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11. Four Key Aspects of the New Tax Law That Affects Real Estate Investors

While you were enjoying your Christmas break, the GOP was hurrying to pass a massive tax bill. And they succeeded. In this episode, I'm breaking down some of the components of the tax bill and talking about how it will affect real estate investors. Your tax situation is about to change drastically. Don't get caught without a plan in 2018.


10. Exploring New Markets With Marco Santarelli

How do you pick a market to invest in? That's what we're exploring today with our guest, Marco Santarelli. Marco owns Norada Real Estate Investments, an investment company that invests in markets all across the U.S. Marco has a keen sense for choosing the right market, and the right neighborhood. In this episode, we cover: - Marco's background in real estate investing - How Marco chooses a market - Data sources and indicators to pay attention to; and - Once you've chosen a market, how to...


09. Introducing the BARRRR Method

In this month's episode we are discussing why advertising your property for rent is a crucial component of placing your property into service. Most investors think that they should advertise their property for rent after they are done with their rehab. We walk through why this may not be a best case and provide arguments for why you should advertise your property for rent prior to, or during, the rehab.


08. The Real Estate Professional Status

In this episode we discuss the Real Estate Professional tax status. What is it? What is it not? And when can (and should) you use this tax status to your advantage. We define what a Real Estate Professional is and how to qualify. We also launch into a couple examples of great times to use the Real Estate Professional status. Non-working spouses and cost segregation studies will allow us to qualify for the Status and maximize single year write-offs. We also discuss how you should track your...


07. Tax Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

Weeeeee're back! Due to the overwhelming encouragement of clients and non clients, I've decided to jump back on the content (specifically podcasts) and get information out there for you to consume. We've revamped the podcast to give it that sexy, but not "suit and tie" feel. Let me know how you like it by emailing me at June's podcast goes over three of the ten top tax mistakes I wrote about here that I commonly see. Specifically, we dive into: Why you cannot...


Episode #6: Using Cash on Cash Return in Your Real Estate Investments

Cash on Cash return is a popular metric used by real estate investors of all levels. Today we discuss how useful the metric is, when you should use it, and the pitfalls you shouldn't ignore. We also discuss alternative metrics that you can use in your real estate business. This podcast stemmed from an article I wrote for Bigger Pockets which you can see here:


Episode #3 - House Hacking: The Tax Side to Living for Free

Join us for episode 3 which goes into details about house hacking, why it makes financial sense, and also what the tax implications of house hacking are. We talk about why house hacking is great from a tax perspective, and why you should also tread with caution. You'll learn what you should be considering prior to making that purchase and going through with house hacking. Don't get caught in a tax trap that could have been avoided by listening to this episode!


Episode #1 - Documentation: The Key to Tax Savings

Tax deductions are critical for any business - on episode 1 of The Real Estate CPA, I discuss how important it is to document business receipts. You'll benefit by learning about tips and tricks, what expenses you should be documenting, and how to document them. Best of all, I'll tell you about cloud based documentation systems that you should be implementing in your business today!