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Episode 76: Don't Get Distracted By The Shiny Things

We find ourselves in a world that is constantly changing focus on what the importance of issues are on a day to day basis. Often we re focus on another problem before solving the first issue we had, creating a compound effect. How many items can we put on the back burner before we have an all out blaze? How many times can we switch focus before we lose focus all together? In this episode we dive deep into this ongoing issue in society and social media platforms.


Episode 75: Discussing the VA Home Loan

I am on my way to help teach yet another MMBC (Military Mortgage Boot Camp Class) So I leave you the listener some knowledge about the VA home loan and its advantages. Our Veterans paid their down payment for a home when they signed that government contract and became troops. We owe it to them to educate ourselves in a way that helps these Veterans achieve the goal of home ownership.


Episode 74: Have you forgotten?

September 11th 2001. A day that almost everyone can remember. The day that American came under attack. One of the most devastating attacks on American soil since Pearl Harbor. Where were you? Do you still remember this day 17 years later? Have we gotten away from our promises to be Americans and support America? Have we replaced the love that we once had for one another with hate and separation? Have we allowed the media control our thoughts and send us in to a direction where we have...


Episode 73: Social Media Coaches

You see them every where its about as common as bacteria on a public toilet seat. The "social media coaches" The people that want to charge you to teach you how to do something that they arn't even successful at. They want to charge hundreds of dollars per month or come into your office to teach you and your team something they haven't even mastered. Why do we fall for it? Do we do the research to see if they even have the reach they brag about being able to teach you to get? Doesn't make...


Episode 72: The Host Of Negativity

Are you allowing people around you to influence your attitude by letting them bring negative thoughts and behaviors to your life? Are you stunting your own goals by doing so? How many time have we kept that one friend, that one person around who has brought nothing but trouble to our table? How much have we lost due to not being able to sever ties sooner? How many opportunities did we miss by allowing negative people to continue to pump stuff into our lives?


Episode 71: You never know who's watching

Have you ever questioned what it is your are doing or what you are trying to accomplish? Maybe you have experienced some success but have found failure along the way and question whether you should carry on. Be careful what you decide to do, you never know who is watching and who is learning from you. Its easy to let yourself down but letting others down is a little more dramatic.


Episode 70: Making excuses for your failures or short comings

We've all done it at some point in our lives, felt sorry for our current situation or found a way to blame others for why we weren't doing as well as we wanted to do or expected to do. In this episode we nip those excuses in the bud and talk about how you control where it is you want to be. How sometimes you have to double down on your normal activities and make things happen. We also try out some new mic equipment. Be sure to let us know what you think of it!


Episode 69: How do you define family?

Most people only consider family as those who were born in the same family. Often times we overlook those who have been there for us for the bulk of our lives and have provided us the same value as family. In this episode I dive into discussing how people who may not be blood related can still be considered family. How there are people in this world who have went the extra mile for us that sometimes family wont even do. There are people alone in the world because their bloodline has ceased...


Episode 68: Consistently Consistent

How can you measure the results of your actions? Well the answer to that is pretty simple, do the same action over and over in a consistent manner so you can figure out what works and what doesn't. The biggest mistake that a lot of people make is they will try something once and it fails so they dont try it over and over again to test the result. Some times things take a while to catch on. Some times you need to do something consistently to see if its going to stick. This episode dives deep...


Episode 67: Social Media, The Delusional Reality

We often observe a book by its cover. Social media has allowed us to do so. We see the things on the surface but forget to observe the things that are really impacting peoples lives. We rely on social media so much to make a genuine connection to the people we care about in the world. When is the last time you had a real conversation with someone? When is the last time you weren't jaded by the glitz and glamour of someone else only to find out later that things arnt always a great as they...


Episode 66: Waiting on the perfect time to take action

When is the perfect time to do something? You tell me? Is it when the boss tells you it is? Maybe its when opportunity is just right? Look I know timing for certain things can be wrong. But for the most part most of the people put off taking a jump for success simply becuase they didnt get that "sign." But how much do you miss out on when you do things like that? How much opportunity did you miss waiting for the right opportunity? Sometimes it just doesnt make sense to put off what you...


Episode 65: Military Mortgage Boot Camp Instructor Brad Stinson

I get to interview Brad Stinson MMBC instructor and Marine, in this episode we talk about his hurdles he has had to overcome and execute in order to get where he is today. Even though we work for competing companies we still share the same goal and passion and that really is serving the veteran.


Episode 64: Priorities Vs Time

Is it that we don't have time or is it that what ever is being asked of us Is not a priority? In this episode we dive into that question and discuss which is more likely. A lot of times you get people who will say they dont have time to do XYZ but later we find that they indeed did have time, they just didnt want to make it a priority to do so. We find this a lot with self employed people who may lack some disapline. Making time to expand their business in some cases is what they want to...


Episode 63 : I Stand

Football season is upon us. Two seasons ago we had some very contriversial things that took place during the football year. One of those things being NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem. In this episode we dive deep into this issue as I explain my stance on it and what I feel the meaning of standing for the National Anthem is. The sacrifices that have been made to give us the freedom to do things like kneel for the anthem should be respected. Kneeling for the anthem is not showing...


Episode 62: Judging A Book By Its Cover

We've all done it, we've all looked at someone and passed judgement the second we seen them. But how many opportunites have we missed to meet truly great people because of that? How many times have we passed judgement only to find out later that we were way off base on what we thought was true? As a person who has felt what it is like to be judged without chance to prove myself, I dive into this podcast with those thoughts in mind and break down why we shouldnt handicap ourselves with those...


Episode 61: The Sea Robbin

Fee based financial planner Mr Chris Robinette joins me for some Q and A about his military experience as a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy and how it relates to his now civilian lifestyle. Chris also covers how he has learned to put other peoples needs before his own by adapting a principle taught to him during his service. This guy is one of a kind. A person who truley looks after the well being of others. Enjoy the show and let us know if you would like to have Chris on again!


Episode 60: Who wants to be a millionaire?

Who's more successful, the person who was given a million to start a business or the person who made it from nothing and turned it into a million? Does the person who had nothing posses more grit and that is what makes them more successful, or is the struggle the same? In this episode we discuss that thought. Something that came to me one morning in the shower of all places. Also celebrate 60 episodes with me! This is another milestone that I thought I woud never make!!!


Episode 59: Mary Jo Wanna

In this episode we discuss the controversial issue of marijuana Should it be legal? Should it remain illegal? Is it only good for recreational use or does it have deeper more advanced uses? Is the government teaming up with the pharmaceutical big wigs in order to keep this useful drug suppressed from the American people?


Episode 58: Routinely Routine

In a lot of cases the best way to seize your day is to time block it out and set certain times to perform certain tasks. Some of the most successful people in the world have very set and methodical schedules. Are you currenlty not happy with the end results of your day? Maybe its time to inspect your routine and see what you can do to adjust and refocus. There is nothing worse than falling into the same habits and not being happy with the same outcome. Afterall, isnt that the pure definition...


Episode 57: Dont Worry, Be Happy

As humans we sometimes let things bother us a little more than we should. We focus in on negative when it happens from time to time and allow it to impact our daily routine or lives. But at the end of the day we all have something that we could be forever grateful for, be it a memory, our families, our friends or something else. We all have something we could be smiling about rather than carrying that heavy frown.