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A learning platform for anyone who wants to learn how to make money in real estate. Brought to you by

A learning platform for anyone who wants to learn how to make money in real estate. Brought to you by
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A learning platform for anyone who wants to learn how to make money in real estate. Brought to you by




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Josh Caldwell interviews Real Estate Legend Ron LeGrand

I will be interviewing Ron LeGrand. Ron has so many successful students that they call him the "Millionaire maker". Ron LeGrands ACTS course is a revolation to most real estate investors. Learn how this once broke auto mechanic is teaching people how to make money in real estate using none of their own money, even if they have bad credit. If we have time, we will talk about how to invest using you IRA funds and never pay taxes. We will also discuss why you should consider joing your local...


Interview with Kathy Kennebrook - The Marketing Magic Lady

Host Josh Caldwell of the American Real Estate Investors Academy will be interviewing direct mail marketing expert Kathy Kennebrook "The Marketing Magic Lady". Kathy will be discussing the direct mail techniques that she uses to laser focus her marketing efforts. Direct mail is a fantastic way for any business to find new customers. We hope you enjoy the show. As always the show wil be archived on Itunes Podcasts and on the website. To your success!


How To Save Money Using American REIA Discounts

We will be discussing the exciting array of discounts available to American Real Estate Investors Academy Members at National Retailers Including Contractor supply giant Lowes. for more information check out the clubs website


Why You Need A Virtual Assistant In Your Business

The American Real Estate Investors Academy will be discussing the importance of using virtual assistants in your business. Virtual assistants are multi use employees who can perform any administrative or customer service function. If you need to expand your business then you need a VA. Go to and click the virtual staffing tab for more info.


Real Estate Investors - Selecting a Contractor With Justin Escajeda

Contractor Justin Escajeda will be discussing how to select and manage a contractor for home renovations or total property rehab. Justin is a licensed contractor in Pennsylvania and also a real estate investor. He understands both sides of the equation.


Interview With Real Estate Guru Larry Goins

I will be interviewing Larry Goins for those of you who dont know Larry. Larry H. Goins is not only licensed as a mortgage lender and mortgage broker in North Carolina and South Carolina, he is also licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina as a Real Estate Broker and General Contractor. He is a member of the North Carolina Association of Mortgage Professionals and a member of the National Association of Mortgage Professionals. Over the past few years, Larry has served as...


Interview With Private Lending Expert Allan Cowgill

Allen Cowgill and I will discuss the symbiotic relationship between IRA invesors who wish to make a high rate of return on their investment capital, as well as other sources of hidden cash like home equity, and lines of credit, and the real estate investors who are willing to partner with investors to make very high rates of return. If time allows we will also get into Allen's secrets of automating his real estate business. For more information on his and anyother real estate related...


Interview With Private Money Expert Jay Conner

Jay Conner is an expert at raising private money to fund real estate deals. When the banks stopped lending, Jay was in trouble. His renovate and flip business was in trouble. What Jay did in the next 90 days was amazing, He went out and raised over $2 Million Dollars from private individuals. Hear noted real estate investor and private money borrower Josh Caldwell interview Jay about his success


Interview with the legendary Investor Lou Brown

Lou Brown is a real estate legend. This self made millionaire has been featured in many national publications. What he is best known for is his StreetSmart series of educational courses. Lou travels all around the country to teach investors how to make money in real estate. If you want to learn how to create wealth using none of your own money or credit then this interview is for you!


Learn How To Make Big Money With Your IRA

Learn How To Make Big Money with your IRA. Real Estate Professional Josh Caldwell will be discussing the techniques that the wealthy use to make massive profits tax free inside their IRA accounts.


Interview with an investor friendly banker, Ron Manges

Learn how an banker evaluates real estate investors and their projects. Get the info right from the horses mouth.


Interview With Real Estate Legend Dr. Albert Lowry

The origional real estate guru, Dr. Albert Lowry will be our guest on the American Real Estate Investors Academy radio show. Dr Lowry started teaching people how to make money in real estate back in 1969. He is a founding member of the Transaction Hall of Fame. Dr Lowry was instrumental in launching the career of Robert Kiosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad Al Lowry is the author of over 30 best sellers and has spoken to crowds as large as 30,000 people, while sharing the stage with famous people...


Interview with credit repair specialist Paul Ritter

Pual Ritter of will be our special guest today. Paul is a nationally known credit repair expert. If you ever wanted to learn about repairing your damaged credit, then this is the show for you. Brought to you by the American Real Estate Investors Academy Sign up for your free membership to this dynamic online educational platorm. We teach people how to become financially free.


Welcome to the American Real Estate Investors Academy Radio

We are going to be introducing the audience to real estate investing. More Americans have become millionaires through real estate than any other investment class. You do not need money or credit to make money in real estate, what you need is an education. The American Real Estate Invetors Academy is an online learning platform for real estate investor education. Our goal is teach people how to be financially free. We dont give people fish, we teach them how to build a fishing boat !!!