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3 Big Lessons To Move From Marketing Funnel To Sale

Most online marketers talk a TON about all the upfront work it takes to get someone into your marketing funnel. But we DON’T talk a lot about the last couple of inches in our marketing funnels. You know - RIGHT before someone decides to buy. Let’s break that down today...


Why People Aren’t Signing Up For Your Email List + 5 Ways To Fix It

Ever wonder if the marketing things you do every day are the right things you SHOULD be doing… especially when it seems like no one cares? That’s what the question for today’s show is all about - and we’re diving in to talk about how YOU can figure this out fast.


Episode #30: How To Re-Engage Your Email List Without Begging Or Bullying Your Community

Got some people on your email list who NEVER open your emails? Well, today I’m sharing 3 ways to bring them back onto your email good side that go WAY beyond the boring old standard ‘do you still want my email’ type emails that other people tell you to send… because just in case you didn’t know… those emails don’t really work. Let’s talk about what does work a whole lot better…


Episode #29: How To reduce stress, get paid faster & work less with Vision Framework systems

Marketing funnels are a system for your marketing. Today’s special guest, Marina Darlow is a systems' expert, and a productivity geek.Our discussion is all about how to take that same marketing funnel approach into other areas of your business so that you can become more productive, get paid faster and work a whole lot less. Biggest Show Takeaways: Sometimes the things that come easiest are the things that will explode business growthGetting started with this businessStory: how a simple...


Episode #28: How To Get Prep For Running A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Today, I’m interviewing my Facebook ad client Annalicia Lynn about EVERYTHING it took to get ready to run a full scale ad campaign that supports her marketing funnel and launch her program while being smart about her budget and attracting the right people. Let’s dive into this in depth behind-the-scenes interview now… Biggest Show Takeaways: Background on AnnaliciaAnnalicia describes her experience with Facebook ads in the past (spoiler: she knows how to run them herself… and yet still...


#27: 3 Reasons People Unsubscribe When You Send Sales Emails (and how to keep minimize your unsubscribes)

Have you EVER heard someone drop a cool quick money-making idea in a Facebook group, then try it out only to have it backfire on your own business? Why does it work so well for one business but not for yours? We’re diving into one listener’s question today AND how you can fix it so this problem doesn’t happen to you… Biggest Show Takeaways: Compare: Churn & Burn marketing approach vs. Marketing Funnel approachExamples of differences between the 2 styles so YOU can choose the right style...


#26: 3 Reasons People Aren’t Downloading Your Lead Magnet

Have you ever poured your blood, sweat and brain cells into a fabulous lead magnet… then jumped for joy when people started opting in… only to scratch your head wondering why the heck they didn’t actually download it? What gives? Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on The Marketing Funnel Show. Biggest Show Takeaways: Listener question: Why do people opt in and NOT download my freebie?3 missing pieces of the puzzlePuzzle piece #1: Framing Your Freebie Puzzle piece #2:...


#025 From Confused To Clear With Her First Marketing Funnel

Today on the pod we’ve got Annalicia Lynn, an incredible writer, speaker, coach, podcast and health & fitness expert. Annalicia has always has a tough time marketing her radically different approach to fitness and self-care. She has managed to build a fiercely loyal tribe, but Annalicia has always known there was a lot more available to her if only she could get her message right… so let’s dive into her story today. Biggest Show Takeaways: Learn about the journey Annalicia took in...


#24: Just Say NO to Customer Avatar Worksheets

I’ve got a confession… I hate customer avatar worksheets. Early in my business, I’d panic and just make crap up because I felt like I couldn’t move forward until I finished that stupid exercise. But not anymore. Now, I toss customer avatar worksheets out the window because they’re not helpful at all when I’m trying to create something new. On today’s show, I’m going to share a couple of game-changing exercises I do instead that helped me get unstuck and figure out how to actually move...


#23 To Quiz Or Not To Quiz

James Ranson is a student of Build Your Funnel Bootcamp and he during the course, he created a quiz quiz funnel. As you’ll hear during this interview he wasn’t totally convinced that a quiz was the way to go at first… he’ll talk about the journey he had to go through to figure out how to make this funnel really work for his own business. Biggest Show Takeaways: Building your first marketing funnel isn’t just about getting steps 1, 2, 3… you’ve got to be clear on who you are and who you...


#22 How To Create Your Irresistible Quiz Funnel

I’ve got to admit to a major bias towards quizzes… I LOVE them. Yep, I’m the sucker that’ll take a quiz to find out which Harry Potter character I am… my ideal brand archetype… which vacation spot I am… whatever. There is something so enticing and irresistible about a quiz… and I’m not alone. There is some major psychology behind this and when you do your quiz right, it can be a powerful way to attract and engage your audience... Biggest Show Takeaways: Let’s talk different types of...


#021 From No Business To Launching Her First Funnel In 7 ½ Weeks

Today on the pod, i’m excited to introduce you to Jenn Murray. Jenn joined my signature program, Build Your Funnel Bootcamp when she only had an idea for a business… but no actual business yet. So if you’ve ever wondered if funnels can work for YOUR business - this is a GREAT interview to listen to because Jenn is going to help you understand that going from LESS than zero --- seriously - she had NO list. NO business. NO website. NO offer. NO contacts. Nothing but a desire to create her...


#020:How To Create Your Cash Infusion List Building Funnel

Once upon a time in 2013 I wrote a guest blog post that went crazy and I got THOUSANDS of opt ins within a couple weeks. But don’t think that was a happy ending… it wasn’t. I actually created a list of people who grabbed my freebie and promptly forgot all about who I was. Don’t make that same mistake - it’s painful and expensive. Instead, today, I’m giving you a better way. And bonus… you can do this ALMOST for free. Biggest Show Takeaways: The Cash Infusion List Building Funnel is...


#019: Facebook Ad Marketing Funnel Strategy

I see people online all the time promising CRAZY things like 10xing your Facebook ROI with new headline or video technique… … but it’s all BS. They’re measuring the 10x by reducing your ad cost for the most part. But who cares if you get cheap clicks… … what you REALLY care about is are you achieving your conversion goals. Are people opting in? Are the people who opt in ACTUALLY opening the email and paying attention to the thing they opted in for? Are they showing up for your...


#017: Facebook Ad Stack Funnel Hack Part 1: The Warm Up

Last week I shared with you the Facebook Ad Stack Funnel Hack. And so many of you wanted more, more, more! Well, you’re in luck because today and the next 2 weeks we will go even deeper into how you can make this powerful (yet simple) Facebook ad strategy work in your business. Right now. Here’s the deal. Most people who talk about Facebook ads only focus on the conversion aspect. They leave out the valuable insights I’m sharing in today’s episode… … and yes, conversion is important....


#016: 3 Step Facebook Ad Hack Funnel Stack Strategy

Did you know that there are 3 stages to attracting, engaging and converting your audience with Facebook ads… but most people are only focused on one (maybe 2)? Without all 3 stages, your ads will NEVER work well. They’ll kinda work… sometimes. You’ll be left scratching your head thinking… … is there something wrong with me? With my offer? With my creative? With my headline? And you’ll test… and test… and test… … but you’ll never get those crazy, sexy, impressive results that you...


#015: 5 Reasons Marketing Funnels Flop AND How To Fix Them

You know what makes me absolutely CRAZY? People running around talking about marketing funnels like they’re the be-all, end-all answer to everything in business. I’m the first to say… they’re not. Yep, i’m sold on the power of marketing funnels BUT (And it’s a big ‘ole BUT…) Funnels will NOT magically work. They take testing… and tweaking… and patience… and more testing... And it can be REALLY frustrating - especially for first time funnel builders. So today, we’re going to dive...


#014: 3 Shortcuts To Get Your Marketing Funnel Set Up Quickly

Technology is by FAR the biggest hesitation people have when they ask me about funnels. But that’s not the REAL issue. I’m also sharing 3 shortcuts to get your marketing funnel up and running quickly (and tech headache free too). Shortcut #1 will let you get a funnel up and running with just 3 clicks - it’s super simple and tech headache free.Shortcut #2 will let give you an unlimited amount of inspiration if you want to plan out your own funnel.Shortcut #3 is a tool you can use to...


#013: KISS: The Secret To A Marketing Funnel That Converts

Have you ever googled marketing funnel, only to have your eyeballs glaze over when you find super complicated flowcharts that you need a master’s degree in computer science to understand… fear not. Those are NOT the marketing funnels you’re looking for (because they don’t work)… ...unless you’re a giant corporation with oodles of products, programs and services to sell (and even then it’s a pretty tough game to win). The truth is your funnel needs to build 3 key beliefs in...


#012:Simple Ways A Marketing Funnel Can Help You Build A Strong Relationship With Your Audience

Biggest Show Takeaways: There are 4 very simple (and free) ways that you can use automation to really get to know your audience, which I’ll break down today.There is one big key to creating marketing funnels in a way that seems really personalized and relevant which I’ll share with you on today’s episode.Want to know which marketing funnel is right for you and your business?Take this free and easy quizand in less than 5 minutes you’ll know EXACTLY which funnel is right for you. Links...