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Empowering freelancers with Johnny Reinsch, Co-Founder and CEO of Qwil

From skate punk and forklift operator to "recovering" M&A attorney, Johnny Reinsch has already lived a fascinating life. Those adventures--and the time he almost failed to pay his mortgage--prepared him to co-found Qwil. Qwil works to empower freelancers with the financial services they need to thrive.


Re-imagining impact financing with NPX Co-CEOs Lindsay Beck & Catarina Schwab

When they see a need in the world, they take action. Lindsay Beck survived cancer and founded a non-profit to help others with similar needs. Catarina Schwab has thrived through six careers (so far) from investment banking to a retail startup. The two have combined forces to form NPX Advisors, a for-profit organization tackling major inefficiencies in the ways money is raised by non-profits. Their work has already captured the attention of Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group; Pierre...


VCs transforming prisons with Beverly Parenti, Chris Redlitz and Kenyatta Leal

Beverly Parenti and Chris Redlitz had already achieved plenty of success when they first entered San Quentin State Prison just north of San Francisco. Though they were not looking for a new venture, they ended up crossing paths with inmates including Kenyatta Leal, then serving a life sentence. They ended up founding The Last Mile, preparing incarcerated individuals for reentry through business and technology training. The results are extraordinary.


From Shark Tank to Spiritual Focus with Enlisted Design's Beau Oyler

Beau Oyler is a designer and business owner who lives with a deep spiritual focus. He has designed products you can find at Williams Sonoma, Target, Apple, The Container Store and many more. He and his business partner swam and thrived on Shark Tank. Beau--who has served as a bishop in the Mormon Church--talks about how his faith drives his growth and how he embraces diverse views.


From Refugee Camp to Silicon Valley & Facebook with Tina Tran

Tina Tran has literally been captured by pirates, survived a refugee camp and made world-changing contributions through her work in Silicon Valley with Oculus at Facebook. As if that weren't enough, she is a mom and Presidential Leadership Scholar. Tina shares how her spirituality helps her stay centered through it all.


Financial Technology Godfather Ron Suber

Ron Suber has experienced the exits about which every entrepreneur dreams. He has a healthy perspective about enough and doesn't have to work. Rather than ride off into the sunset in retirement, Ron travels the world in Rewirement and stays active in 20-plus companies. In talking about the Golden Age of FinTech as a way to empower more people around the globe, he challenges people at all stages to approach each day with intention.


From LinkedIn to Zen with Yingzhao Liu

Many of us struggle to find work-life balance. LinkedIn's Yingzhao Liu suggests instead focusing on work-life INTEGRATION. She shares her experiences from a young immigrant from China to a User Experience Design Director at LinkedIn. She leads LinkedIn’s user experience for international markets, focusing on the emerging markets of China and India. Oh yes, and she lives in a Zen Center full time with her life partner and young daughter!


Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers, Part II of II

“It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.” Bob Myers strives to live by these words from legendary UCLA coach John Wooden. In the second part of our conversation, Bob talks about the inclusivity of Stephen Curry and the mindset of the Warriors organization. He shares about the impact his work at San Quentin prison has had on his perspective, and how he tries to balance going too fast and slow.


Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers, Part I of II

What is true success? Golden State Warriors President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Bob Myers has helped build one of the greatest teams in the history of the National Basketball Association. He shares how his faith and family help keep him centered. From the highs of championships, to the devastating low of losing his brother-in-law to an accident while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Bob provides a candid view of the realities of his life and his favorite definition of success.