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Asian Efficiency is the leading website on time management and productivity. Learn how to be efficient, get things done (GTD), and stay motivated.

Asian Efficiency is the leading website on time management and productivity. Learn how to be efficient, get things done (GTD), and stay motivated.
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Asian Efficiency is the leading website on time management and productivity. Learn how to be efficient, get things done (GTD), and stay motivated.






Revealed: The Quarterly Planning Formula We Use to Achieve Our Business Goals (TPS200)

You’re listening to the 200th episode of the Productivity Show which is a major milestone for us. Three years and almost 5mm downloads later we’re still going strong and helping people like you achieve your goals in record times with our actionable content. To celebrate this special occasion we will reveal something at Asian Efficiency […]


10+ iPhone Productivity Strategies from Apple Tech Jedi David Sparks (TPS199)

It’s hard to think of something that has made as big an impact in the way we live and work during the past decade than the smartphone. The iPhone in particular, introduced with its large touchscreen and lack of a physical keyboard, has had a profound impact on our productivity and changed the way we […]


3 Simple Steps to Help You Master Your Calendar (TPS198)

Ever wonder why some people get so much done compared to others? Behind every super-productive person is an intentional approach to how they manage their calendar. In this episode, Brooks and Mike dive deep on how to set your day up for success by managing your calendar well. They talk about why you need a […]


Achieving Next-Level Productivity Through Conative Understanding w/ David Kolbe (TPS197)

Do you ever feel like things are harder than they should be? Then today’s episode about conative productivity is for you. Mike is joined by David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp, who has lived and breathed the Kolbe Concept® since its inception. Today David joins us to talk about how making small adjustments based on […]


The Simple 6-Step Process to Start Your Productive Day the Night Before w/ Dave Caolo (TPS196)

Do you ever find yourself frustrated because the day has just gotten away from you? If so, we’ve got good news for you: there are things you can do to set yourself up for a successful and productive day. Today Mike is joined by writer, author, and podcaster Dave Caolo. Dave was the managing editor […]


6 Tips for Running More Effective Meetings (TPS195)

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting thinking to yourself, “when is this going to end?” or even “why am I here?” If so, you’re definitely not alone. Meetings can waste a ton of time and are often not helpful in getting your actual work done. So in this episode, we dive into the […]


The Ultimate Guide to Task Managers: Selecting the Right One w/ Mat Rhein (TPS194)

How do you know which task manager is right for you? Task managers are great because they allow you to filter your available tasks and only display the ones that are appropriate right now, but the problem is there are so many to choose from. And moving everything over from system to system to see […]


2 Travel Hackers Reveal Everything They Know About Traveling Stress-Free (TPS193)

Thanh & Ben share their best travel hacking tips to make your next strip stress-free. Ben is a good friend of Thanh’s who runs a very successful Artificial Intelligence company that has Fortune 100 clients and works with big corporations hire him from all over the world. Ben is based in Germany but he’s rarely […]


Inside the AE Mastermind: What Really Successful People Do Differently to Fix Their Blind Spots (TPS192)

One of the best ways to improve your productivity is to get around other productive people who can help you see your blind spots and share what really works. And that’s exactly what facilitated last November for some of our best customers when we invited them to come to Austin, TX for the Asian Efficiency […]


Our 3 Biggest Challenges of Implementing Scrum & How We Overcame Them (TPS191)

Marmel Reposar, Asian Efficiency’s very own scrummaster, joins Mike to dive deep on how we use scrum here at Asian Efficiency. This episode explains how we use the scrum framework in order to consistently and systematically create podcast episodes, video courses for the Dojo, and everything else related to Asian Efficiency’s day-to-day operation. We talk […]


How to Get Started with An Executive Assistant w/ Tim Francis (TPS190)

Have you ever considered hiring an assistant to help you? Today we are talking to an expert on finding and hiring assistants, Tim Francis. Tim has hired more than one hundred assistants so he knows a thing or two about the topic. In this episode, you’ll learn how to know when you’re ready for your […]


A Professional Scrum Master’s Best Advice for a Productive Team w/ Lucas Smith (TPS189)

In this episode, Mike is joined by Lucas Smith, an agile trainer, coach, and scrum master for LitheWorks, LLC who has over 14 years experience in software development, delivery, management, product development, coaching, and training. Lucas is one of only 50 Professional Scrum Trainers in the United States and in addition to being a Professional […]


Pomodoro 2.0 w/ Esington Method Founder Rudy Marsh (TPS188)

Rudy Marsh joins us to talk about procrastination, the pomodoro method, and goal achievement. Rudy is the founder of the Esington company and creator of the Esington Glass, a beautiful Pomodoro timer that you can use to help you overcome procrastination and take action on your goals. Rudy grew up in a multi-ethnic family in […]


20+ Best Mac Productivity Apps in 2018 (TPS187)

In this episode, Brooks and Mike revisit our favorite productivity apps for the Mac with our 2018 Mac Productivity Draft. A lot has changed since last year, including many of our favorite apps switching to a subscription model (and a new service that allows you to get a bunch of them at a discount). We […]


How to Overcome Academic Challenges with Productivity Tools w/ Eric Benchimol & Richard Keijzer (TPS186)

In this episode, Mike is joined by Eric Benchimol and Richard Keijzer, two academic physicians who recently published an article titled “Living Like an Academic Athlete: How to Improve Clinical and Academic Productivity as a Gastroenterologist.” The article was published in Gastroenterology, the top-ranked gastroenterology journal, and the world’s #46 ranked scientific journal (according to […]


Overcoming Digital Clutter: Strategies for Reducing Stress and Regaining Focus w/ Dave Caolo (TPS185)

In this episode, Mike is joined by Dave Caolo, a regular contributor to Unclutterer, a website dedicated to home and office organization. Mike & Dave dive deep into digital clutter: What it is, where to find it, and how to deal with it. We explain the very real cost of clutter and the effect it […]


Intentional Attention: How Small Decisions Can Bring You to Your Ideal Future (TPS184)

Do you find yourself being pulled in too many directions? In this episode, Thanh and Mike talk about how your attention determines your future and why a simple mindset shift to regain control of your attention can provide stability and direction for all areas of your life. We talk about how being careless about how […]


5 of the Most Powerful Email Tools We’ve Used to Help You Reclaim Your Email Inbox (TPS183)

Email is a nuisance to your productivity and something that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. In this episode, Brooks and Mike talk about strategies and tools you can use to process the email in your inbox even faster, and give you 5 strategies you can use to get out of your […]


The Simple Guide To Managing Your Email More Effectively

Whether you are a CEO, student, or freelancer, email is something that we all have to deal with. But practice obviously does not make perfect as many people still struggle mightily to get to an empty inbox. Email is one one of the largest sources of distraction, and ends up wasting a lot of valuable […]


3 Simple Steps To Delegating Work The Right Way So You Don’t Have to Worry About It (TPS182)

Have you ever tried handing off a work task but were frustrated because it took too long or wasn’t done correctly? You probably made one of the 5 common delegation mistakes that we cover in this episode. We show you how to avoid these mistakes, overcome 4 common limiting beliefs people have about delegation, share […]