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Juozas (Joe) Kaziukėnas, Marketplace Pulse - Using Data to Measure Opportunity

In this episode of the podcast, Julie and Noelle offer up their key takeaways and insights from a previous interview with Juozas (Joe) Kaziukėnas, founder of Marketplace Pulse. Joe founded Marketplace Pulse with the idea to use data to educate and inform “behind the scenes’ businesses in the online retail space. Marketplace Pulse offers services that help predict user trends. Joe is an absolutely wonderful resource, and he has plenty to share with the podcast audience about how to use data...


How Small Brands Manage Rapid Growth on Amazon

Smaller online retail brands face a unique set of ecommerce challenges. Today, we are sitting down with Dan Menk, one of the founding members of inVitamin. inVitamin is devoted to creating all natural wellness products at an affordable price. Dan is going to share how the inVitamin brand has handled rapid growth, and what they are doing to continue that growth well into the future. Ever wondered what happens when a product goes viral? Dan is going to share both the positive and the...


Michael Zakkour - Thompkins Intl

Conferences are a fantastic opportunity to meet people with a unique perspective on ecommerce. Today is the last of our Catalyst Channel Advisor Conference interviews with Michael Zakkour. Michael is the Vice President of China/APAC & Global eCommerce Practices at Thompkins Intl. We had the privilege of attending Michael’s lecture on Chinese “Super Consumers,” which explains the staggeringly rapid growth of the Chinese upper class. In this podcast, Michael is going to expand on how brands...


Charles & Colvard - Jessica Lesesky

This week on the podcast, we have another illuminating interview from the Catalyst Conference. Our guest, Jessica Lesesky, is representing Charles & Colvard, a jewelry brand who occupies a unique niche in the jewelry market. This was a really great interview because it gave us a chance to dive into all the work Jessica does with digital marketing, and how Charles & Colvard found their brand story. It is an interesting case study in how a brand can evolve as they gain a better understanding...


Retailer Toynk Toys - Choosing Winning Toys (and Marketplaces)

In the rapidly changing world of retail, it can be difficult for a brand to figure out a profitable ecommerce strategy. As our guest, Dave Madoch, would say, “Retail is tough. If you watch Shark Tank, there’s a reason why they run from retail.” Despite the obvious marketplace challenges for toy retailers, Toynk has paved the way for innovation. Dave is the Director of Ecommerce for Toynk Toys. Toynk was founded in 2001 when several friends left the corporate grind to form a company focused...


Nike on Amazon and the Future of Vendor Relationships with Ken Cassar

Since Amazon’s historic deal with Nike almost a year ago, brands have been wondering how vendor relationships to the ecommerce giant will change. Today to offer up his insights on the Nike deal is Ken Cassar, Principal Analyst and Vice President at Slice Intelligence. Slice, with its user panel of over 5 million consumers, is always on the cutting edge of consumer trends. Using the wealth of data available to them, Slice can offer up contextualized industry trends that we can then use to...


How to Get Product Reviews on Amazon

The Amazon landscape changes rapidly, so it is imperative that we revisit the most important issues that your brand will be facing. Product reviews are a vital part of growing your brand on Amazon, but they are very difficult to get. Due to Amazon’s policy changes, there are fewer methods to incentivize consumers to write reviews, but that does not mean there are no creative strategies left at your disposal. Today, we are talking with Jesse Chembars about how brands can encourage their...


How Much Do Backend Keywords Matter to Amazon SEO?

Amazon experts have a variety of opinions about the utility of backend keywords on your product listings. At Bobsled, we want to ensure that every listing is optimized to its maximum potential, so we bring up the subject of keywords often. Backend keywords is one of our most frequently asked questions, so it seemed natural to devote an entire episode to this diverse subject. Bobsled’s keyword expert and today’s podcast guest is Stefan Jordevs, and his perspective on backend keywords is...


Launch products on Amazon by leveraging your brand

Your brand has a wonderful new product, and now you need you have a successful product launch. Brands new to Amazon might be tempted to only launch on their own website platform, but they would be remiss to overlook the opportunities Amazon provides for a product launch. That being said, brands cannot be tempted to simply set and forget about their new product listings. Here at Bobsled, we know how important it is to have a dedicated team to take advantage of Amazon’s features for new...


Help My Margins! Improving Profitability on Amazon

It seems that we are always talking about brands, sales, and revenue, but we don’t spend as much time focusing on profits, fees, and margins. It’s amazing what software can do for your business right now, and even more mind-boggling what software will do for you in the future. Imagine a software platform that tracks every minute detail of your experience as an Amazon seller and optimizes your profitability—all from the smartphone in the palm of your hand. It’s not far-fetched craziness,...


Interpreting Your Amazon PPC Data for the Truest Insights

Listeners of the podcast and readers of the Bobsled Marketing blog are often asking us excellent questions about how to interpret their Amazon PPC Data. We have taken these questions and turned them into an info-packed episode all about how to optimize your PPC campaign. We would like to propose a foundational approach to understanding PPC because your campaign has a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Back with us to offer up his experience and perspective is Will Haire, Bobsled’s own...


21. How can national brands compete with Amazon’s private label brands?

It is impossible to deny that, in order to make the most of ecommerce sales, national brands need to be selling on the Amazon platform. Amazon is now providing more competition than ever before with its own private labels. Amazon Basics alone raked in nearly 400 million in revenue last year, and those numbers are on the rise. Yes, national brands should be competing directly, but how should they go about taking on a giant like Amazon? Today, we have with us our industry thought leader,...


Voice Commerce: The Future is Here

The future of ecommerce is voice command technology. Amazon seems to think so, given its investment in and the success of the Echo. Google has caught on with its competitor, Google Home. These voice command devices have already created their own niche of ecommerce, voice commerce, and it is rapidly becoming a staple in many households. What makes devices like Echo and Google Home so fascinating for us is that they kind of came out of nowhere. In the past six months alone, the topic of...


How to improve your product’s Amazon ranking

Optimizing Amazon Rankings is essential to the success of your brand. One year ago, Bobsled published an article that outlined how we have analyzed the ranking algorithm and what resources brands can use to optimize their rankings. Even a year later, this article is still incredibly helpful for your brand. Today, we are reviewing the article, and then discussing which sections are still most relevant to you as you edit your listings. The key idea is to understand how the A9 search...


Interview episode: The Dirt with Johg Ananda, Cofounder and CEO of

In today’s episode, we are bringing you an interview with one of Bobsled’s clients to showcase both the light and the dark side of selling on Amazon. Give Me The Dirt and Johg Ananda have been working with us to maximize their profits on Amazon, but that is not this wellness company’s only channel for ecommerce. Johg will describe why having a multi-channel ecommerce brand has been beneficial for Give Me The Dirt, and will then balance that with practical advice for other brands of a...


4 Ways to Optimize Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads are a critical marketing tool for brands selling on Amazon. Since August of 2017, headline search ads are now available for brands on the seller platform, as well as brands on vendor central. These ads are a simple way to buy your way to the top of the search results using targeted keywords and a bit of experimentation. Here to give you all of his knowledge on the subject is Will Haire, a PPC manager at Bobsled Marketing. Will always advises our clients to utilize...


How to Get Product Reviews on Amazon

No matter how long your brand has been selling Amazon, getting product reviews will always be a challenge. Bobsled Marketing is committed to helping brands strategize reviews, and since a lot has changed since we first started putting out content on this topic, we thought it was high time we take a closer look. Reviews remain a fuzzy and nebulous subject, but it is critical to the success of your brand that you obtain them. If you are seeking to break the cycle, this episode is for...


How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon

When it comes to protecting your brand from unauthorized sellers or counterfeit products, there are many different strategies that you can employ. Given all the options and lack of readily available information, it is no surprise that one of Bobsled’s most successful blog posts is about this topic. In today’s episode, we are bringing the article right to your ears as a reminder of all the tools and tactics that we believe to be the most useful against unauthorized sellers. Now that Amazon...


Sales Tax for Amazon Marketplace Sellers: A Changing Landscape

If you are a first-time seller on Amazon, considering sales tax is probably low on your priority list. That being said, sales tax compliance still has huge implications for your bottom line. Tax legislation is always changing, as is Amazon and the States stance on the issue. Tax compliance is a necessary part of doing business on Amazon, so it is time to get informed and have a plan in place. You should be concerned about the cost of noncompliance, and we are here to get you on track so...


New Amazon Programs for Brands

Amazon is consistently launching new programs and promotions for brands to utilize. With so many new programs hitting the platform, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up. It can be challenging even for Bobsled, whose only job is to help brands effectively utilize Amazon programs exclusively. Nevertheless, it is our job to know the trends and technology on the cutting edge. Amazon programs are an ever-changing landscape. Today, we wanted to bring a few notable programs to your...


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