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#33 Market Research for Small Business - The Marketing Menu

You may think that Market Research only applies to big businesses and organisations who have teams of people beavering away on their behalf. But for those just starting out or looking to grow, finding out information that could affect the success of their business is even more essential. Basically, the better informed you are about your competitors, your market, your products and services and where they sit amongst others, and how the markets can change, the better prepared you are to make...


#31 - What Marketers Need to Know About GDPR - The Marketing Menu

How can you promote what you do effectively if you have a limited marketing budget? Products and services don’t sell themselves. All too often though we hear of startup businesses who allocate precious little to their marketing budget, who then face critical decisions when their business fails to take off. It’s one of the biggest contributing factors to business failure. It’s so easy to think of marketing as a luxury when you’re working to a tight budget but it is so important. In this...


#31 - What Marketers Need to Know About GDPR - The Marketing Menu

With the constant noise on GDPR or the new General Data Protection Regulations which come into force on 25 May 2018, we are re-running our podcast from December when we met with Mark Gracey a digital compliance business expert to discuss the implications for marketers from a marketing perspective. This episode considers an explanation on what GDPR is and why it is being bought in. Data protection applies to all businesses. So it doesn't matter if you're a one-man band or a global corporate...


#027 – Making Networking work for Business - The Marketing Menu Podcast

Networking can be an essential part of your business marketing toolkit. But why is it necessary? It's not just about meeting people who could become clients - it's about making connections and building relationships with people that you may not normally do business with. In this podcast, we talk about: why networking is important for business how to create an elevator pitch (or juicy intro as we like to call it) networking protocol Our guest podcaster is Jacqui Frampton from The Boardroom...


#026 – Event Marketing for Business - The Marketing Menu Podcast

You've agreed the date and venue for your event. How do get people to come to it? Event marketing is like any other kind of marketing for your business but it tends to be more intense and it's important that all your activity links together to work effectively. In this podcast, we talk about: Whether you should post the event on your website or have a specific landing page How to use social media to promote your event Setting up an e-mail stream Maximising the opportunities that live...


#025 – Effective email marketing - The Marketing Menu Podcast

Email marketing should be an essential part of any business marketing strategy. But many people struggle with knowing how to do it or what to say to ensure their emails are opened amongst all the spam. Recent research states that open rates for promotional email still averages 22-25%. This is, of course, good news as it means that email is still a powerful marketing channel you can use to communicate with your prospects or customers. In this podcast, we share our experience about: why...


#024 – Why entering awards is good for business marketing - The Marketing Menu Podcast

As businesses, we all like receiving recognition from our customers that we are good at what we do, and it may come in the form of testimonials, recommendations or verbal thanks. But how about taking it a step further and actually entering for an 'official' award? The marketing potential for being shortlisted for an award, even if you don't win, can be a great way to raise your profile and be seen amongst your business peers and/or competition. In this podcast, we discuss: What business...


#023 – Business Marketing Predictions 2018 - The Marketing Menu Podcast

There are so many changes and trends in marketing, it's difficult to keep up with them all. What do you need to know for 2018? Which marketing predictions and ideas are on the 'ones to watch' list? In this episode, we look at: The rising use and reliance on home assistants such as Google Home & Alexa and discuss how businesses need to be aware of new opportunities to use these technologies How videos are transforming the marketing landscape What consumers, especially Millenials are...


#022 – Using Video Marketing In Your Business - The Marketing Menu Podcast

We have talked about the rising importance of using video marketing as part of the marketing toolbox on several podcasts. So we thought it would be good to go into a little more detail about why video use is growing, what type of content could be included and what equipment people may need and how best to plan for video marketing in business. We bring in our resident expert, Andrew Plant of Andrew Plant Photography, to share his expertise on how to make a professional looking video. In...


#021 – How Will GDPR Affect Marketing Your Business - The Marketing Menu Podcast

We're delighted to welcome Mark Gracey here to today's podcast and he's going to talk to us all about GDPR, which is General Data Protection Regulation and how GDPR affects marketing. Now, I expect a lot of listeners have heard about this now, and certainly in the New Year, I'm sure we're going to hear an awful lot more. So, Mark, hello. Would you like to tell listeners who you are and how you got into the world of data compliance? ©The Marketing Menu 2017. All rights reserved. Hello, my...


Guide to podcasting – 20 - The Marketing Menu Podcast

Today we’re going to give you a quick guide on how to set up a podcast channel. So Liz why are we talking about this today? Well, I was at a networking event last week and interestingly I was talking to someone about our podcast and she mentioned that she’d been interested in doing one but had decided not to do so as it was so expensive. So I went on to explain how podcasting isn’t costly, which is one reason why we got into it in the first place. But I did have to explain how time heavy...


Creating a Savvy Social Media Policy – 019 - The Marketing Menu Podcast

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Marketing Menu with me, Liz, and Nicky. And a slight change of plan listeners, we had planned to talk about radio and TV advertising this week but in light of Twitter's announcement, we've decided to talk about why your business should have a Social Media Policy and how to create one. Yes, we're not convinced, are we Liz, about the Twitter 280 characters? No, but we'll reserve judgment until we see how some of the bigger players operate. My fear is that the...


Marketing on a Budget Tasters – 018 - The Marketing Menu Podcast

Welcome everybody to the Marketing Menu with me Nicky, and Liz. And thank you, listeners, for your fantastic feedback about our recent podcasts. We really appreciate your comments so keep them coming in. Yes, hi everyone, as Nicky says we love your feedback and do let us know if there are any issues that you would like us to cover. Particularly if you’re struggling with any marketing issue – send us an email to and we’ll do what we can! So what’s on the menu...


Be Cyber Security Savvy with Jake Moore – 017 - The Marketing Menu Podcast

Welcome everybody to the Marketing Menu with me Liz, and Nicky, and we're very excited to have a guest speaker here with us today. Hello everybody, Nicky here. So, welcome again, and welcome to Jake Moore who's Cyber Protection Officer from Dorset Police. Thank you! Hi everyone! So, Jake, we know that you're doing a lot of talks around the area now. What is your role and why was it set up? ©The Marketing Menu 2017. All rights reserved. Yes I'm the Cyber Crime Prevention Officer for Dorset...


Positioning Your Business In The Marketplace – 016 - The Marketing Menu Podcast

Hi everybody! Welcome to the latest podcast from The Marketing Menu with me, Nicky, and Liz. And we’re finally going to reveal to listeners what we’ve been doing over the summer, aren’t we Liz? We are indeed! And we couldn’t be more excited listeners. We think we’ve kept you waiting long enough. Go for it, Nicky! Well, we're delighted to announce the launch of The Marketing Menu Consultancy! Our new business has been set up to offer marketing training online as we both feel that this a...


How to marketing your scrummy book – 015 - The Marketing Menu Podcast

Well, as I’ve been busy writing an e-book, and I also took a call from a new author the other day, I thought it may be useful to talk about how to market a book. I imagine a lot of listeners have thought about writing a book and as we both have experience in this area, it would be good to share what we know. Great idea! So, writing the book is just the start. There is so much more after that. But firstly, we need to look at why write a book in the first place. I have heard it said, and I...


Tasty Brand Stories – 014 - The Marketing Menu Podcast

We thought following on from Podcast 007 which was all about Building a Brand, we’d have a look at some good, and bad, examples of this and what we can learn and take away for our own businesses. Let’s get started then and perhaps it might be useful to just recap on what a Brand is? Branding is your statement to the customer about what you do. You want people to know what they can expect not only from you and you need to think how you want your product or service to be conveyed. It's...