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Episode 92- Veterans Day Special

Join us today in our special Veterans Day podcast. We show our gratitude and thanks to those who have served. We owe a huge amount of gratitude to those who have committed to protecting our country and the rights that some of us may take for granted. America, the greatest country on earth is protected by the worlds most dedicated warriors. If you have served, thank you for your sacrifice. We here at the AJNashville Podcast are grateful for your commitment. Big shout out to my brothers, Mike...


Episode 91: Guest spot on the Team Brad Stinson Podcast

I was invited to be a guest on the Team Brad Stinson Podcast a few weeks ago. Brad is a USMC Veteran and an amazing podcaster and loan officer. Enjoy this very derogatory podcast. A little humor leads us into the start of what is sure to be a great weekend. Thanks for tuning in!


Episode 90: Changing times

From actual time changes to the changing times in todays society. In this episode we try to discuss both of those things. We talk about the actual time change that took place this weekend that some how managed to throw off the internal clocks for most of our toddlers. Those of you with young kids, I praise you if both them and you are still alive today. Yesterday was a very rough day in our household because of this time change. We also talk about the recent disrespect that Pete Davidson...


Episode 89 - How To Face Adversity And Failure

All of us face failures at some point in our lives. All of us face loss. The biggest game changer is how each of us deal with it and how each of us learn to grow from the lessons that life teaches us. Some of us find ourselves basking in our problems to the point that it makes other aspects in our life miserable. Some of us are quicker to rebound, recover and move on. The fact of the matter is, problems will always be there. Its a matter of finding the lesson that we are taught from those...


Episode 88: The evolving routine

The market is always changing. Your surroundings are always changing, so why doesn't our routine? We must adapt to what is going on around us and make sure that we are doing what is best for our personal life and our business life as well. If we fall into the same old business with out making adjustments we will find ourselves left behind wondering where all the good things have gone. Make sure to pivot, adapt and grow.


Episode 87: Funday Friday Podcast with Marie Dorak (EXPLICIT)

Tune into this crazy podcast where we talk about Maries experience with Nashville's new fleet of scooters, as well as elaborating on our last episode: "Houston we have a problem". Just some funny overview about adult topics that IS NOT SAFE for kids to listen to. Like... Not even close to being safe! So don't listen to this around your children. You've been warned.


Episode 86: Houston, we have a problem

Maybe you have heard by now, but in Houston there is a shop opening up that will employ sex dolls. You heard it right, mechanical robots that you can pay to play with. In this episode we discuss this idea, in harsh humor of course lol.


Episode 85: A year in the making, a one year look back at the AJNashville Podcast

You have shown me support for right at a year now. I appreciate all of the support and feedback that you have all given me. I hope to have many many more years in the books where our podcast can grow. Where I can continue to help people and get my message heard. In this podcast we discuss the direction of the future podcast including where we have been and where we are going. I hope that you have enjoyed the podcast so far. Thank you!


Episode 84: Because I got high

It has been proven through multiple studies that marijuana is a substance that helps our society more than it hurts. But is still banned and illegal. We discuss that in this episode. We can kick back at the bar and drink all that we want with out repercussion but if you smoke or possess marijuana in most states, you can end up in jail. Why do we still criminalize a drug that has been proven to help more than hurt?


Episode 83: Building an online presence

Social media marketing is by far one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing with the largest return when done right. In this episode I discuss the things that seem to work well for me. Is there a better way? Maybe but this is what has worked for me now, in the past and hopefully in the future. Enjoy!


Episode 82: They don't come with instructions

Children are challenging from time to time. When you have your first child you don't exactly know whats wrong or right. You are just left with the advice of others to help guide you along the way. Children teach us a lot about patience and about life in general they learn from us just as much as we learn from them. Here is my quick experience on how my children have taught me.


Episode 81: The space between

The 6 inches worth of space between your ears is what sometimes serves as our biggest enemy. It will discourage us to do things that can be helpful to us just out of fear. We control how we make ourselves feel, we control how we allow others to make us feel. Change your mindset and it will change your life.


Episode 80: My Vasectomy (EXPLICIT)

Just like the title says, this is a comic view point to the vasectomy that I recently had. Not your typical podcast but hey, every now and then we need to laugh.


Episode 79: Take care of you

Most of the time we carry on with our normal lives as if nothing else in the world matters. We tend to forget about the basic things in our life that needs attention. The maintenance that our lives require, most importantly the health, family and career. We silently let things mound up until we have a problem that seems bigger than life with no clarity to fixing it. When we should on a day to day basis identify the important things and fix them along the way. How long do you think a car...


Episode 78: Nashville Real Estate Photography

We know that a picture says a 1000 words. My question is, why do we see so many listings with such a poor choice of words? Crummy cell phone pictures, bad lighting, no resolution and even fingers in the frame. We is it that some people do not take pride in the very same thing that allows them to pay there bills? Do we not have respect for our industry as professionals enough to spend a little bit of money to represent our clients well?


Episode 77: Where I came from

Have you ever flipped on a light switch and the power didn't come on? Maybe you turned on a faucet for nothing to come out? Some of us have, and thats not to brag. Its simply to say that the every day things that we take for granted are things that are not available to others. Not every one grew up with running water, electricity and food. The difference is the choice people made to either make sure they didn't live that life or to allow them to slide into those same troubles. It wasn't that...


Episode 76: Don't Get Distracted By The Shiny Things

We find ourselves in a world that is constantly changing focus on what the importance of issues are on a day to day basis. Often we re focus on another problem before solving the first issue we had, creating a compound effect. How many items can we put on the back burner before we have an all out blaze? How many times can we switch focus before we lose focus all together? In this episode we dive deep into this ongoing issue in society and social media platforms.


Episode 75: Discussing the VA Home Loan

I am on my way to help teach yet another MMBC (Military Mortgage Boot Camp Class) So I leave you the listener some knowledge about the VA home loan and its advantages. Our Veterans paid their down payment for a home when they signed that government contract and became troops. We owe it to them to educate ourselves in a way that helps these Veterans achieve the goal of home ownership.


Episode 74: Have you forgotten?

September 11th 2001. A day that almost everyone can remember. The day that American came under attack. One of the most devastating attacks on American soil since Pearl Harbor. Where were you? Do you still remember this day 17 years later? Have we gotten away from our promises to be Americans and support America? Have we replaced the love that we once had for one another with hate and separation? Have we allowed the media control our thoughts and send us in to a direction where we have...


Episode 73: Social Media Coaches

You see them every where its about as common as bacteria on a public toilet seat. The "social media coaches" The people that want to charge you to teach you how to do something that they arn't even successful at. They want to charge hundreds of dollars per month or come into your office to teach you and your team something they haven't even mastered. Why do we fall for it? Do we do the research to see if they even have the reach they brag about being able to teach you to get? Doesn't make...