies (primarily the DoD) as well as customers outside the federal space. Rob comes from a technical background, like many of us, and worked at CSC as an Engineer immediately prior to starting SHR. Under his leadership, SHR has grown significantly as recognized by his company being listed in the number three spot of the...


DHS | Kevin Boshears | Small Business Success Tips | Episode 6

Our guest in this episode is Kevin Boshears from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He has served in various roles in his career such as Contracting Officer, Procurement Analyst, and OSDBU Director. Before becoming the Director of DHS's Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization in 2003, he served as the OSDBU Director for Treasury. Kevin is a strong advocate of the contribution small businesses can make within the federal government, not only in his role at DHS, but...


Episode 5 | SBA Region 3 | Tom Rogers | Small Business Success Tips

Our guest in this episode is Tom Rogers, a Procurement Center Representative with the US Small Business Administration. He is well qualified to talk with us today, but also has walked a bit in our shoes. Prior to joining the SBA, Tom worked as a Procurement Analyst with the Army Corps of Engineers and as a Contracting Specialist with the Army Contracting Command. Before getting into acquisition he served as a program manager, a faculty member in two higher-ED organizations, and as a...


SBST Podcast Eps 4 - SBA Region 3 - Joyce Thurmond

Our guest in this episode is Joyce Thurmond from the Small Business Administration. She’s out of Atlanta, serving as the Area 3 Director. Joyce wears many hats, and one is as a Procurement Center Representative which basically is “An Advocate” and “A Resource” of small businesses within the federal government. While Joyce does have broad knowledge, her primary activities are in support of the CDC, Interior, Dobbins AFRC, GSA in Atlanta, and the VA Medical Center located in Decatur GA....


SBST Podcast Eps 2 - Dept of Education - Janet Scott

Our guest in this episode is Janet Scott, the Director of the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization at the Department of Education. If we were hoping for someone with long and relevant experience to talk about doing business with the Department of Education, Janet delivers that solidly. She has served in the Department her entire career, and before becoming the OSDBU Director, she served as a contracting officer in various capacities. Thursday at 7:00 AM EST - new episodes...


Episode 1 - EPA - Denise Benjamin Sirmons

Welcome to the “Small Business Success Tips” podcast which strives to provide key information and tips that can help small businesses gain insight into government agencies and large prime contractors to learn how to more effectively present your services to possible buyers. In each episode, a small business champion joins us to share their knowledge and experience with you. While they will have different titles, their common goal is to help their organization benefit from what small...