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TBL: 018 - 5 Tips for Growing Any Business with Jason Skinner of the Business Made Easy Podcast

My guest is Jason Skinner, host of the Business Made Easy Podcast! As an experienced accountant and business consultant, Jason helps businesses with analysis, planning and growth strategies. I was super excited to have Jason on the show because his approach to business is practical and effective. In this episode, Jason shares his experiences with entrepreneurship, as well as "5 ways to grow any business."


TBL: 017 - Upselling to provide more customer value and increase your revenue

Upselling is a great way to both increase your revenue easily, while providing more value and needed products or services to your customers. In this episode, I explain how to ask the right questions, as well as other techniques to sell complimentary products and services that will benefit your clients.


TBL: 016 - Increasing your business efficiency by getting your workspace physically organized.

Dropping the ball. Lack of motivation. No progress towards goals. Procrastination. A wandering mind. Inefficiency. A poor attitude. Have you experienced any of these in your business? If so, it could be caused by your workspace being physical disorganized. In this episode, I give three tips for getting your workspace physically organized, increasing your efficiency and ultimately your businesses profitability.


TBL: 015 - Making your your business more profitable by simplifying it.

Business doesn't always have to be so stressful and complicated. In fact, the businesses that are the most profitable and run the smoothest are often the ones that have learned to simplify their business. When we are able to simplify our business and focus on what makes it successful, it will reduce our stress and increase our profitability. In this episode, I'm giving you some actionable steps for simplifying your business.


TBL: 014 - Sales 101 - The art of reaching sales goals with the #1 account executive at The Vernon Company, Luke Sigle

Selling is the lifeblood of a business: no sales equals no income. So becoming a great sales professional is imperative for success. In this episode, I sit down with the #1 volume sales professional at The Vernon Company in 2017, Luke Sigle. Luke is what I would call a Master of Sales, and he shares his approach to prospecting, selling and reaching your sales goals. Basically a sales 101! Take a listen.


TBL: 013 - Are you proactive or reactive in your business? - Time management and productivity tips.

A tale of Drew and Jim: both run successful businesses, but Drew's business seems to run smoother and without as many problems and as much stress. Jim on the other hand often finds himself taking care of "urgent" tasks all day long and never really has time for new opportunities or things he enjoys. Which type of business professional are you more like? Find out!


TBL: 012 - Only a few are willing to pay the high price for success.

There are so many resources available to help us grow and build a successful business or live the lifestyle we've always dreamed of. So why don't more people in this world ever get what they want? It may be that the price for success is too high to pay for most.


TBL: 011 - Two businesses under one roof with Lauren Heim, Lauren Heim Studio

Two spouses working together makes for an interesting work life! Especially when they both own their own businesses and both work form home! That's the case with my wife Lauren and I. We are a couple of entrepreneurs on separate business journeys, but help each other along the way and somehow manage to share space under the same roof while doing it! In this episode, Lauren jumps on as my special guest as we talk about working from home, business ownership, small business and more!...


TBL: 010 - Are you the type of person who can succeed?

Do you have what it takes to be successful in business or in life? The truth is, this is the most important question you can answer. And there's good news! Anyone can achieve the success they want if they're willing to mold themselves into a person that's capable of achieving success. In this episode, I'll show you how to get started down that path today!


TBL: 009 - Embracing the pay-it-forward mentality with Marc Shaffer, Searcy Financial Services, Inc.

"Paying it forward?" Great idea, hard to implement. It requires us to take the focus of ourselves and our business, as well as a lot of patience. That's exactly what my guest on today's episode has done though, and continues to do as both a way of growing a successful business and as a lifestyle. Marc Shaffer, a financial advisor with Searcy Financial Services in the Kansas City area, shares his secrets for paying-it-forward and how it can really pay off for those looking for long-term...


TBL: 008 - The morning and evening routines of professionals.

Did you know that how you begin and end your day significantly impacts your efficiency and long-term outcomes? Developing a positive, effective morning and evening routine is key for any professional. In this episode, I'm talking about the things you MUST include in your morning and evening routines, the things you CAN include and the things you should AVOID.


TBL: 007 - Making time for more opportunities.

The more opportunities you pursue, the better chance you have to be successful. So how do you go about pursuing more opportunities on a daily basis? The key is time management and becoming more efficient. In this episode, I'm giving three tips on how to start making time for more opportunities and give yourself a better chance to succeed.


TBL: 006 - From one to big: managing business growth with Craig Lauppe, owner of Advanced Property Management

When you go into business for yourself, you have dreams of growing into something larger than just you. Am I right? Well, it's not always easy to do. Just like a teenager has growing pains, so do businesses. If you don't manage those growing pains the right way, it could all collapse. In this episode, I interview Craig Lauppe, owner of Advanced Property Management. Craig talks about how he uses people, processes and lots of learning to grow his company.


TBL: 005 - Want to get ahead in your industry? Become great at solving other people's problems.

In nearly every industry that is highly customer focused, there is a lack of businesses that are great at solving the customer's problems. This leaves a huge opportunity for you and I! By improving your ability to solve problems for others, you will be able to stand out among your competitors, gain business more easily and in most cases, be able to charge higher prices too. In today's episode, I'm giving 5 practical tips for becoming a better problem solver.


TBL: 004 - Where faith and business meet: an interview with Gus Lloyd, host of "Seize the Day" on SiriusXM 129, The Catholic Channel

Does your faith play a role in your business? It does for me! My guest today is Gus Lloyd, host of "Seize the Day," a radio show on the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM 129. I visit with Gus about his keys to building a successful radio show, writing books and making a difference in the lives of so many; something I think we can all benefit from in our own businesses.


TBL: 003 - Overcoming frustration and lack of progress by keeping your head down and staying focused.

We all have times when we become frustrated by a lack of progress in our business and towards our goals. Sometimes, it's because we're looking too far ahead. In this episode, I discuss steps for keeping your head down, staying focused and making progress.


TBL: 002 - Leading an inspired lifestyle by inspiring others inside and outside of business with Ralph Diaz, The Winged Lion

There are people in life who we love being around and that make us feel special and inspired: my guest on The Business Life podcast today is one of them. Ralph Diaz, owner of The Winged Lion in Manhattan, KS has a way of connecting with others and making them feel inspired, both inside his lifestyle store and outside of business. Could that be one of his secrets behind building two successful businesses? I think so! Check out my interview with Ralph here where I talk with him about leading...


TBL: 001 - Welcome to "The Business Life" Podcast, where success is a lifestyle, not a measurement.

In "The Business Life" Podcast, entrepreneur and business coach, Andrew Heim, explores the lifestyles and habits that make people successful. In this episode, Andrew tells his story and the inspiration behind starting The Business Life podcast. Subscribe to the show for incredible inspiration and tips on how you too can live "The Business Life." SHOW NOTES: