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Challenges and Success in Marketing Service-based Businesses

Coaches, consultants, stylists, and chefs, to name a few service-based professionals all market intangible products. You can't touch the products or hold what they give you in your hand, but you can get results. That's actually what you are selling, results. Every magazine or self-help book tells you that, but what does that really mean and how do you get people to open up their wallet/purse to actually purchase? My guests Cal and Renee Coakley, owners of Coakley Financial Group join me...


Are you a Watcher on Facebook?

Facebook was in the hot seat in April and sitting before Congress explaining why they allowed our privacy to be compromised, but now they are in the "IN" with their new add-on Watch. If you don't know what that is, have you seen Jada Pinkett-Smith's new show Red Table Talk? It's on Facebook's Watch and it's causing quite a stir. But that's Jada, how can you harness this power and utilize it for yourself and your brand? Glad you asked, because we are talking about that today! I'll go...


Grinding, Hustling, and Profiting

It can be hard to be an entrepreneur, actually, it's pretty tough every, single, day. That is until you "make it." But until you make it, you are wandering and wondering when it will all happen. You grind every, single day. You hustle every single day, but you aren't making the strides you need to. Why is that? Today, I'm talking real talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how you can come out on top. Sponsored by: Style With Aplomb Find your unique style and you will never...


Get Clarity by Dressing Happy

"Fashion is an outward manifestation of our personality and beliefs," says my guest Erin Keam, of the Happy Wadrobe. Erin’s always been fascinated with fashion, she’s also been fascinated with people. She’s worked in creative, people focused fields such as marketing and media, which required her talents in visualization, analysis, interpretation and presentation. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Erin spent 20 years in guiding personal development, helping others to find patterns and meaning...


Relationship Marketing-Your Key to Successful Business-building

"You are not an island, but you probably feel that way. It seems that everything that needs to be done to bring in more business has to be done by you, all by your lonesome. That's a myth." That's a quote from my book, "UN-Market Your Business: 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting." That is the start of chapter 10, "Collaborate." Well, you can't collaborate with yourself, sometimes you can, but if you want to grow your business, you really need...


How Alicia Couri Stands Out Above the Crowd with Authority

We've been talking about how to stand out and get more clients, so I figured that I would bring a guest on who is actually walking the talk. Alicia Couri, a Personal Branding Expert with a mission to create an elevated platform for her clients to stand out and “be seen and heard” as industry leaders. She helps her clients show up powerfully and gain visibility so they can attract more clients and increase profitability. I met Alicia on LinkedIN, a result of some research and networking,...


You are Who You Think You Are

Are you allowing your thinking to stop you or propel you forward? Today, I'm sharing my thoughts on how you can use your mind to get you the success you desire and always knew you should have. I'll share how one of my clients was able to meet someone she has admired for so long along with how my book tour is falling into place with the help of Divine Intervention. It's going to be awesome, so tune in. Sponsored by: Style With Aplomb Find your unique style and you will never again agonize...


How to Position Yourself as an Expert – Even if You Don’t Feel Like One

The secret to positioning yourself as an expert isn’t possessing a certain degree or writing a book. Everyone is an expert on their own experience, and publicist Kristi Dosh shares how to use your personal and professional experience to position yourself in your niche in a way that attracts not only publicity but also your ideal client or customer. Learn more about Kristi: Kristi Dosh is a publicist who founded Guide My Brand to work with entrepreneurs and nonfiction authors to establish...


How to Market Your Business Using Live Events

I love going to live events, you can connect with people, learn alot and have a great time. But what about using LIVE, in-person events to market your business? Today, I'm sharing with you 4 ways you can use live, in-person events to market your business successfully. No, it doesn't mean that you walk around with a sign on your body saying "Buy my products!" You can do this in a fun way that leaves an impression on the people you meet, tune in today to discover how.


Renew and Refresh Your Marketing Approach for Better Results

Everything old is. . .well old. Things can be new again or they can just be new. What am I talking about? Your marketing, of course. Things that you did before, last month, last year, or even yesterday may not be working today. But we can change all of that, in an instant. Join me on a reflective journey of what I've been doing in my marketing, and how things have changed in the last year, along with what I plan to do differently. I don't have ALL the answers, but I have a lot of them, and...


Change your LinkedIn Profile, Change your Life

I thought my LinkedIn profile was "the bomb diggity," but it wasn't, as I learned from the LinkedIn Professor, Tajuana Ross. I learned of her from another colleague and guest of the show Bernadette L. Harris, and boy was she on point. After scheduling my session with the LinkedIn Professor, I knew I had to make some changes and I did. Afterward, I invited Tajuana to come on the podcast and share with you what we talked about in our session so you can benefit as well. If you think your...


Your Blog, Your Client-Getting Machine

Nothing works better than your website to bring in a steady flow of clients and cash for your business, but lately, I’ve met several entrepreneurs that say they’ve ditched their website in favor of using their Facebook or Instagram account. Wait, WHAT? Obviously, those entrepreneurs are misinformed and being led down a path that’ll eventually cause heartache and headache. Let’s get real, social media is a wonderful and awesome part of your marketing toolkit, but that’s it, only a part of...


Save Time and Money and Look Fabulous Every Day

Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Do you waste precious time each morning trying to decide what to wear? My guest today Beryl Pleasants, Chief Image Consultant with her company, Style with Aplomb has the answer for you. Beryl is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business professionals, and people in transition who use their image to further their success. Today, she will help you with the most pressing problems entrepreneurs face today: Why so many people find...


The One Belief Every Female Entrepreneur Must Master For Success

Does marketing your business using the ever-changing digital landscape of social media, social marketing, changing algorithms and permissions freak you out, just a little? I'm here to share with you that you can do it and you can market yourself confidently and create a business that shines a light on your gifts, talents, and abilities. Ready? Tune in and listen to Tracy Neely as she shares with us how mastering this one belief is the key to your success. More about Tracy: Tracy Neely is...


Experience Wins Every Time

You have a zillion ideas. How do you know which one works and which one needs more work? Experience is the key. But where do you find this "experience?" Today, I'll share with you exactly how you can find the experience you need and how to take advantage of it so you come out on top everytime. Tune in to discover the shortcuts to success that really work.


How to Make self-care part of your daily business

It's almost the end of January and one of the most popular New Year's resolutions may be in jeopardy. If you resolved to improve your health, lose weight, or take better care of yourself in 2018, you aren't alone. But have you thought about how self-care figures into the health of your business? It's true, taking care of you is, in fact, taking care of your business also. My guest today, Lynnis Woods-Mullings knows all about incorporating self-care into your daily routine and she's here to...


Why Marketing with Webinars Works

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement is the name of the game for 2018. I've always said that marketing is all about focusing in on the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor, because that is the way your ideal prospects find you, follow you, and start buying from you. The best way to get your audience to know you, the real you, is to create and host webinars. Webinars shouldn't be scary or hard because they are doable and necessary, especially in light of the new engagement rules for 2018. Today, we'll...


Your Content Empire - Your Way

I totally love creating content to get out to the masses, but I dare say that most people do not. I know you don't hate it, but its one of those things you could probably not do, right? Wrong! What if I were to show you how to do content marketing your way; in a way that finds your joy, lights you up, delights your customers, and still grows your bottom line while delighting yourself as well? Hailey Dale, MA a certified content strategist and founder of Your Content Empire, says that when...


Single Biggest Mistake You Make Working for Yourself

You did it! You went out on your own! Now you are the boss. All that time spent wishing and wondering what it would be like and now you can feel it for yourself. But wait. . . there's one thing that even savvy women entrepreneurs forget about or really don't even know about when they start working for themselves and we're discussing it today. Join in on our first show of 2018 to see how to crush your goals and come out on top of your competition faster than you ever thought possible. And...


How to Market Your New Business Using Social Media

Do you have a new business and contemplating how to market it? Are you thinking that using social media would be a good way to start? Yes, I agree, but how do you get started with it? My guest, Ramona Yancy, Inspirational Speaker, Coach, and Entrepreneur has the answers for you. She knows the best social media strategies for marketing your business so people will buy from you. Ramona provides her clients with effective inexpensive tools that you can start using right NOW and start seeing...