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26 Serenbe: The Utopian Community Balancing Development with Green Space

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Off-Premise Insights, Paul talks to a different type of hospitality professional. Steve Nygren is the founder of Serenbe, a community that has been described as a “Utopian experiment.” Nygren comes from the restaurant and hospitality industry, boasting experience with Stouffers Hotels and later opening more than 30 restaurants under his own name. The idea for Serenbe came after Nygren moved his family to a multi-acre farm. Fearing...


Gen Z is the Real Market That Matters

On this episode of The Barron Report recorded at, brought to you by Kabbage, we get to discuss how Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is becoming the market that really matters as this segment of the population continues to grow.In this episode, Guest Host Rudy Miick leads the discussion about what is going to draw Gen Z as customers and as staff and team members for the restaurant industry.


24 Peapod and FarmLogix: Exploring the Future of Food Tech

On this special episode of The Barron Report recorded at, brought to you by Kabbage, we get to discuss how technology has become the core backbone of how we reach, interact, and exchange info with our customers. In this episode, Guest Host Donald Burns navigates us through this discussion of where technology could take the industry over the next decade. How will online, mobile, Social, AR and more affect the business of the future?


23 Building a Rockstar Team for Your Restaurant

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Kabbage, we dive into Agricole Hospitality brands to see how they manage hiring and staff. In 2011, Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber teamed up to open Revival Market, a butcher shop inspired by City Meat Market in Yoakum. It has since evolved to become a full-service breakfast/lunch restaurant and butcher shop. The success of Revival prompted the duo to open Italian restaurant Coltivare, where Morgan developed the cocktail menu, in 2014....


21 Scratch Cooking Revives Casual Dining

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Kabbage, the Tupelo Honey team joins Paul Barron in a discussion of what makes brands successful in today's market. Tupelo Honey was founded in Asheville in 2001 as a revival of Southern food and traditions rooted in the Carolina Mountains. With 15 total locations in 7 states, Tupelo's Southern spirit is infused into every bite of their flavor driven dishes. CEO Steve Frabitore bought the restaurant in 2008 and it's been growing ever...


20 The Facebook Data Debacle

Facebook has been dominating news headlines this week and for good reason. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been testifying to Congress on the topics of data security and how the social media giant has been trying to improve. There’s a lot to consider here: How did this impact the election? Is my data safe? Is it finally time to get off the grid? But before we take drastic measures, take a minute to join Paul Barron for a thought-provoking discussion about what happened and how this scandal may be...


19 All the Laws You Need to Know Before Starting Your Restaurant

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Kabbage, Paul speaks to Lawyer A.J. Yolofsky about what operators need to concern themselves with before starting their own restaurant concept. Yolofsky Law manages these types of start-ups often and has seen their fair share of poorly executed legal documents. "Do you want a piece of paper or do you want peace of mind?" says A.J. "I recently had a client come to me and they're looking at acquiring another restaurant location and the...


18 These Consumer Trends Are Driving Restaurant Growth and Contraction

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron analyzes Foodable Labs data around two generations that are causing major shakeups in the restaurant industry: Millennials and Generation Z. We look at the frequency of restaurant visits, guest counts, and popular social platforms within these groups to give your concept insights into how to win with this major market segment.


FoodMaven Is Solving the All of The Industry's Problems, Starting with Food Waste

On this episode of The Barron Report, we explore an issue that has been plaguing our industry for years. Patrick Bultema and FoodMaven have been working to completely optimize food distribution systems in Colorado to reduce food waste, and they’re getting really good at it. Hear how FoodMaven is a win-win for producers, restaurateurs, food manufacturers, food banks, and the environment, all in this Earth-saving episode.


Edwin’s Restaurant Reforms Ex-Inmates in Oscar-Nominated Knife Skills

Brandon Chrostowski was given a second chance at life when he faced a judge after having a run in with the law. Rather than taking it for what it was, Brandon was determined to provide the same chance to others, so he created Edwin’s, a restaurant staffed entirely by formerly incarcerated adults. Filmmaker Thomas Lennon follows him and his students on their mission to build the greatest French restaurant in the United States, creating Oscar Nominated “Knife Skills.”


15 How to Be An Effective Leader in an Evolving Industry

On this episode of The Barron Report, we get to talk leadership with business and management coach, Rudy Miick! Great leadership is a building block in all businesses, but especially in an “industry of pennies” like the restaurant industry. Listen in to hear Paul and Rudy discuss the issues restaurants are facing today and how a great leader can guide their team to success.


Brand of the Year Shake Shack Shares Secrets to Growth

On this episode of The Barron Report, Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti joins host Paul Barron to analyze Shake Shack's growth over the past few years and what has made them stand out. As a brand that has resonated with its audience, Garutti explains that their mindset of providing the best experience possible has done more for them than focusing on a growth strategy. In addition to authenticity, Garutti cites their employees and hiring processes as a couple ways they create the best customer...


13 Meet Hippeas: A Puff With a Purpose

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul talks to consumer entrepreneur and CEO of Hippeas, Livio Bisterzo about the future of consumer packaged goods. In the midst of creating a better “puff”, Hippeas has set out to change the landscape of consumer packaged goods from flavor to supply chain. Hippeas are entirely organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan and support the charity organization Farm Africa. They are pushing the industry to think “how can I do this better?” Listen along with...


Correcting Company Culture to Address Sexual Harassment

Human Resources Guru Carrie Luxem prevents sexual harassment within restaurants using training and company culture Sexual Harassment allegations about Chefs John Besh and Todd English have the industry concerned On this episode of The Barron Report, we talk to Human Resources Guru, Carrie Luxem about how your company can better manage your team in the wake of the recent sexual harassment claims. Numerous industries have been shaken by sexual harassment allegations and the restaurant...


11 Avoid the Hangover with Georgos' Healthier (Nu) Greek Wine

On this episode of The Barron Report, we talk to a winemaker focused on making a "better-for-you" wine. Native to Greece, Georgos Zanganas had a rude awakening when he had a couple glasses of wine leaving him with a terrible headache. Realizing what made Greek wine special, Georgos set out to bring Greek wine to America. With only non-GMO grapes and low sulfites, Georgos wines are said to be healthier. Show Notes 1:02 - The Beginning 2:07 - Where are the Greek Wines? 3:31 - Making Georgos...


10 Authenticity Helps Finnish Craft Vodka Break into American Market

On this episode of The Barron Report, we learn how Finnish craft vodka brand Koskenkorva is gaining traction in the United States. Marketing Director for father company Altia, Suvi Reinikkala, outlines the brands authentic nature and how that feature fits in so well in American culture today. Listen to the episode!


09 OlO Shuts Down Tablet Farms, Optimizes Delivery

On this episode of The Barron Report, Olo’s Noah Glass illustrates the future of delivery and online ordering. He advises legacy restaurants to start re-thinking their operations and restaurant design in response to changing consumer dining habits. Glass also outlines Olo’s new partnership with Amazon. Show Notes 1:18 - Noah Glass, Olo 3:38 - Customers using Smartphones as Real-Life Remote Controls 5:02 - Foodable Labs: Data showing decline in restaurant visits 5:57 - Millennials’ Role as...


08 Pythagoras Pizza's Cryptocurrency May Change Franchising as We Know It

On this episode of The Barron Report, Evan Kuo, CEO of Pythagoras Pizza, teaches us about his new cryptocurrency proposal. Where many companies turn to stock options, Kuo has proposed a Bitcoin-like system in which chefs, delivery drivers, and even customers can rack up “fragments,” which are essentially small stake ownership in the company. Though fragment-holders have no say in the company’s business, the fragments have value based in the monthly revenue, and those fragments are fully...


07 Generation Z, blazes a new trail for the future of business

On this episode of The Barron Report, Host Paul Barron discusses with author and speaker David Stillman on how Generation Z (73 million strong) is the emerging worker and consumer base. The truth is most people are not talking about Gen Z, but it's time to start paying attention and listening to this group. As David Stillman says, "This really is one of the first times in history, in the generational conversation, where the younger generation is the authority figure..." Listen to the...