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Tell Better Stories, Make More Sales

Tell Better Stories, Make More Sales
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Tell Better Stories, Make More Sales




June 20, 2018 – They’re Your Feelings, And They’re Your Fault – Grow Great Daily Brief

The other day my podcast partner Leo Bottary and I recorded a conversation with Dr. Larry Senn, the godfather of company culture. He wrote his doctoral dissertation, Organizational Character as a Tool in the Analysis of Business Organizations, in 1970. You know the guy is early in the game when he predates the term, company […]


June 19, 2018 – Does It Pay To Break The Rules? – Grow Great Daily Brief

Full disclosure: I’m not a golfer. I’ve played twice in my life. I have watched it on TV some. I’m aware of the big names in the sport, including Phil Mickelson. This past weekend Phil became a hot topic for violating a rule of the game. Striking a moving ball. Seems the conditions at this […]


June 18, 2018 – Guarantee Failure: Overthink It – Grow Great Daily Brief

I’ve learned quite a lot since I became a grandfather. If you want to learn some valuable things, pay close attention to the little kids in your life. They’re learning everything. Lots of firsts. No experience. It’s interesting to see how their personalities impact their actions. You can watch them approach something they’ve never done […]


June 16, 2018 – Do You Have Support To Help You Do Your Job Better? – Grow Great Daily Brief

Yesterday four university professors published an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled, “In Interviews, Female CEOs Say They Don’t Expect Much Support — at Home or at Work.” The female leaders we spoke to expected little outside support, either at home or in work.” That one sentence just made me sad. I kept thinking […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 15, 2018 – Quit Putting It Off Just Because You’re Dreading It

You know you need to do it. You’ve been needing to do it for days. Maybe weeks. But you’re dreading it. So you keep putting it off. Without any idea what you’re waiting for. It’s not like it’s going to miraculously go away. You convince yourself that now isn’t the time. Besides, there are other […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 14, 2018 – Culture, Make Sure Yours Isn’t The Cultivation Of Bacteria!

Culture defined: (biology) “the cultivation of bacteria, tissue cells, etc., in an artificial medium containing nutrients” Too frequently that defines the culture inside our organizations. It’s like a bacteria-filled petri dish. Not like a sports team locker room where everybody is doing their part so the entire team can hoist the championship trophy! We’re going to use […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 13, 2018 – Plain Talk, Clear Understanding

I was listening to a conversation between some folks the other day. Smart people. I found myself making mental notes of phrases, acronyms, and other terms that just seemed overly complicated. I’m watching facial expressions and body language. Looking for signs of any engagement, which is impossible if you’re unclear what’s being communicated. At some […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 12, 2018 – Avoiding The Blame Game

Yesterday we talked about avoiding being stupid. Let’s stick with this theme of avoidance. Today, let’s figure out better alternatives – and a way to avoid playing the blame game. William James McAuley III is better known as Bleu. He should likely be a household name. He’s a musician, artist, songwriter and producer from Boston […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 11, 2018 – Let’s Avoid Being Stupid This Week

On Saturday at Bonnaroo in Tennessee rap artist, Eminem ended his show with sound effects of realistic gunshots. As you’d imagine, panic rolled through the crowd. It’s just another example of something that I guess seemed like a good idea to somebody, at some point. But turned out to be pretty foolish. As we begin […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 9, 2018 – You Matter! (Yes, I know Angela Maiers and I like her)

Angela Maiers is leading a charge in education. Her mantra is simple but profoundly powerful. Just two words: You Matter! I know Angela and like her. She won’t mind me using her 2-word tagline to make today’s point. Pushing her message forward is just a side benefit to today’s brief. I hope you’ll check out […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 8, 2018 – Leading With Your Heart (Helping Your Employees Achieve More)

In the neverending debate between head and heart, I declare, “No contest!” Well, to be fair…I declare there is no debate or fight. They can’t be separated. Mostly we think of heart representing feelings and emotions. Those reside in your head. Your brain. They’re formed based on what you think and believe. Debate over! To […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 7, 2018 – Not Going Crazy In The Process Is A Big Part Of Hitting The Trifecta Of Successful Business Building

Don’t get your britches in a bunch because I use the word “crazy.” You get it. We all use it in a slang sense, not in a judgmental sense. And as business people, we’re driven crazy daily by something. Frustrated. Annoyed. Riddled with anxiety. Fretful. Worried. The emotions are all over the place when we’re […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 6, 2018 – If Everything Is Important, Then Nothing Is Important!

I first remember uttered this phrase as a teenager working for an autocratic, micromanager of a stereo shop who loved to preach, “Everything is important.” He would traipse around picking nits. Quite often we’d find ourselves doing things to appease him while other things that are far more critical went undone. For example, I remember […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 5, 2018 – We Manage The Work. We Lead The People.

At the beginning, we may be actually doing much of the work. But as our business grows things change. Necessarily. Our role changes, too. We hire people. The business grows and expansion requires additional help. Perhaps even new skills. Over time we realize that our role, as the owner, transitions away from doing the actual […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 4, 2018 – Go Slow, Lose. Go Fast, Win!

Speed kills…the competition. It dazzles customers and clients. It’s remarkable. Curiosity fuels it. Don’t keep wondering if it’ll work. Find out. Be well. Do good. Grow great! Subscribe to the podcast To subscribe, please use the links below: Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes Click Here to Subscribe via RSS (non-iTunes feed) Click Here to […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 2, 2018 – Failure & Success

The Small Business Leadership Daily Brief is a short, under 5-minute podcast produced Monday through Saturday. Subscribe to the Grow Great podcast and you’ll get every podcast episode, including the daily briefs. Be well. Do good. Grow great! Subscribe to the podcast To subscribe, please use the links below: Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes […]


Small Business Leadership Daily Brief: June 1, 2018 – The Value Of Cleaning Up

When you feel like you need to reboot or shake things up it may be time for a cleanup. Don’t wait for Spring. Do it today! Every business experiences the clutter that comes with not paying attention to details. Sometimes that clutter is physical, but it also takes form in other areas. Processes and systems […]


Why I’m A Fan Of Fear: Small Business Owners Can Leverage Their Fear For Greater Success 5057

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” – Mark Twain No Fear is a company founded in 1971 producing t-shirts and other apparel aimed at extreme sports. The “No Fear” slogan was popular back in the 90’s. Back in 2011, they filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. They’re still around, […]


The Peer Advantage by Bula Network Explained (A Special Memorial Day Weekend Episode)

I was asked to explain The Peer Advantage by Bula Network. We had a digital recorder in the middle of the table recording the conversation…so I was able to capture this part of it. Where I offered about 15 minutes worth of explanation. This was NOT a sale pitch, but an answer to the question, […]


Let A 3-Year-Old Show You How To Figure Things Out 5056

You don’t want anybody to tell you what to do. But sometimes you may secretly wish they would. Tell you what to do. How to fix something. Running a business can be daunting some days. Especially when we’re up against something unfamiliar. But in the last few years, I’ve learned quite a lot from my […]