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Aligning Amazon and Physical Store Distribution with Casey Sabol

Another Bobsled client is joining us on the show today! It was a pleasure to interview Casey Sabol, the brand manager at Myos Rens Technology (MYOS), and talk about Yolked, a new brand they launched in the nutrition category. Casey also shared with us her experience as an entrepreneur in the e-commerce trenches and how that led her to become the brand manager of Yolked. Tune in today to hear the interesting story behind a really innovative product and its distribution on Amazon and in stores.


8 Brands Under 1 'Woof' on Amazon - Outward Hound's Michael Parness

We have Michael Parness, the CMO at Outward Hound, on the show today! Michael has had a great career as a marketing leader in the CPG space, and he's also one of our current clients, here, at Bobsled Marketing. In today's episode, Michael talks to us about Amazon's continuously changing ecosystem, discusses the customer journey, and explains why Amazon is becoming more and more important, even though brick and mortar is still very significant and has the large majority of sales today. Tune...


'Be Your Own Consumer', with REBBL Ecommerce Manager Leon Lewis

Leon Lewis is on the show today! He is the Ecommerce Manager of REBBL, a beverage company which is part of a very interesting but challenging category. Leon comes on the show with so much knowledge to share, as he started tapping into Ecommerce very early in his life. And today we are approaching the evolution of Amazon’s role in the Ecommerce space, the importance of building real value for an ever-evolving consumer and the next steps after experiencing so much digital growth. REBBL is a...


The Evolving Ecommerce Landscape: Where Does Amazon Fit?

Jay Nikolich is on the show today! He has had many years of experience in e-commerce leadership positions with branded manufacturers. Today, he brings us his unique perspective about the way that Amazon fits into the e-commerce environment. Due to his vast experience, Jay really understands what it's like to be a leader of an e-commerce division, within a large, branded manufacturer. Jay has experienced e-commerce through many brands, many channels, and many different retailers and he has...


Recent Developments in the World of Amazon

TOPIC SUMMARY Today’s episode will revolve around the most recent news in the ever-changing world of Amazon. Here are the topics Kiri will approach on the show: The groundbreaking Amazon mobile video ads The most recent Feed Advisor study about online shopping behavior Amazon’s pricing policy change Branding is still important - customers are looking for recognizable brands on Amazon


New Ways to Support Long-Term Strategic Goals on Amazon: Discovering Payoneer’s Capital Advance

Scott Galit is the CEO of Payoneer, a leading online payments company that transforms the way businesses send and receive cross-border payments. We had the pleasure of interviewing Scott on the Ecommerce Braintrust podcast where we discussed Capital Advance, a Payoneer service that can help support your Amazon business. Capital advance is a great solution for your longer-term strategic goals as a seller on Amazon, in contrast to Early Payments which can help address the shorter term cash...


Amazon Stopped Po’s for Thousands of Vendors This Week. What Now?

Many brands operating on Amazon's Vendor Central system didn’t receive their expected Purchase Orders this week. Some notifications cited technical issues with the ordering system, others suggested that the supplier should not expect future purchase orders to be placed at all. Some brands even found their inventory reset to zero last week. Kiri Masters jumped on the mic with Project Manager Armin Alispahic today in response to an overwhelming amount of questions and confusion from vendors....


Embracing Amazon Strategically with Shopify

Today’s topic revolves around Shopify, a very popular Ecommerce platform that helps over 20.000 merchants manage every aspect of their business — from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, and on the go. Not surprisingly, Shopify embraced Amazon and its ecosystem early on, offering native integrations with Amazon FBA, bringing a great advantage to smaller brands and developing at a really fast pace. And what better way to break down this fascinating topic than...


Leveraging Off-Amazon Advertising to Strengthen Your Amazon Presence

Looking to grow your Amazon presence and drive traffic to your Amazon listings? Today we’re having a conversation about leveraging off-Amazon advertising opportunities with Julie Spear and Advertising Director Stefan Jordev. A few things have changed in the last year and with this conversation, you will learn why it would be beneficial to go off Amazon and use third-party search as well as social platforms to drive traffic to Amazon. Julie and Stefan are talking about what’s changed and why...


All You Need to Know About Amazon DSP

Will Haire, one of our PPC managers here at Bobsled Marketing, is back with us today to continue the conversation about Amazon's big new roll-out. In this interview we are approaching Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform), an enticing opportunity for brands, due to all the new features that are being rolled out. Will explains how Amazon differs from all other DSP networks, the different phases of the shopper's journey and the targeting options that are available for advertisers currently. Stay...


Introducing New-to-Brand Metrics for Amazon Advertisers

2019 is set to be a year of change! This week we are talking about a big announcement from Amazon Advertising. A new, really big feature was rolled out by Amazon and it’s called New-to-Brand Metrics. In today’s episode, we are breaking down this new addition, what it means for the Amazon advertising ecosystem in general, and how brands can really take advantage of it. Tune in today and find out more! Will Hare, a PPC Manager here at Bobsled Marketing, joins us once again today. Will has...


The Tax and Compliance Consequences of Launching in Australia

On this episode of the Ecommerce Braintrust podcast, we are covering a very informative topic as a response to the multitude of questions we’ve received about the tax consequences of launching in Australia. As a native Aussie herself, Kiri observed a different e-commerce landscape in Australia compared to the US. eBay is the first choice marketplace, as Amazon Australia just launched about a year ago. Australians are consumers with high disposable incomes, and the country has become an...


Reach New Customers Through Partnership Marketing

Today we're going to talk about something a little different, and also quite exciting, in terms of advertising opportunities related to Amazon. This Fall, Amazon took a rather distinctive and innovative step for an e-commerce giant when they entered the world of direct mail and introduced their first-ever product catalog. The first toy catalog that they produced was unusual because it included embedded QR codes. This allowed shoppers to use the Amazon app to scan the product images in the...


What Is The Right Advertising Platform For Your Brand?

The end of 2018 is in sight and it's been a really interesting year for the podcast. We've managed to cover a wide variety of different Amazon topics, and answered lots of questions from our clients and prospects at Bobsled Marketing. Going forward into 2019, we will be bringing more of the Bobsled Marketing team members on the show, to talk about their particular areas of expertise and offer you even more insights. Today we are very happy to introduce you to Nikola Basic, one of the Amazon...


What a High Product Return Rate Means on Amazon

DESCRIPTION Although Amazon wants to simplify things for customers, this doesn't always translate in a similar way for sellers. Today's topic is about a point of frustration for newer sellers and vendors on Amazon, and a cause of concern for brands. Merchants don't want a high product return rate because of the implied costs, but they have little control over what happens on Amazon. It can be useful for newer merchants on Amazon to get an idea of what kind of return rate they can expect on...


What to Do When Amazon Prohibits Your Keywords

DESCRIPTION This week, we're running another interview with Armin Alispahic, one of the Project Managers here at Bobsled Marketing. Armin was on the show last week and we had a really interesting conversation about vendor and seller fee reimbursements. But today Armin is back to discuss a rather sensitive subject. He is going to tell us what to do when Amazon prohibits some of the keywords in your product listing. These could be keywords related to products that have previously been banned...


How to Approach Fee Reimbursements on Vendor and Seller Central

DESCRIPTION You might be able to make money listening to this episode! We're talking about fee reimbursements on Vendor Central and Seller Central today. And this is something that we, at Bobsled, have been focusing on a lot lately. Get the insights and learn how to get the money that is rightfully yours back from Amazon. Today you can also get to know our guest and Bobsled Project Manager, Armin Alispahic, who a wealth of knowledge. He has a very smart and methodical approach to dealing...


The Potential of Chat and AI in E-commerce

DESCRIPTION This week we are rolling out another great discussion we recorded live at 2018. This time we had the pleasure to interview Ravi Raj of Passage AI, a conversational AI platform that builds chatbots for businesses. Ravi shared with us the fact that many of the Passage AI customers come from retail, as the application of the AI technology in customer service and conversational commerce is very effective. One of Passage AI's larger retail customers is Kohl's, a company...


We Are Coming to Australia in 2 Weeks!

Are you based in Australia? We have an announcement for you! Our Founder and CEO Kiri Masters will be hosting an exclusive lunch and learn workshop series in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth and you can join us! Listen to this episode to get more details about these events and the agenda directly from Kiri. For all three events, you can expect a short presentation focusing on the major emerging trends on Amazon's Seller, Vendor, and Advertising platforms. Register today, join us and feel...


The Evolving Relationship Between Retailers and Brands

We have a really great interview for you today! Danny Estner is on the show! He is the Head of Marketing for NuORDER, a cloud & mobile B2B eCommerce solution empowering brands and retailers to streamline their business operations since 2011. We had a great discussion with Danny about the evolving relationship between brands and retailers, caused partly by the new ecosystems they had to adapt to and partly driven by Amazon and e-commerce. If before we used to navigate through many different...