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Ep 4, Max Niederhofer - Dom talks to Max Niederhofer, venture capitalist and tech entrepreneur

On episode 4 we talk to Max Niederhofer, general partner at Sunstone Capital, a European venture capital fund managing more than $500 million. Prior to Sunstone, Max founded and sold, Germany’s largest blogging platform and Qwerly, a kind of Cambridge Analytica 1.0. He’s invested in some of the best known European start-ups including, Onefinestay, Skimlinks and Dubsmash. I really enjoyed talking with Max – on the face of it, his story is one of huge successes, but as is...


Ep 3, Segun Lawson - Dom talks to Segun Lawson, CEO of gold mining company Thor Explorations

On episode 3 we talk to Segun Lawson, CEO of Thor Explorations, a mining company that specialises in gold mines in West Africa. Segun’s story is the classic entrepreneur’s tale…on steroids. I think Segun should sell the rights of his story as a film, it’s real Boys Own stuff. Give it a listen to hear stories of how Segun lived in the Nigerian jungle, how he had to find $250,000 in 30 days for a Senegalese businessman, and what happened when a tribal chief in Burkina Faso invited him for...


Ep 2, Tom Edmunds - Dom talks to Tom Edmunds, writer and film director

On episode 2 we talk to Tom Edmunds, writer and film director, about how he made his first feature film Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back). When Tom started out five years ago he had no money, no actors and no studio backing - all he had was a script, an idea and a dream of making it happen. It's an incredible story of the power of belief, determination and sheer force of will. We discuss assassins, suicide attempts, the importance of family and how Tom convinced Oscar-nominated...


Ep 1, Sébastien François - Dom talks to Sébastien François, CEO of Induo

On episode 1 we talk to Sébastien François about the struggles of starting and running his smart fabric business, Induo. It's an inspirational tale that will be familiar to every entrepreneur - massive highs, crashing lows, sleepless nights, tearful moments and incredible achievements. Sébastien talks about reaching the bottom and fighting his way back; how his wife and family helped him in dark times and how he applied a mindset he learnt in trail-running to overcome adversity. RUNNING...