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Lifetime (car) salesperson sharing what I've learned from the chapters of rejection, failure, doubt, hope, grit, & resilience. From Lot to Life it’s all Sales.

Lifetime (car) salesperson sharing what I've learned from the chapters of rejection, failure, doubt, hope, grit, & resilience. From Lot to Life it’s all Sales.
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Lifetime (car) salesperson sharing what I've learned from the chapters of rejection, failure, doubt, hope, grit, & resilience. From Lot to Life it’s all Sales.




#219 Don’t take it personal

We’re taught early on in sales to not “take it personal...” when a customer burns off on you, gets upset and loses it on you, or when the boss embarrasses you in front of others...don’t even take it personal when your kids want nothing to do with you...”they’ll come around.” But HTH are you supposed to take something when it personally/professionally hurts? 👉👉Thanks for supporting the show. Would you please leave a rating but more importantly please share with someone who could use today’s...


#218 Coach the Smalls

We read that doing (or not doing) certain things can be detrimental to our health yet we don’t stop (nor start) bc that detriment is “someday.” We think that we’ll have time to make the correction , but today, we’ll just keep on keeping on. No matter what’s said or shown, we won’t change until we’re ready to change. It’s the same thing for employees/children/others, you see their vast potential of what they could be or do yet they don’t and it frustrates the hell out of you. Here’s how you...


#217 Stop Stopping

From living w/ our parents to working the drive thru we were always taking orders & now that you’re on your own, you’re still taking orders...your Life ain’t all about filling others’ order. Today stops all that. 👉👉Thanks for checking out today’s show. Please share with 1 person who could use today’s show.


#216 5 Ways to work 1/2 days

Growing up, JT McCormick & his mom barely got by, constantly moving & barely eating. As he got older,,not only did he have to fight poverty, he also had to fight racism too. (He’s biracial) To fight it, he did the only thing he knew to do to keep anyone or any circumstance from holding him down...he outworked everyone and began to successfully climb out & up. As he began to catch some momentum, he ran into a very successful man who gave him the secret to his massive success...”I only work...


#215 I don’t care

When a new comedian asked for advice, Jerry Seinfeld said, 1) Never focus past the edge of the stage & 2) Show up with an “I don’t care” attitude. Applicable advice for our one act called Life. 👉👉Thanks for catching today’s show. Would you please rate & share the show with 1 person who could use your favorite show? I appreciate all the support 💯 Remember I’m @


#214 Today’s just an example

Maybe you have the best dad in the world...but maybe he was never a father to begin with. In either case honor them bc they’re your example. What you do from here is your choice.


#213 Sales Lab: “I use to..” & Pulling the energy over

One’s a mindset & the other’s a technique and both are needed whether you’re selling a car, membership, or you’re selling your way through Life. Try these 2 on for size. Thanks for listening 👉👉Please share your favorite show w someone who can use it; subscribe so you won’t miss a show, & 🙏 give a rating and review it helps get the word out. I’m @ (you can even text a message to me using the email)


#212 "How Long?!"

At the age of 36 Dr. Paul Kalanithi was a successful neurosurgeon. He worked with those who were terminally ill & they all asked the same question..."How long?!" Paul questioned, when facing such dire circumstances, what made Life worth living? He soon experienced his own answer...Dying's not the worst thing that could happen...not living while you're here is. 👉👉Thanks for listening.


#211 LIH

It’s tough when you have to just release & surrender but, “Life’s a dance between making things happen & letting things happen.”


#210 Tell your story

When he speaks audiences, Nick Nanton has an exercise that he has everyone in the room write down their firsts...first car, home, love, kiss,etc...then he has each person compare their firsts w the other person’s firsts sitting right beside them and if the firsts are identical, he’ll pay them $10,000. It never happens bc no two two two people have identical stories. What you do may seem commoditized, but how you do it ain’t...bc you have a story to tell. Now go tell...


#209 You know you can’t or don’t think you can?

To know you can’t do something is to have first hand experience that you cannot do it...right now. But to know you can’t is not necessarily permanent, it just means that you lack the necessary skills to hit the mark know causes you to raise your game increase your sharpen your focus to go at it again. But that’s to “know” many times have we backed down in Life simply bc we didn’t think we can? We never knew firsthand...we never failed to gauge...


#208 What are you talking about?

It’s said that life or death comes from the power of the tongue...when you start something new, you’re super-enthused and can’t wait to tell everyone about your new initiative, but once the newness wears off...the shine tarnishes, your speaking falls off ...and so does your success. 👉👉Thanks for catching today’s show; for feedback or show suggestions hit me up @


#207 You don’t need a blueprint you need a plan

We’re quick to use THE one...someone’s blueprint that they used to lose weight, sell or save more, invest wiser, or just got stanky rich...we use what worked best for them, but it may not be best for you. Often when their blueprint doesn’t work for us, we give up, discouraged. Success in any field isn’t a one size fits all & blueprints are configured to exacting standards and measurements AFTER all of the kinks and reworks have been smoothed out. You’ll get your blueprint, but first you...


#206 Just 5 more minutes...

Seth Godin said, “People don’t believe what you tell them, they barely believe what you show them, they often believe what their friends tell them, they always believe what they tell themselves. What leaders do is they give people stories they can tell themselves...stories about the future & about change.” We’ve got to be better storytellers bc we can tell others what to them how to do it, but all of that is short lived unless they tell it first to themselves. What we have to do...


#205 Back in the Sales Lab

Yeeeyahhh (in my Lil John voice) we’re back in the Sales Lab to address 2 topics: Ebb & Flow & Dollar Amount per up. Thanks for catching today’s show. Please rate & share the show with others to spread the message. I am @ so drop me a line- I’d love to hear from you.


#204 There is no Try

One statement I can’t stand to hear is, “I’m trying!😩” You Do & when you fail you do it better, but there is no try. 👉👉Thanks for catching today’s show. Share the show w someone who can use the word.


#203 Stress free will kill you

The other day I ran into a buddy & he told me that he left his old job-when I asked him about his new gig he quipped, “Dude I love stress...nonnnne!” As I walked away I thought about it...No Stress? We need stress in our lives...we don’t need drama...we sure as hell don’t need me be stressed out, but stress is necessary. 👉👉Thanks for catching today’s show. Any feedback or suggestions send them to


#202 All you had to do is ask

I never thought of her to be in sales but she told me she’s #5 in the state at selling Life Insurance & when I asked her how she did it she said of course that she “cared,” but then went on to tell me about a time when she had first started & a police officer came in to review his policies...2 week’s later he was shot and killed, leaving behind a wife & young son ...& she didn’t ask him about Life Insurance bc she was too scared to ask...This is an important many times do we...


#201 It’s your interpretation

It’s a fact that she left you...he’s moved out...your boss cut your hours & promoted someone over’s a fact that your car note is past due & your best friend stabbed you in the back...yup these are all facts-real issues like these that have already many not be able to change the facts but you can change how you interpret them.👉👉Thanks for checking out today’s episode..share w someone who can use it & be sure to subscribe so as to not miss an episode. Catch a clip...


#200 Never stop coaching

Pat Summitt, Head Coach for the Tennessee Lady Vols for 38 years notched 1098 wins, 8 titles, & 100% graduation rate—every single player who went through her program graduated college! There’s no question she was an exceptional coach...but there’s no doubt she wasn’t a perfect coach- & she’d be the first to tell you. There were times & moments she’d wish she could take back- decisions she made, actions she took, & words taken too far...with all of her victories she made many mistakes, but...