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Podcast Ownership Agreements — YP33

The Apple community has been making suggestions recently, and we think it's important that podcasters resolve any ownership debates before they turn into issues. This episode also mentions some best practices when creating an account and getting started with your show. Accidents do happen even to longtime podcasters and Todd and Mike had to record this episode twice. Recording files don't turn out the way you hope they will. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at...


Blubrry is Moving and Your Podcast on the Apple Charts – YP032

We are Expanding! Blubrry (RawVoice Inc.) is moving it's corporate and development offices across town into a much bigger space. Also, Blubrry's executive team just finished their annual meeting and planning session. We have some very cool things to share with you over the next 9 months or so. Todd and Mike talk about Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and how the ranking works (and doesn't work). Apple is cracking down on shows trying to game the system. Help us help you in support. The 5 things you...


Pocket Casts acquired by NPR, WNYC, WBEZ and This American Life – YP31

Pocket Casts, one of the most popular podcast listening apps has recently been acquired by a few prominent podcasting community members. RAD, better understood as podcast pingbacks will have some affects on podcasting. In a day and age when everyone can make their voice know, Blubrry will draw the line at some instances, stick around to learn hate speech vs. violence on a podcast. There was many podcast directories out there and listing your show in the Blubrry directory is one that...


Google’s New Podcasting Strategy – YP30

Recently Google has been releasing some articles about podcasting and how they'll be diving into the industry in the near future. Google's new podcasting strategy is already compatible with those using PowerPress and Podcast Mirror. Todd Cochrane is back on this episode and discusses the NAB experience with Mike Dell. Stick around for a few support tips as well. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a...


Three Podcasts Nominated For A Peabody Award – YP29

Quick NABshow Wrap-up, 3 podcasts were nominated for a Peabody award this year and Pod Summit on May 5th in Western Canada. This and a few more things on Your Podcast by Blubrry. Todd is on assignment so this is a shorter solo show with Mike only. Full show coming up in 2 weeks! Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review. News: Had a great time at NABshow at the Blubrry booth. We were in the first...


Music for Podcasts – YP28

Blubrry is proud to introduce a new way for podcasters to get 'pod-safe' music on their podcast. Soundcloud has added technology that everyone else has had for podcasts for the past 11 years. The world-famous podcast, Serial, is back in the news again; that is the case from season 1 is being talked about. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review. News: Blubrry announces podcast music:...


2018 Infinite Dial Report Out – YP27

Todd and Mike talk about The Infinite Dial 2018 report from Edison Research and Triton Digital, Blubrry Podcasts now showing on Spotify and much more on today's, slightly manic version of Your Podcast by Blubrry! Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review. News: Edison / Triton Infinite Dial Blubrry based podcasts are starting to show on Spotify, Join the Blubrry Team at NAB Show Topics: Podcast...


MyCast Skill Is Here For Alexa – YP26 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

The Blubrry Alexa Amazon Skill is out, named MyCast. Podcast listeners are able to listen to podcasts in the Blubrry directory by using MyCast. The well-known podcast, Nerdist Podcast has been renamed ID10T, a change that came in early February. Long-time listeners, no worries, more of name change than anything else. Speaking of changes, there is a new writer at - head on over to the site to look out for new content. Lastly, Squarespace has been causing some issues for...


More Company Mergers and Be Nice! – YP25 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

More companies are merging in the podcasting space and digital media companies, the latest of which is, AudioBoom purchasing Triton Digital. It's important to keep track of what companies you're using and who they are merging with. Blubrry recently released the ability to submit to Spotify. Hosting customers are able to submit directly to Spotify via the Podcaster Dashboard. iOS11 is now on 65% of all Apple devices, and the latest iOS update is what attributes to your Apple podcast...


E.W. Scripps Leaving Radio and Apple is Hiring – YP 24 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Excited news coming from the Blubrry team concerning Spotify; it will be available to hosting customers. E.W. Scripps is getting out of the radio business, entirely, and headed in the podcasting direction. Apple is also focusing on podcasting more so and is hiring. Catch MacKenzie and Mike at Podfest in Orlando soon, and much more including support information and tips on Your Podcast. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress...


TWiT Sues Twitter Over Trademark – YP23 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

TWiT (This Week in Tech) sues Twitter, CES recap, Facebook changes coming, and will podcasts save radio as "podcasts?" All this week on Your Podcast with Todd and Mike. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review. News: TWiT sues Twitter CES Recap Topics: Podcasts Will Be The Savior of Radio, But Don't Call Them Podcasts -- "A 'podcast' is a meaningless term left over from that historical piece of...


CES 2018 and More Jobs in Podcasting – YP22 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is up and running in Las Vegas, with Todd Cochrane in attendance. Mike and guest-host, MacKenzie discuss CES and Todd's Tech Podcasts Network coverage happening all of this week. The Blubrry team is looking for multiple team members to join, and Midroll is also hiring. Become more familiar with MacKenzie, Services and Affiliates Coordinator on the Blubrry team. RIP Combat Jack, long-time and loved podcaster, he passed away from colon cancer. Thanks for...


Apple Stats Beta Is Out – Happy Holidays! – YP021 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

IOS11 Apple Podcast Stats Beta is out, IAB comes out with version 2.0 of their measurement standards for podcasting and Mike and Todd discuss these topics and more on this episode of Your Podcast. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review News: Apple Stats Beta ** Remember, these stats are NOT complete. They only count downloads and listens from the Podcats App on IOS11 and iTunes Desktop (Latest...


Podcast Mirror Is Out – Win in December From Blubrry – YP20 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Blubrry releases Podcast Mirror, Win prizes in December with #BuildYourBlubrry and we are looking for someone for our support team, is that you? All this an more on today's Your Podcast #20 with Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review. News: Podcast Mirror - Read the press release HERE. It's a feed mirroring site for podcasters. #buildyourblubrry Win great prizes for...


Podcast Stats Update at Blubrry – YP19 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Blubrry Statistics just got better, with the introduction of regional reporting for Canada, UK, and Brazil. Learn more about the podcast stats update with the article below and details on new clients being reported. No money, in podcasting? Think again, as Australia has created a 1 million dollar content. PodCon is approaching rapidly, and Blubrry is excited to head to Seattle to meet all kinds of podcast listeners and creators. Lastly, podcasting comes in many shapes and forms, but not...


Building a Show and Branding YOUR Show – YP018 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Building a show and branding it isn't easy. There are many facets that go into the making of a show and reputation, and it's harder than many podcasters expect to create a brand on their own. is now part of the Blubrry tools and services that are provided to the podcasting community. Changes are not coming soon, as some might have been worried about. Apple tends to change things up, but one thing they haven't done lately is change the way ranking works. Mike and Todd...


Two Free Podcast Hosting Services Shut Down – Your Podcast 017 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Podiant and Opinion shut down podcast hosting, advertising on your podcast, should you do a transcript of your show?, How many subscribers do you have? and much more on today's Your Podcast with Todd and Mike. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at We love our PowerPress users, please leave us a review. News Podiant is ending their free hosting (Like others have done in the past) Opinion is also shutting down their podcasting service on November 1st...


What’s in a Name? Titles, Filenames & Domains – Your Podcast 016 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

What's in a name? For a podcast names can contain quite a bit of pertinent information. Show names, episode titles, file names and domain names are crucial and helpful for a podcast. There's also a lot of places where it can go wrong. Stick around in episode 16 for information on a Yeti microphone and what Google is up to. Todd and Mike also share some tips on how best to get support, this week on Your Podcast. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe at


And The Winner Is… – Your Podcast 015 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

Congratulations to all of the Podcast Awards winners, awarded live on International Podcast Day. Media companies are always changing and recently Vimeo, known for recorded video acquired Livestream giving them access to live streaming capabilities as well. Todd tried out Apple's Airbuds and was pleasantly surprised. Given the current political climate, there has been an influx of podcasts on politics - Joe Biden is the most recent to come out with one. Lastly, Todd and Mike suggest that...


Ad Deals and Statistics – Your Podcast 014 - Your Podcast - By Blubrry

A little while back, the EFF finally ended the patent troll case that has been threatening podcasting and podcasters for years. At the end of the month, we'll be celebrating International Podcast Day. Hosted by Steve and Dave Lee, Blubrry will promoting the power of podcasts. As ad deals gain more traction and attention in podcasting, there comes some ups and downs. Todd and Mike discuss how all of this works together and best practices for people that want to get involved. Podcasters that...