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073: Using Podcasts to Connect with Your Ideal Clients with Nicole Holland

Being a guest on podcasts is great for brand awareness, credibility building, networking, and lead generation. How can you pitch podcasters the right way so they want to have you on their show? In this episode, I talk with Nicole Holland of Interviews That Convert on: what to do and, just as importantly, what *not* to do in your podcast pitcheshow to turn listeners into leadsspecific tips on how to be a good podcast guest Here’s an example of a landing page I create for each podcast I’m...


072: How to Speak Strategically for Better Business Results

Speaking in front of the right audiences with the right message can position you as an expert in your field, showcase your business, build relationships, and lead to clients and referrals. Have you been getting the results you want from the speaking engagements you’ve been doing? What you need is a clear and intentional speaking strategy and a powerful signature talk. Consider: Are you speaking in front of therightaudiences?Are you talking in therightsettings based on your natural and...


071: Using Humor in Your Talks Will Get You More Speaking Gigs with Kathy Klotz-Guest

You’ll notice that the title of this episode is in the definitive: using humor in your talks *will* get you more speaking engagements. I don’t mean you have to add a stand-up comedy routine to your presentations (leave that for the comedians!). Rather, as my guest Kathy Klotz-Guest and I talk about in this episode, using humor and improv techniques: Makes you more relatable to your audienceAllows you to be present and in the momentProvides for a richer learning experience for the...


070: Aligning Your Wardrobe with Your Brand with Jennifer Mackey-Mary

How can your wardrobe align with and reflect your brand and make you feel confident, so that you attract your ideal clients, whether you’re speaking, on video, or at a networking event? My guest is wardrobe stylist Jennifer Mackey-Mary, founder of Apple + Pear Wardrobe. We talk about what you should wear on stage and how you can use your business branding to decide what to wear, including whether or not to wear your brand colors. Jennifer uses two words that are crucial for dressing to...


069: What Event Organizers Look for in Speakers with Erin Smith

Do you have your eye on a conference or event that you really want to speak at? How can you get selected? My guest today is Erin Smith, who runs the annual Entrepreneur Summit in Dallas, Texas. We go behind-the-scenes into how event organizers select speakers, who they choose to pay and why, and what *not* to do as a speaker. Erin shares what to include in your speaker submissions to get noticed and how to negotiate your speaker fee. This conversation was very eye-opening for me and...


068: Getting Paid to Speak and Negotiating Speaker Fees

How can you get your first paid speaking engagement? How do you figure out what to charge and how to negotiate? In this episode, you’ll hear from 7 women entrepreneurs and speakers who share how they got their first paid speaking engagement. I also share how I got my first paid gig for Speaking Your Brand and how I got paid to be a political analyst on TV news. There are lots of great reasons to speak for free and I speak for free several times a year for: Brand awarenessCredibility...


[Coaching] Integrating What You Do in Your Business into Your Presentation with Melissa Bennett

Episode 67: If you’ve been giving a presentation but you feel like what you do in your business isn’t well integrated into it and you aren’t getting the leads, clients, and referrals that you know you could, it’s time to stop giving that version and create one that gets you results. In this on-air coaching call, I help my guest Melissa Bennett re-work her presentation to make it more impactful for her audience and for her business. If you’ve listened to episode 57 on my story structure...


066: Mastering Your Speaking Style and Stage Presence

I can remember talks I’ve given, especially ones on stages in front of large audiences, where it felt like an out of body experience. I gave my talk, it went really well, but it was a complete blur, like tunnel vision. It all happened so fast and I felt like I was observing myself rather than being truly present and a part of it. Now, when I do a presentation, I’m in my comfort zone. I feel confident about my material and my stage presence. That’s what I want for you too, which is what...


065: Writing, Publishing, and Promoting Your Book with Julie Broad

Have you thought about writing a book, but you’re not sure what’s involved or even if it’s worth it? My guest today, Julie Broad of Book Launchers, answers the questions you have about the process of writing, publishing, and promoting a book. You’ll hear towards the end of the episode what’s the best way to promote and sell your book - and it’s not social media. We talk about: The advantages of self-publishing vs. traditional publishingThe typical timeline of writing, publishing, and...


064: [Coaching] Show, Don’t Just Tell, Your Audience How You’re Different with Kimberley O’Brien

Speaking at groups and conferences is one of the best ways to create awareness about what you do and how you help your clients. The key is to show, through the examples and main points you include in your presentations, how what you do is different from others. In prior episodes, I’ve talked about how to do this without “selling from the stage” (episode 59), using story structure to create compelling content (episode 57), and developing your own framework (episode 61). Now, in this...


From the Archive: Why You Need a Signature Talk for Your Business

What opportunities are you missing out on because you don’t have a signature talk? In this episode, I share why having a signature talk is critical for your business and your personal brand, including examples of what makes a great signature talk (and how it’s different from a training). With a signature talk, you become the go-to expert and thought leader for your topic and industry. You establish your personal brand and business reputation. You’re ready to accept speaking...


063: Five Mistakes You’re Making in Your Presentations that Turn Off Your Audiences

Have you been to conferences and events and, during sessions, you see lots of people in the audience on their phones? And not using their phones to take notes, but to do other things because they’re not engaged with the speaker. How can you keep your audience interested and off their phones? In this episode, I share 5 mistakes I see speakers make that turn off their audiences - and specific techniques you can use instead to keep your audience engaged and learning. This applies no matter...


062: Tired of Asking? A Better Way to Get Referrals with Stacey Brown Randall

Ever since I started my first business over 15 years ago, I was told to make it a habit to ask for referrals: from my current clients, past clients, and network. I never did make it a habit, but in all three of the businesses I’ve started, including Speaking Your Brand, referrals have been a key component of getting new clients. My guest today, Stacey Brown Randall, believes we should *not* ask for referrals. Instead, she advocates a better way. Listen in as Stacey and I talk about why...


061: A Game Changer for Your Business and Presentations: Developing Your Own Framework

Developing your own framework can be a game changer for your business and presentations. It differentiates yourself from others in your field, it makes it easier for your audience and clients to understand what you do, and you’re creating intellectual property. What is a framework, why do you need one, and how can you find yours? It’s not an internal system or process; it’s how you work with your clients to get them results. Listen to this episode to learn how to identify your framework...


060: [Coaching] Finding Your Presentation's Spine and Why It Absolutely Needs One with Joanna Sapir

Do you feel like you have so much you want to share in your presentations that you’re not sure what to keep, what to exclude, and how to streamline it? Or, are you afraid that you’re giving away too much valuable information? In this on-air coaching call, I help business strategist Joanna Sapir simplify her presentation content, so that it’s more useful for her audience AND gets her better results for her business. Your presentation needs a spine, a clear focus that you can hang all of...


059: Why You Shouldn't Sell from the Stage - and What to Do Instead with Carol Cox

Have you heard the phrase “sell from the stage”? The idea is that you pitch your programs and products to the audience at the end of your presentations. If you’ve been doing speaking engagements, you know it takes time, effort, energy, and sometimes money (especially when travel is involved), so it’s understandable that you want to get a return from it. However, when preparing your presentations and delivering them to your audience, “selling from the stage” is the wrong approach - and...


058: Using Your Strengths to Reach Your Speaking and Business Potential with Belinda Brown

How can you reach your highest potential in speaking and in your business? What does it take to be the best you can be? For many years, I felt that I had to learn and master anything I came across in my businesses, from coding and SEO to marketing and PR to graphic design, accounting, and contracts. Each of these areas are specialized and require not only certain skills but also constant upkeep. Sounds pretty crazy, right? But, I know many of you are trying to do this all as well. The...


057: How to Use Simple Story Structure to Create Compelling Content with Carol Cox

Why use story structure? Simple: It’s what makes us human. You want to make sure the content you’re sharing is compelling, keeps your audience interested to the end, and invites them to take action, whether you’re hosting a podcast, being interviewed on one, or giving a presentation. Our brains are hard-wired to understand and respond to story structure. Think about the fairy tales you read as a kid and your favorite books and movies. Like a good movie or book, the content we create...


056: How to Become a TEDx Speaker with Tamsen Webster

If you’ve been wanting to do a TEDx talk, this episode is perfect for you. My guest Tamsen Webster and I talk about everything TEDx, including what are the 3 key elements that make a great TEDx talk and how to know if you have a TED-worthy idea (“an idea worth spreading”). Tamsen was the Executive Producer of one of the oldest and one of the largest locally organized TED talk events in the world, so she shares how she found speakers and what she looked for in TEDx applications (this may...


055: Should You Give an Instructional or an Inspirational Talk with Carol Cox

Should you give an instructional or an inspirational talk? You probably think I’m going to say that the answer is “It depends,” but I’m not. I think the real question behind this question is you want to know what kind of content to present to the audience. You’re not sure if they want to learn specific strategies and tactics and how-to’s (instructional) or if they want what we would call a motivational speaker (inspirational). You want to make sure the audience is happy and has their...