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From Shark Tank to Spiritual Focus with Enlisted Design's Beau Oyler

Beau Oyler is an artist and business owner who lives with a deep spiritual focus. He has designed products you can find at Williams Sonoma, Target, Apple, The Container Store and many more. He and his business partner swam and thrived on Shark Tank. Beau--who has served as a bishop in the Mormon Church--talks about how his faith drives his growth and how he embraces diverse views.


From Refugee Camp Survivor to Silicon Valley & Facebook with Tina Tran

Tina Tran has literally been captured by pirates, survived a refugee camp and made world-changing contributions through her work in Silicon Valley with Oculus at Facebook. As if that weren't enough, she is a mom and Presidential Leadership Scholar. Tina shares how her spirituality helps her stay centered through it all.


Financial Technology "Godfather" Ron Suber

FinTech "godfather" Ron Suber has had the sorts of exits about which every entrepreneur dreams. He has a healthy perspective about enough and doesn't have to work. Rather than ride off into the sunset in retirement, Ron travels the world in Rewirement and stays active in 20-plus companies. In talking about the Golden Age of FinTech as a way to empower more people around the globe, he challenges people at all stages to approach each day with intention.