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Financial Crime and GDPR with Steve Jackson

In this episode, Jamie talks with Steve Jackson, Head of Financial Crime with Covea Insurance and Chair of the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group (IFIG) Steve shares how his background combating serious crime as a policeman helps him tackle cyber crime in the insurance market today Steve also shares an opportunistic perspective on the looming GDPR; a refreshing view for those who have one eye on the GDPR doomsday clock


Technology driven customer experiences and the future of food retail

In this episode George talks with Hetal Desai, Head of Finance, UK Retail, Partners and Technology, Ocado, about the business's exceptional growth, the future of food retailing and why it's so important to put your customers first If you're passionate about technology and driving better customer experiences, this one is for you!


Why I Broke Up With My Bank with Alexa Fernandez

In this episode Jamie talks with Alexa Fernandez, Director, Market Development, BBVA In the episode Alexa shares the story of how she came to break up with her bank after an 11 year relationship The power of Fintech compelled Alexa to look for a new and better relationship with her banking provider. And, with open banking sweeping through the market, the questions is whether we’re likely to see more account switching of this kind?


George and Jamie talk candidly about recent customer experience stories

This one is a little different. George and Jamie review recent first-hand experiences as customers. In this episode, George and Jamie explore recent retail experiences from budget airlines, to speed boats, to Amazon and mobile phone shopping. The guys share their take on the reality of customer experience, it's impact and why it's important, to be consistent, human and always to deliver above and beyond your brand promise. Get ready for frank, candid and honest feedback. If you're...


George meets Julia

George talks with Julia Glotz, Managing Editor, The Grocer Magazine, about ways to make the weekly food shop more fun, savvy and personal. In this episode we explore new thinking around data and customer experience in the world of food retail. Julia and I dare to fantasize about the potential of using data in a different way. One in which we can help provide customers with more choice, convenience and information to make the best decision for them (based on their preferences ... and we're...


The Bank For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs with Valentina and Graham

Jamie talks to Graham Olive, Deputy CEO and Valentina Kristensen, Head of PR and Marketing at Oaknorth In the show they discuss how technology helps them maintain speed and dynamism within the business while keeping the human touch. A careful balancing act that a lot of different businesses are going through… and that OakNorth have juggled particularly well


How to improve your business with technology that helps staff share ideas with Stuart Eames

George and Jamie talk to Stuart Eames, Operational Improvements Manager, Waitrose about how to stop wasting time In this episode we tackle how to improve business and customer outcomes with new technology, organisational communication and innovative thinking. Stuart also touches upon the impact of Amazon's recent acquisition on grocery retail here in the UK – not a small topic for debate. If you're passionate about innovation in grocery, this one is for you!


Fail Fast (And Safe), Contextual Nerding Out with Ben Green

Jamie talks to Ben Green, Digital Director, Tock Insurance Ben shares the biggest lessons learned from life in the fast lane, where he built and sold Head Porter, a mobile consultancy for retail brands, through to Mobile and Innovation roles at incumbent giants, including RBS where he won the Cannes Golden Lion for Mobile Innovation A particularly eloquent speaker, Ben has a way of making complex digital concepts, relatable and contextual. So for those non-technical folk, with an interest...


How to make your corporate giant think like a start-up with Marco Bosma

Jamie talks to Marco Bosma, SVS Fintech and Innovation at Rabobank As a member of the Rabobank Innovation board and Innovation Investment Committee, Marco is responsible for introducing new ways of working and product creation inside the bank, His current portfolio of includes the likes of, Facturis, MyOrder, Fync, Grppy, Fundipal, Peaks and Easytrade His success in bringing innovation to corporate giant led Rabobank to first place in the Dutch fintech awards in the ‘Incumbent Bank’...


How to scale–up a business, without compromising the handmade feel, featuring Phoebe Ellis-Rees

George talks to Phoebe, Ecommerce Manager, Lola’s Cupcakes, about how to stay messy – in a good way In this episode we share insight on how to scale-up a business based of handmade products, how to deliver brand consistency across channels, new ways to think about eCommerce, and must-read summer books. If you love start-up success stories, and wonder how they grow into bigger beasts without losing their love appeal, this one is for you!