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Market Research Plan - Jason Boyce

Before, big companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and Procter & Gamble would spend millions of dollars on consumer market research plan. In today’s era, we can know what the market needs and wants by going online and Amazon is an incredible tool for that. On this episode, we’re here with Jason Boyce. He is a former marine and he is one of the co-founders of Dazadi. Jason has also worked as an Account Executive at Johnson & Johnson. His companies are known to make millions and...


Business Systems - Matthew Griffin

Running a successful business takes a lot of planning, patience, and hard work, but most importantly, proven business systems. On this episode, we are here with Matthew Griffin. He’s the CEO of Combat Flip Flops, a company that has experienced a 450% annual growth rate. In addition, he served in the 75th Ranger Regiment as a Rifle Company Fire Support Officer. Matthew talks about the challenges they had when they were first starting their company, which is a product-based business, and...


Foster Relationships In Business - Sam Gerace

Entrepreneurs must know how to foster relationships because it is crucial to success. On this episode, we are here with Sam Gerace, the founding CEO of multiple companies. Also, he has helped raise over $2M in angel capital, $76M in venture capital, over $200M in the public markets for the companies that he helps and directs. Sam talks about how you can create deeper relationships in business so you can have a better network to tap into. Also, he explains what culture in business really...


Chatbot For Business - Molly Mahoney

Many people have no idea that Facebook chatbot for business exists, or some have heard of it but don’t know what really it is and the right strategy to utilize it. On this episode, we are here with Molly Maloney, also known as the Prepared Performer to talk about a new technology on Facebook, and how it allows you to communicate with your audience, and learn more about them. With messenger bots, you are able to connect, build trust, and nurture the relationship with your potential and...


How To Respond To Rejection

It is important to talk about how to respond to rejection because we get that a lot. We experience rejection when somebody says “no” to us or when we post something on social media and nobody likes or comments on it. On this episode, we’re going to talk about different ways on how to handle rejection and how to stay motivated so you accomplish the goals, dreams, and desires you have. Get all the resources for this episode and listen to more at


Developing Intuition - John Holland

Developing intuition is important because it allows you to tap into this wealth of information that can shape your life. However, we forget that we’re intuitive or we don’t listen to our intuition because we trust logic as opposed to it. On this episode, we are here with John Holland, an internationally renowned psychic, medium spiritual teacher, author, and radio host, to talk about intuition and how we can tap into it. We’re all born intuitive but when we start school as kids, the...


Podcast Guesting

Podcast guesting is an excellent way to reach a broader audience, drive traffic to your website, and get more sales and clients. On this episode, Luis and Kamala are going to talk about how you can get booked on podcasts, and how it can give you more publicity. Getting on podcasts as a guest is not just about getting booked. It’s a strategic plan for you to create a buzz around your expertise. Get all the resources for this episode and listen to more at


Strategy And Business Development Plan - Adrienne Dorison

When you have a strategy and business development plan in place, your business can reach its full operational efficiency, where it can run and grow even without you being there. On this episode, we are here with Adrienne Dorison. She is the CEO of Run Like ClockWork and has helped hundreds of companies from Fortune 500 corporations to fast-growing start-ups. Adrienne talks about the four D’s that every business is going to traverse to help people understand where they’re falling, and...


How To Be A Jedi - Satyen Raja

Our innermost being has a direct reflection on reality, but honing it to create the realities we want requires mental training. This is why understanding how to be a Jedi and mastering the mind tricks are crucial. On this episode, we are here with Satyen Raja. He has influenced over a hundred thousand students from over 50 countries around the world through his global human potential company, Warrior Sage. Satyen talks about what Jedi mind tricks are all about and how you can utilize it...


Million Dollar Business Ideas - Elaine Pofeldt

When starting a business, having a million dollar business ideas in hand can help you get it off the ground. On this episode, we are here with Elaine Pofeldt, author of The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business. She talks about how business owners built a million dollar business even without having any employees. Growing a successful business is an active process. It may be challenging, but it will bring you a lot of financial peace and freedom. Get all the resources for this episode and...


Travel The World - Rolf Potts

When you let yourself travel the world, you will feel grateful for giving yourself the opportunity to know the possibilities for your own happens. On this episode, we are here with Rolf Potts, who wrote the iconic book Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, which is a book that greatly inspired a lot of people. Also, he has written for National Geographic Traveler, The New Yorker,, Outside New York Times, The Believer, The Garden, and Sports...


Business Expansion Plan - TD King

Most companies start small, and for them to grow, it is crucial to learn how to create a business expansion plan and implement it. On this episode, we are here with TD King. He is the owner of MACNAK Construction, which has been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America for three years in a row. What TD says is aside from doing the grunt work, the biggest thing that could help your business grow is to understand your clients and competition. Get all the resources for...


Create A Life You Want - Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers

To able to create a life you want, it is important to set your mind and heart into it. When you focus on something you want, things unfold, and magic happens. On this episode, we’re going to tell you about what we have been doing with regards to planning for our wedding and how setting the intention to create what we want in our lives turned our dream into a reality. Get all the resources for this episode and listen to more at


Native Advertising - Jon Gelberg

Jon Gelberg says that native advertising is a way for advertisers to connect with the audience of the publication they’ve chosen to work with. It is under the umbrella of content marketing. Jon is the Executive Editor at Inc. Media and has won over 20 awards in journalism and content marketing. On this episode, he explains what native advertising is and how it can be a revenue stream for you if you have a blog or you’re writing content anywhere. He also says that there’s no writer out...


Breaking Barriers - Erik Weihenmayer

One of the reasons why people get stuck when it comes to breaking barriers is when one obstacle after the next gets in the way. It kills their energy and momentum. They feel that they are taken out of the game. On this episode, we’re here with Eric Weihenmayer. He is blind, but he has accomplished feats like reaching the summit of Mt. Everest. Also, he is the author of No Barriers. He shares what you can do to help you stay in that ‘no barriers, no limit’ mindset. Eric says that life is...


Working In A Team Environment - Lindsey Graves

What is it like to be working in a team environment? For Lindsey Graves, having that type of culture in the company means togetherness, openness, and having that sense of a family environment in the workplace. Lindsey is the COO of Sunset Transportation, an Inc. 100 listed business. On this episode, she talks about creating a culture that’s about winning and family and how to drive out conflict situations. When your people feel a sense of community in the workplace, they feel empowered,...


Audience Engagement - Bastian Ernst

Bastian Ernst emphasizes that the higher your audience engagement is, the more revenue you will generate for your business. On this episode, we are here with Bastian Ernst, the founder of Wild Audience, a respect-based marketing company. Respect-based marketing is based on respect, relationship, and trust. He explains what respect-based marketing is and how it creates audience engagement, which is crucial when you’re selling a product or a service. Get all the resources for this episode...


How To Boost Referrals - Virginia Muzquiz

Most people trust the recommendations of others over other forms of marketing. This is why learning how to boost referrals in business is crucial. On this episode, we are here with Virginia Muzquiz, owner of Masters Connectors Inc. She shares six essential steps on how to turn the referral system for increased profit. Virginia emphasizes how essential it is to have a lot of clarity around who you are, what you do, who you serve, what your needs are, what you bring to the table when you...


How to Get on TV – Joel Boggess

Every entrepreneur couldn’t get enough on how to get on TV. A lot of entrepreneurs want to be on television for them to get known in their niche, boost their credibility, and it is the best form of advertising. Joel Boggess, an author and a radio show host, shares how he started and was able to get booked on 80 television spots. He explains some easy ways on how to get on TV and ensures it’s not as difficult as what most people think. Get all the resources for this episode and listen to...


Fall In Love With Yourself - Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer says that when you fall in love with yourself, you will have a lifelong romance that never disappoints and never wanes. Marisa authored four best-selling books and has worked with Oscar-winning Hollywood actors, royalty, Chief Executives of Fortune 500 companies, and thousands of other types of clients. On this episode, she talks about what’s blocking us from having the love and success that we deserve and how we can start to fall in love with ourselves. Get all the resources...