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The 6 Steps to Source your Private Label Product in China

These are the except steps that I teach in the EPS Masterclass. If you are not sure what to start or what’s next on your sourcing journey, this is the Episode for you! Go here to download your FREE CHEAT SHEET: https://easypeasysourcing.com/free for the FREE MINI COURSE click here: https://easypeasysourcing.com/minicourse


Product Images affordable, yet high quality - How to get them with Theodore O’Mahony (INSIDER INTERVIEW) EPS009

Explore how you can save a fortune on product images while being ahead of your competition with outstanding product picture quality! Amazon approved. You will learn: Why big brand names chose the e-cargo photo studioWhat makes good product imagesHow you can get super affordable product pictures to let your brand stand out


The #1 risk that can kill horribly your physical product business and how to avoid it EPS008

Most sellers make a horrible mistake that can put you out of business overnight. Explore the importance of not trusting your supplier blindly! You will learn: Why you need to perform a quality control every time you orderWhy your first order is done by different people than you follow your orderWhen the right moment is to control your product quality


BAD NEWS: your product selling criteria are outdated - how you differentiate yourself on Amazon, Shopify and E-Commerce

Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out in the marketplace so you can gain and keep your spot. Explore what product selling criteria is the best for you (you might be surprised) You will learn:


Shocking ways CHINESE COMPETITION steals you amazon FBA income and what you can do to save it (INSIDER TIP) EPS6

Many rumors in the air about Chinese competition on Amazon lead me to speak with my Chinese partner who is selling on Amazon and might be competing with you. I share the strategies behind the Chinese business selling on amazon FBA. You are probably one of the sellers who underestimates the power of Chinese Competition and need to hear what you can do about it here! You will learn:


How to find your dream supplier to import your private label product from China fast and risk free - EPS5

This Episode is a step by guide to find your dream supplier. You get downloadable inquiry sheets that you can use as template when approaching a factory and a step by step checklist, so you don’t forget anything important along the way. Let Nils guide you through all potential pitfalls and explore how many suppliers you need to contact, why its important to find the best supplier, how to get the best price, stay on top of your factory and many more tips and tricks.


China Import VS Domestic Sourcing - the 7 Pros and Cons for sourcing locally - EPS4

To start private labelling products, you don’t need to source in China. This Episode is meant to be an eye opener to a different approach! Sourcing locally can make sense to you if…


3 quick hacks to avoid shipping costs for samples (MONEY SAVING TIP) - EPS3

Shipping samples from China can costs a fortune and take forever. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Nils reveals 3 inside known hacks to save big time (#3 is huge)


Evolution of private labelling with Neil & Karen Gwartzman EPS002

Download this Episode here! YOU WILL LEARN: STEP BY STEP TO HEADACHE-FREE SOURCING IN CHINA CLAIM YOUR FREE MINI COURSE! RESOURCE OF THE DAY (free donwload): Step by Step Sourcing Cheat Sheet LIKE THE PODCAST? SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW ON ITUNES HELPFUL LINKS FROM TODAY’S EPISODE: Private Label University The Book: Private Label SecretsFree ResourcesEPS Facebook Group SHOW NOTES: The best time to start your private label business is NOW. Karen and Neil combine 52 years experience of...


Introduction - Cracking the code to Easy Peasy Sourcing in China for starters & advanced EPS001

This show teaches you how to source, develop and profit from your private label product. The German host Nils is living in China. He shares the knowledge he gained during the time when his sourcing agency helped hundreds of private label sellers to import their products from China. No matter if you have imported from China before or it's your first time, these hacks & tricks might prevent you from doing mistakes that could kill you business. Sourcing in China is Easy Peasy!