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Financial Literacy Provides Hope!!

I have had the pleasure of teaching 1000’s of teenagers, children and adults financial literacy. I’m shocked that 2018 it’s still not mandatory in our schools. I believe financial literacy is the cure for poverty in lower income neighborhoods. Just imagine if everyone in lower income neighborhoods had a 800 credit score how different would that community look. The education system needs to be reformed to level the playing field and give every child an equal chance to succeed. I have...

Awaken the Awesome Podcast features Two Black Guys with Good Credit

Pod' up pod people!! Hear how it all began! Shaun, Arlington and Dionne, The Lady with the Facts, share their podcasting path and chop it up about life, success, personal finance and more with Olivier Day, on his, well for a lack of a better word, AWESOME podcast, Awaken the Awesome! It was pure awesomeness! No really, it's awesome.


Episode 28: Jamal Mashburn --The Franchise King

McDonalds, Starbucks, Dominos, UPS, we've all dreamed of owning a franchise and being able to sit back and stack cash. So we drafted former NBA All-star Jamal Mashburn aka "The Franchise King", with 38 Outback Steak Houses and 32 Papa John's in his roster, to sit in and put a full court press on the world of franchising for us. Pod'up people, the Franchise King is holding court.. let's go!


Episode 27: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

'Who wants to be a Millioniare???' Well if you think that's you, then pod'up because TwoBlackGuyswithGoodCredit is talking to none other than Stephen Hightower of Hightowers Petroleum - who better to discuss The Secrets of Financial Success than with a serial entrepreneur that's a few oil barrels away from being a Billionaire... yes we said Billionaire!!. Stephen H is dropping gems, putting us all up on game and keeping it 100. Sit back and lock in because "greed is good" and "if momma...


Episode 26: We've Got Mail

'We Got Mail', and if we got it, guess where it came from - YOU!!! This round table pod is dedicated to YOU - the listener. You emailed, texted, and ran us down in the street with amazing questions that we decided to share. TBGWGC is giving you what you asked for - Answers!! Shaun and Arlington are going head to head over your financial questions and as usual they don't always see eye to eye. Podd'up, let's go because 'We Got Mail'.


Episode 25: Black Power Money Power

In the spirit of Black History Month, Black Panther, and Wakanda, we decided to raise the invisible shield and take an up-close and personal look at Black Power today as it relates Money, Power, Finance, and Generational Wealth. Ohh yeah its like that this show, we are going IN by serving it up raw and uncut. Sit back pod'up and get ready for the.. WWHHAATT!!!! Twoblackguyswithgoodcredit - Black Power Money Power let's go!


Episode 13: Clintonomics

Get out and Vote!!! Vote for who??? Round table #2 - TBGWGC is talking about H.R.C - Hillary Rodham Clinton. We discussed him, so we had to bring our thoughts on Hillary to keep it all the way PC. Sit in and turn the volume all the way up because this could be our first Female President People. 'I'm with her', but are You???!!! ...Let's go.... Vote!!!


Episode 12: The Cost of Eating Healthy

In the 80's we asked "where's the beef?". In the 2000's we know where the beef is, but now we ask is it grass-fed, farm raised, hormone free, organic, natural or processed and the even bigger question - what does is cost per pound???? With the cost of food outpacing the price of gasoline, we decided to invite Organic and Natural Foods Specialty Broker Laterri Hughes to our podcast to break it all down. Vegan and meat eaters alike, pod'up because TBGWGC is talking about the Cost of Food......


Episode 10: For the Love of Money

With season two right around the corner we wanted to give you a little taste of what's to come... like a preseason warm-up!!! This week on Two Black Guys with Good Credit we are all about your connection to the all mighty dollar (racks, stacks, get the gist!). Would you say you have a healthy relationship with money? Have you thought about a financial therapist, a personal vision board or maybe you just need some good old fashion budgetary discipline to get you in sync. Hang on...


Episode 2: Blinging 'Til You're Broke!

In this episode, we're discussing, Blinging 'Til You're Broke! We all love material things but how do we control our obsession? We will get into 'wants vs needs' and learning how to 'bling responsibly', in order to avoid the big B's - BUSTED - BROKE -BANKRUPTCY!


Episode 1: Credit - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This episode we will be getting into credit deeper than the IRS. We will discuss the ins and outs of credit; how to leverage your credit, the cost of bad credit and how to reap the rewards of good credit. YOUR money is YOUR money and this episode will teach you how to keep your money where it belongs - "In your pocket"!