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USR 400: Optimizing Your Website For Success with Jill Stanton

Where is the one place prospects can go to see all of your offerings and get a better understand of YOU!? It’s your website, your home base!! The question is, how do you get more people to see it? Today I brought on co-owner of Screw The Nine to Five and co-host of the ‘Screw The Nine To Five’ podcast with her husband Josh, Jill Stanton and she talking all things WEBSITE TRAFFIC. How you can put a piece of free content on your website and get clients. Check out the full episod to learn...


USR 399: 3 Steps To Ensure Your Businesses Financial Future Starting NOW

If I had one wish for this generations of entrepreneurs it would be to think long term! Stop micromanaging the small stuff in business and start thinking LONG TERM! Don’t get stuck in the short term game! When you start thinking long term you start to plan for the future of your business. It can give you peace of mind, something we all want as entrepreneurs. So in this episode I am sharing with you three steps to ensure that your financial future and how you can start right...


USR 398: The Superpower of LinkedIn with Josh Turner

If I told you that a majority of your clients could be coming from LinkedIn, would you believe me? LinkedIn has changed so much over the past couple of years and it can be your next social media superpower! Josh Turner, CEO of Linked Selling and LinkedIn expert, is here talking about how this is the most important platform for any business owner to be on. It’s time to be present on LinkedIn and start using it for what it is made to do -- connecting you with premium prospects that you...


USR 397: Spreading Positivity Through Copywriting with Liz Theresa

“I’m not a writer, so I can’t write”--Liz Theresa This mindset is WAY too common in the business space. Just because you didn’t grow up writing doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to say. In this episode we are talking to web designer, copywriter and CEO of LizTheresa.com, Liz Theresa. She is walking us through how everyone can express themselves in different ways and on different platforms. There are plenty of platforms for you, the business owner, to flourish. Liz is sharing...


USR 396: Surviving Summer As A Parentpreneur

Summer is FINALLY here! Get out those swimsuits out, it’s time to catch some rays and enjoy these next couple of months. For all those ‘parentprenuer’s’ out there, your summer months might look a little different. With the kids being home and a business to run, it can be hard to find a balance. So in this episode, I am sharing with you 3 tips on how to survive summer as a parentpreneur. From chasing the kids around the yard to finding your perfect power hour! Check out the full episode...


USR 395: How To Build Your Audience With Podcasts

We have been talking a lot about organic marketing lately, aka how can you, a business owner or entrepreneur, reach thousands of people without spending hundreds of dollars a week? Podcasting might just be your solution. Having a podcast or being a guest on other podcasts is a great way to get exposure to new audiences, and you could be doing this every week. This strategy is low to no cost and gives you credibility on topics and subjects. If you haven’t built podcast ‘guesting’ into...


USR 394: Six Figures and Beyond (Without Advertising!) with Angie Lee

What if I told you there is a way to build your business to make six figures WITHOUT paying a single dollar on advertising? Sounds crazy right?! You can change the way you market your business by simply showing up. In this episode I am talking to the AMAZING Angie Lee: organic marketing expert, Instagram influencer and host of the top rated podcast, ‘The Angie Lee Show.’ She is breaking down how she built her online brand using NO ADS! You’ll learn how she built a community with trust...


USR 393: Eliminate Entrepreneurial Burnout

Did you know that 8/10 entrepreneurs experience burnout from their business? Burnout is experienced in so many different ways, from balancing family and career, to team performance or productivity. Either way, burnout is unacceptable and I’m here to change the mindset around it. Today I want to announce that my second book, Bigger Than YOU: The entrepreneurs guide to building an unstoppable dream team with coming out October 3rd! This book has been a passion project of mine to change...


USR 392: Become OBSESSED With Eliminating The Bottlenecks In Your Business

We all get stuck sometimes. We hit a roadblock in our life, family, and sometimes our business. We try and try again but sometimes we can’t just figure out how to get out. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone! Breathe, and let’s take it slow. In today’s episode, we’ll chat about becoming OBSESSED with eliminating roadblocks. Get creative and focus on the situation at hand. It’s all about changing your mindset around the roadblocks. Don’t just give it a bandaid, give it a...


USR 391: The Power of Positivity with Dr. Sasha Heinz

Mindset is everything! People talk about it all the time but it’s because it is true. Your business will stay healthy only if you keep your body and mindset on the same road. We all need some positivity in our lives and today I wanted to bring you some. In today’s episode, I am talking to positive psychologist Dr. Sasha Heinz. She helps people every day get into the mindset of positivity. She is pulling back the curtain on how we as business owners can into this type of mindset and we...


USR 390: Showcasing All Your Offerings

Online marketing is a funny industry. We spend so much time so focused on creating content, making value-add posts or videos and getting our business out there we forget to ACTUALLY say what we do! In this episode I am pulling back the curtain on just how important it is to share what you have to offer to our market, and how to do it naturally. I challenge you to take some time go through EVERYTHING and see if you are showcasing all the resources you have to offer. Let them know just...


USR 389: Introducing the Give Her Courage Movement

I am pleased to announce the launch of a brand new company called Give Her Courage. My partner Amy and I have been working on this idea for a little over a year now and we are so excited to share it with you and to empower girls all over the world! The Give Her Courage moment is all about helping little girls to dream big, build confidence and become the person they were meant to be. Our mission and goal is to develop products, programs, toys, and wearable to instill courage and...


USR 388: The Importance of Self Awareness in 2018 with Tayo Rockson

Have you ever met someone and you end up saying ‘wow what a small world?!’. In the year of 2018, we are connected to almost everyone. Globalization has made almost impossible to not interact with people who are different from us or grew up in different communities. It’s time to start opening our eyes and our minds the different cultures in this world. In today’s episode, we are talking to cultural translator, brand strategist and CEO of YWD Management Tayo Rockson. He is pulling back...


USR 387: Why Your Small Business Needs A People Plan Now

Welcome! Congratulations, you are an entrepreneur that is now entering phase two of growing their business. You have mastered sales and navigating all the places to find new clients. But believe it or not there is more work to be done. In this episode, I am talking to you about why it is so important to get a people plan in place for your business. This is phase two, the time to start bringing on team members and people that you can trust to hit those high goals. Get your plan in place...


USR 386: IMPACT REPORT:Challenge Yourself To Give Back

IMPACT REPORT! Every month, we update you on what we are doing here at Kelly Roach Coaching to give back to our greater human family. Last year we set a pretty big goal which was to donate enough money to fund our own well. We are still pushing for this goal as we continue to donate every month to provide clean drinking water around the world. This episode, I want to challenge you make a difference with your business. We get caught up in the hustle of business but sometimes we need...


USR 385: Video Marketing 101 with Andrea Corson

Video. Video Video. It’s the tool of the year. More and more people are incorporating video into their businesses, and it’s become a must for anyone with an online brand. However, how many of you are using video and seeing a return? In this episode we are talking to Emmy awarding winning producer, video marketing expert and CEO of Video Pop, Andrea Corson. She is breaking down the do’s and don’ts to creating videos that will convert. Andrea is pulling back the curtain on how to get...


USR 384: Your Summer Body

Let the countdown begin! Here on the East Coast, summer is upon us! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and swimsuit season is right around the corner. Not just for us, but also for our business. It’s time to show off what you have been working on all year. In today’s episode, I am sharing how important it is to keep going in these summer months in your business. Make sure you have the right people in place to keep your business going, even when the months are slow. Check out all...


USR 383: Get Your Family Financially Fit

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” It’s the saying we’ve heard our entire lives growing up but do your kids or family members really understand what it means? With credit card debt soaring through the roof around the world, now is the time to get your family involved in what is happening financially in your household. I challenge you to have this conversation with your kids and show them what happens when you work hard for the things you want. It takes hard work to provide the lifestyle...


USR 382: Protect Your Business with Christina Scalera

As entrepreneurs, our businesses are like our children. We want to fuel them, help them grow and most importantly PROTECT them. We would do anything to keep them safe and close to us. So why are we so scared to get legal involved and get a contract in place? Christina Scalera is here to share with us just that. She is the founder and CEO of Contract Shop and co-host of The Creative Empire, where she helps entrepreneurs in all spaces with templates of contracts to use for their...


USR 381: Reconstruct And Reinvigorate Your Morning Routine

How many times do you hit snooze every morning? Once, twice, ten times?! It’s about that time in the year where we are starting to slip on the resolutions we made months ago. Today I am challenging you to get back on the horse and rearrange your morning routine and schedule. Every 90 days you should be finding new ways to really utilize the time in your day. Consider this your first check-in! Consider adding the 6 core items in today’s episode to your morning routine and watch your...