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Building Blocks Part 2!

Episode 16: Building Blocks Part II. I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. In this episode, I will be breaking down how Age of Radio is the podcast company for the "rest of us." I talk about our new affiliate partnership with Microsoft. We will continue to build your business plan. Make sure to check out the Podcast Awards at, like us on Facebook, and follow me at Age of Jeremy. Let's get this show on the road!


Building Blocks Pt. 1

Welcome Radio Heads! This is a whole lot of updates and a little bit of business. We are moving forward here at Age of Radio. We are looking to hire a new host! If your interested reach out to us on our Facebook Page. We are also hiring a VP, of Original Shows. We got our first two sponsors, and it's time to expand. Oh and we talk about building a solid business plan. Let's get this show on the road!


No Plan No Money!

Hey Radio Heads! Sorry for the long delay. Here is some new content. 3 Things You Need To Do Before You Start Your Business. Also, remember we want your podcast on our network. We work with everyone. We also have a sneak peak of a new show we are working on and a special message at the end. Check us out at and make sure to check out our new sponsor at Let's Get This Show on the Road!


Welcome To The RAD Race!

Hey Radio Heads! Welcome to the RAD Race! I have 6 Items you need to focus on for your business. Also, we are taking a break with the Podcast Awards. Just a short break! I ask everyone to keep Furryiosa in their thoughts. She's had a few bad weeks, and she is healing from surgery. Let's Get This Show On The Road!


Update: Ramble On!

Age of Jeremy brings you....wait for update. Yea, I don't have a full episode. If you may figure out why? Actually, listening to the update...I'm not sure if I make my point. Either way I bought a Zoom H6! I recorded with sounded okay. I should probably learn how to use it. Let's Get This Pointless Update On The Road! Dot Dot Dot. Oh yea Easter Egg teaser?....


Don't Be Afraid To Make Money!

E1S12: It's time for Age of Radio to make money. How exactly will we do that, well advertisements! However; that takes time. We will need to diversify. In business, and I suppose in life, you need to diversify. I will also go over the March Age of Radio Podcast Awards. In this episode we will go over Euphomet and Learning to Curse! Let's Get This Show on the Road!


Just Breathe

Welcome To The Age of Jeremy. Make Sure You Vote for the March Age of Radio Podcast Awards. Go to Facebook and search Age of Radio Heads. The Nominees are Bizarre States, Welcome to Night Vale, Learning to Curse, and Euphomet. In this Episode I will talk about the struggle I have had with building the Age of Radio website. I will talk about the things I have learned, and talk about what's up next. Let's get this show on the road!


Binge Notice: Learning To Curse: Phoenix Lights!

It's time to binge more of Learning to Curse with Adam and Chuck! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts! ! In episode two they talk about the Phoenix Lights incident that happened on March 13th 1997. Episode 6 comes out March 4th. You can only get it on their feed! School is in session!


Binge Notice: Learning to Curse - Something Has To Be Something!

Age of Radio Binge Notice. Welcome Learning to Curse on the Age of Radio Syndicate. Check out their 1st Episode "Something Has To Be Something!" TV-MA - So definitely no Kiddies!


Measure Your Success!

Hello Radio Heads! Let's talk about setting success measurements! Every company needs them, and after careful thought, I found what we are going to focus on. Also, make sure you vote for the Age of Radio Podcast Awards. In the episode I share clips from the Woj Pod and Men in Blazers. Remember it's all about sports! Don't forget the Easter Eggs! Let's get this show on the road!


Coming Soon! Learning To Curse With Adam and Chuck!

Age of Radio New Podcast Alert! Learning To Curse with Adam and Chuck has joined The Syndicate. It is everything you never knew you loved about podcasts. Adam and Chuck discuss the paranormal, aliens, conspiracies, religion, the occult, and the list can go on forever. So, Welcome to the Classroom Mother ****ers. Must be 18 or over to listen. Parental Advisory Really Explicit Content. Enjoy!


Podcast Awards!

Welcome to the Classroom! I want to take some time to talk about the podcast Awards! Make sure you vote at Age of Radio Heads, it is our free public Facebook Group.


Welcome To The New School

Episode 8: The New School. Brand awareness and Audience Growth are going to be Age of Radio's main focus for 2018. There is nothing more important than Facebook. There are a lot of great tools, that a lot of people don't know about. I also have an idea for a new type of RSS Feed. As long as I can get companies to buy in. I guess we will see. Let's get this show on the road!


You Have The Right To Property!

Good To The Last Drop Part 2. The Home Dilemma! We were able to purchase our home, but lot's of Americans can't. They don't have the skill set, the knowledge to gain the skill set, and frankly it's the Governments fault. It's the Capitalists fault, and well it's all of our faults. Don't you think we can do better. October Revolution Corporation thinks so. Welcome to Democracy in the Workplace. Let's get this show on the road!


Good To The Last Drop Part 1: What's In A Name!

Allow Me to Introduce October Revolution Corporation - Democracy in the Workplace! Can a new corporation structure be the answer to wealth inequality? Let's Get This Show On The Road!


Sneak Peak Bones on Sports! Can Arizona Keep The Coyotes

Hey Radio Heads. I hope some of you Radio Heads are Sports Geeks! Age of Radio's first sports production has arrived. We are going to start this line with some Sports Talk Podcasting! This is Jimmy Bones. He wants to hear from you! Email him your sports questions at If you have an idea about a sports podcast email him also..he's got the hook up. See you in the Crypt!


Coming Soon! Bones on Sports!

Hey Everyone! Age of Radio is bringing you the first of our sports line. Jimmy Bones is coming at you every other Monday starting January 8th. We may even have some surprise episodes before then, so stay tuned, shape the universe, and Keep On Podcasting!


There Has To Be More Than 9 To 5

Welcome to Age of Jeremy. This is my life, and the best account that I can give of building my media company Age of Radio. In this episode I talk to my wife Danielle about crowdfunding, and how I can get $30,000 to get my first podcast studio. I also share clips from the January Age of Radio Podcast Awards. Check out Criminal and Sword and Scale wherever you get your podcasts. Let's get this show on the road!


Pack Your Bags! We're Moving!

Hey Guys! We are moving! Moving to Tuesdays! I have been working my ass off trying to get the JV Impacts 3T Method Fat Shredding Program up and running. Which means I haven't been able to get this podcast out as scheduled. The new plan is to do the JV thing Monday Through Wednesdays and do the Age of Radio thing Thursday through Sunday. We are also changing the Age of Jeremy to a seasonal narrative podcast! I guess we will see how this goes. Let's Get This Show On The Road!


I Bought A New Business....Kind Of....Not Really!

I bought a business! Well not really! I talked to a guy named Kevin Scott about his business KevAnytime. Check out his you tube page Kevin Anytime. I share some clips for the December Podcast Awards. We look at Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast and a podcast called Why We Eat What We Eat! I talk about the conversation rate, my obsession with Gimlet Media, my terrible experience with Skype, and I started running!


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