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#6 Yazin Alirhayim (White Payments, Verify)

Yazin is one of the smartest guys I’ve met in the region. He started White Payments in 2014, after realizing that there were no easy solutions for startups to accept online payments, and White Payments got acquired by PayFort about a year later. His most recent startup, Verify, is a reputation protocol on blockchain, providing protection to both sides of a sale involving cryptocurrencies. The music in this episode is from Icons8:


#4 Trey Goede (Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures)

Trey is the Head of Portfolio Management for Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures, a $200M venture fund launched by Saudi Aramco. Being a long-time entrepreneur himself that started numerous startups, and raised millions of dollars in funding, he had a lot of interesting stories to tell. The music in this episode is from Icons8:


#3 Yasin Aboudaoud (Brinc)

Yasin is a Hong Kong born entrepreneur who has been in the global trading business for over 12 years, mainly through his family business, Ecico Group. He is currently between the GCC, Hong Kong and China as the COO of Brinc, an IoT accelerator headquartered in Hong Kong. Brinc recently opened its Middle East branch in Bahrain, and rapidly became an important part of the startup ecosystem. The music in this episode is from Icons8:


#2 John Kilmartin (Bahrain Economic Development Board)

John is the Executive Director of the ICT Division of the Bahrain Economic Development Board. He is responsible for promoting Bahrain as a regional hub to global technology companies, and supporting the startup ecosystem in Bahrain. John is definitely one of my favorite people in the startup ecosystem here. He is friendly, honest, responsive and he is straight to the point. The music in this episode is from Icons8:


#1 Abdulaziz Al Jouf (PayTabs)

Abdulaziz is a seasoned entrepreneur, mostly known for his current company PayTabs, his eighth venture. PayTabs is an online payment company, that is backed by Saudi Aramco’s Wa’ed ventures, and has raised around $27M to date, making them one of the top funded startups in the Middle East. The music in this episode is from Icons8: