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188: Are you damaging your brand by NOT being consistent?

Today we're talking something that could be holding back you and your business in ways you haven't even thought of... Are you damaging your brand and your launches by NOT being consistent?


187: The Layer Cake Launching Strategy

I’m not going to lie. I love analogies and puns. That’s why this week, I’m taking you into my brain to look at something I’m calling the “Layer Cake Launch Strategy”... I think we’d all agree that launches have become multi-layered and often include one main launch strategy, surrounded by other LAYERS of social marketing. In today’s episode here’s what we cover: Show notes and full post here:


186: Why You Should Set Monthly Themes For Your Business

If you struggle staying focused or knowing what your priorities should be (as it relates to growing your business) - today I’m going to share why I set monthly themes AND why you should do the same. Setting themes whether they are weekly, daily or even a monthly theme is great ways to regain that focus, feel less overwhelm, and wake up each day knowing exactly what to work on… Let’s dive in. For full show notes, head on over to


185: Your 5 biggest launch communication challenges handled

Communication challenges are something we all face in business from time to time, especially if we offer products & services to our audience. The problem is simple. We believe we’re not saying the right things to the right people at the right time or in the right way. It always comes back to that! In today’s episode, we’re going to walk through the 5 most common launch communication challenges, why they are happening and a few ways to lean in and handle them! You’ll want to pay close...


184: How To Write Sales Page Copy That Connects & Converts

What’s the most challenging part of putting a launch together? For me, it’s the sales page. I love getting to know my audience, talking to each person one on one, really digging into what’s challenging each person. I LOVE connecting with people. And yet - when I sit down to write the sales page for my online courses, I often freeze. The blank page stares back at me literally challenging me to sound like a weirdo and show my true colors to the world. Now, even though I have years of...


183: 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Customers Don’t Miss a Thing

Are you on online course or digital product creator? If so, then listen up. We all know that people aren’t finishing online courses. They are buying and buying and buying, but rarely getting through your content. So, if you’ve ever wondered why people shell out their hard earned cash, seem really gung ho, but then either disappear after a few weeks of being hot & heavy in your Facebook group, you gotta listen to today’s episode. Now there’s a lot of reasons this could be happening. And...


182: 5 Key Steps To Planning Your Launch (that are easy to miss)

You are so ready for this. The dates are on the calendar. Team has been hired. Pages are being designed and developed. Everything is moving forward - and you feel great. Confident that you’ve thought of everything to make next launch a success. You planned it out. Took the time. Talked to your ideal customers. One of the best things you can do for yourself right now is to ask - Have I missed anything? Do I have all the information I need? After years of working on launches of all...


181: Why You Should Do A Mid-Year Business Review

A few years ago I shared how I like to do two big reviews of my business. One mid-year business review and one at the end of the year. Whether you’re just getting started in your business or you’ve been up and running for years, this one of those times when you get to reflect, pause and then make decisions about the next 3-6 months. They can be invaluable to your growth. The more aware you are of what’s working, what’s not, what you said you were going to do vs. what you didn’t do...and...


180: Want To Simplify Your Business? Why A Membership Site Might Be Right For You with Heidi Thompson

Do you sell online products and courses? If so, how many do you have for sale? And how well are each of the products selling? If you have multiple online products, courses, or services you offer and are starting to feel scattered, today’s episode is for you. Because what our guest this week did has simplified her offerings, given her a clear ongoing marketing focus, and has allowed her to really connect and help her customers. Now her business fits her life and has given her room to...


178: Feeling Distracted? How To Overcome Entrepreneurial "Shiny Object Syndrome"

Do you ever feel like you’re piecing your business and marketing? Here’s what I mean - do you find yourself constantly sidetracked by other people’s businesses and strategies? Do you find yourself trying to insert them into your business, your promotions, and all the things you’re doing online to grow your business? Today we’re going to talk about the different reasons you might be suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome, how to avoid or EMBRACE the distractions and stop allowing them to...


177: How To Give And Get Feedback From Your Audience

In this episode of Fearless Launching we chat all about giving and getting feedback from your audience. For full show notes, check out


176: 4 Steps to Make Your Business Stronger in Tough Times

In this episode of Fearless Launching, we look at the 4 steps to make your business stronger during tough times. See full show notes here:


174: How To Be Enchanting & Magnetic with Sally Hope

Let me ask you something… How would you like to be more magnetic and attractive? Not just in your daily personal life, but in your business. How would you like to put out products, webinars, do Facebook Lives...that attract more of the right people - people are so aligned with who you are and what you do that they can’t help but want to be around you. If you’re not sure...ask yourself if you’ve ever felt oddly drawn to someone online - in your industry...a teacher, a business owner, a...


173: How To Survive and Thrive as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

How many different income streams, creative pursuits, or straight up businesses are you juggling right now? I guess it’s the nature of what I do and the places I go - but seems like so many people I’m meeting have not just one passion based business, but multiple things they are building. Does it mean they’re distracted? Not focused enough to build one thing? Or has this “thing” evolved over the years? Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur? Today’s episode is for you... My guest...


172: 4 Practice Launches You Can Do When You're Not Ready To Launch

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking or saying, "I am not ready to launch yet. I just don’t know enough." This episode is for you. One of the very first things I discover when working with many business owners (whether they are just getting started or are currently in business) is that many feel like they are really NOT ready to launch. Does this sound like you? If so, maybe you just need a few practice launches before you do a “real” one. There is a spoiler alert here though… in...


171: 7 Key Things You Need To Keep Doing When Your Business Is A Success with Marie Forleo

Today’s encore replay-interview dives into the topic of success, productivity…with one of my favorite people in the world. Marie Forleo and I talk about the 7 Key Things You Need To Do Whether You’re Just Starting Out or You’re Already In Business But Want To Grow! I think we’re trained to believe that people only want new and fresh stuff...and while that might be true on some level, it’s the foundational work, it’s listening to that album you haven’t heard since college, it’s...


170: What can you learn from watching other people's launches?

Have you ever found yourself watching other people’s launches and wondered, how can I do THAT? Well, today’s episode is for you. A lot of people come to me with an idea of how they want to launch. It’s usually because they’ve seen someone else do “something” - a type of launch or a type of event in their launch...and they want to use the same strategy. Kinda feels like a hairstylist. You know - people bringing me pictures of the cut or style they want, but not really knowing what it...


169: How To Believe In Yourself and Your Ideas

Let me ask you a question… and be honest with yourself... Do you truly believe in yourself? Do you believe you have value to share? Do you believe you can figure out how to use all the online tools to deliver something to people you’ll call customers? Do you think your ideas are worthy? Do you think you are good enough? Do you think that you are experienced enough/pretty enough/the right age/etc. to impact people? Do you think you can stick to a schedule or a plan? Are you confident...