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What to Do When Amazon Prohibits Your Keywords

DESCRIPTION This week, we're running another interview with Armin Alispahic, one of the Project Managers here at Bobsled Marketing. Armin was on the show last week and we had a really interesting conversation about vendor and seller fee reimbursements. But today Armin is back to discuss a rather sensitive subject. He is going to tell us what to do when Amazon prohibits some of the keywords in your product listing. These could be keywords related to products that have previously been banned...


How to Approach Fee Reimbursements on Vendor and Seller Central

DESCRIPTION You might be able to make money listening to this episode! We're talking about fee reimbursements on Vendor Central and Seller Central today. And this is something that we, at Bobsled, have been focusing on a lot lately. Get the insights and learn how to get the money that is rightfully yours back from Amazon. Today you can also get to know our guest and Bobsled Project Manager, Armin Alispahic, who a wealth of knowledge. He has a very smart and methodical approach to dealing...


The Potential of Chat and AI in E-commerce

DESCRIPTION This week we are rolling out another great discussion we recorded live at 2018. This time we had the pleasure to interview Ravi Raj of Passage AI, a conversational AI platform that builds chatbots for businesses. Ravi shared with us the fact that many of the Passage AI customers come from retail, as the application of the AI technology in customer service and conversational commerce is very effective. One of Passage AI's larger retail customers is Kohl's, a company...


We Are Coming to Australia in 2 Weeks!

Are you based in Australia? We have an announcement for you! Our Founder and CEO Kiri Masters will be hosting an exclusive lunch and learn workshop series in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth and you can join us! Listen to this episode to get more details about these events and the agenda directly from Kiri. For all three events, you can expect a short presentation focusing on the major emerging trends on Amazon's Seller, Vendor, and Advertising platforms. Register today, join us and feel...


The Evolving Relationship Between Retailers and Brands

We have a really great interview for you today! Danny Estner is on the show! He is the Head of Marketing for NuORDER, a cloud & mobile B2B eCommerce solution empowering brands and retailers to streamline their business operations since 2011. We had a great discussion with Danny about the evolving relationship between brands and retailers, caused partly by the new ecosystems they had to adapt to and partly driven by Amazon and e-commerce. If before we used to navigate through many different...


Amazon's Transparency Program

We dedicated this week’s episode to offering a clear overview of Amazon's Transparency program and clearing up any misconceptions that we recently came across. Amazon launched Transparency towards the end of 2017. It was first introduced in a beta, or pilot format and until a few months ago, Amazon has been slowly enrolling brands into it. In the last few months, however, in a bid to prevent counterfeiting, they have been putting a lot more effort into the program and things have been...


Amazon PPC Predictions for 2019

DESCRIPTION Today we’re sharing with you a really interesting discussion with Bobsled CEO Kiri Masters and PPC Manager Stefan Jordev. Stefan is a really experienced Amazon PPC practitioner and he has been with Bobsled for over two years now. Though he’s been on the show before, this is a really exciting topic for Stefan as it touches upon all the different innovations Amazon is expected to be rolling out within the next few months and going forward into 2019. Recently, Amazon leaked a...


Industry Trend Forecasting with Ken Fenyo

DESCRIPTION Today we’re rolling out another great episode we recorded at 2018. This time we’re interviewing Ken Fenyo of Fuel by McKinsey & Co, a professional with deep expertise in loyalty programs, e-commerce, personalized marketing, and customer analytics in the retail, consumer goods, and technology industries. Ken moderated a panel discussion at, called “Industry Trend Casting - What You Need To Do Today And Know About Tomorrow”. This was also one of the main...


The Essential Stages of Growing a Successful Brand

DESCRIPTION Today we are going through all the essential stages of creating a successful brand in a really interesting discussion with Kiri Masters and Brian Smith, the founder of UGG. Although Brian sold UGG a little while ago, he has some really amazing stories to share about growing the company into an internationally recognized brand, what he went through along the way and how he dealt with retailers or copycats. Brian is also the author of the book “The Birth of a Brand” and he was...


Influencer Marketing Can Grow Your Amazon Sales

Today's episode is co-hosted by Jen Hozer, a project manager at Bobsled Marketing. Amazon is a category leader in retail and they have managed to disrupt an entire industry in the very short period of about twenty years. They have done particularly well in responding to shopper preferences. However, the brands selling on Amazon are still having some issues with part of the life-cycle journey of the consumer. This means that brands need to increase their presence on Amazon through things...


Amazon Is Not Your Platform

About 50% of all online sales happen on Amazon today. The platform is becoming much more stronger, but now Amazon appears to be pushing out valuable brands, by focusing on their private label offering. Promoting their own suite of products in a tag-line at the bottom of organic search results seems unfair to some brands, as this is not a tool that they are able to use and it certainly appears to give Amazon an advantage. On the show today we will be talking about your options if you're a...


Leveraging Storytelling & User Generated Content

Today we’re running another great interview recorded live at the conference in Las Vegas. On this episode, we are speaking with Lexi Cross, the co-founder of ShoesOf and a content marketing consultant primarily focused on footwear. An entrepreneur with a really unique and interesting story to tell, Lexi shares a fresh and original content marketing perspective when it comes to leveraging user-generated content or editorial content online. In a highly dynamic e-commerce space, Lexi...


Boosting Your Personalization Strategy with Tomas Diaz

It was a great experience to podcast live from 2018, a conference dedicated to digital retail innovation. We got the chance to meet some of the best and brightest industry experts and we actually interviewed a few of the exhibitors at the event in Las Vegas. This week, we are sharing with you an interview with Tomas Diaz, the CEO of flexReceipts and a seasoned leader and expert on the needs of retail consumers. At, Tomas gave a talk called “The Essential Email That Can...


How Beauty Brands Succeed on Amazon

Is there a secret recipe to succeed in the highly competitive beauty category on Amazon? Let’s find out! Although a number of beauty brands were initially reluctant to sell on the platform, Amazon has really made a lot of progress in attracting luxury beauty brands in the last year or so. This is a really interesting and popular topic that we recently approached in one of our Bobsled Webinars, and we wanted to share it with our podcast subscribers as well. Your hosts for this session are...


Integrated Marketing Strategy Roadmaps for Retailers & Brands with Tim Curtis

Would you like to find out what integrated marketing is really all about? Today we will be interviewing Tim Curtis, the president of Cohere One, a company that does integrated marketing as well as the execution and development of multi-channel marketing strategic roadmaps for retailers and brands. What that really means is that they do full-service execution and strategic consulting for all the various marketing channels of retail marketers - whether it's print and catalogs, in-store,...


Top 3 Lessons Learned from Managing More than 80 Brands on Amazon

This episode, we are interviewing Rachel Street, another very knowledgeable and experienced project manager on the Bobsled Marketing team. Over the last four years, Rachel worked with more than eighty different brands on the Amazon channel - this allowed her to gain a lot of insights and learn a lot of lessons that she can now share with you. So make sure you tune in to get her advice! Rachel came to Bobsled earlier this summer from E-Tails, one of the largest retailers who sell products on...


Must-Have Tech Tools for Managing Your Amazon Channel

Let’s get a different perspective about Amazon! Today we're talking to Jen Hozer, a project manager at Bobsled Marketing, who comes to us with a new angle, as she has a background in a very different industry. Jen gives us her viewpoint as an ex-Amazon seller, along with some must-have tech tools she used to manage her own Amazon channel. For Jen, Amazon represents one of the pivot points in her career and it is really interesting to hear the story of how she became a seller on Amazon....


Top 4 Tips to Prepare for Q4 With PPC

Would you like to streamline your preparation for Q4 on Amazon? Today we have Ioana Andries, Stefan Jordev, and Will Haire with us on the show. And with September being the best time to start preparing for Q4, the PPC Bobsled team will be sharing top four tips for brands and sellers, to get their PPC campaigns ready for Q4 time on Amazon. Ioana is currently a PPC manager at Bobsled Marketing. Prior to joining Bobsled, she was an advertising accounts manager for dozens of brands on Amazon....


The Future Interplay Between Technology and E-commerce with Scot Wingo

Would you like to know more about the future interplay between technology and e-commerce? Today we are interviewing Scot Wingo, who could best be described as a serial entrepreneur that started four companies and exited three of them. Scot is the founder of the public company, ChannelAdvisor, and although he has exited the business, he still remains current and relevant in the retail industry as their chairman. His latest and current venture is Spiffy, an on-demand car wash and detailing...


Where are Brands Headed in the Amazon Era?

We have a really fascinating and informative interview today with David Katz, of Randa Accessories. He shares with us a lot of his knowledge about brands, where they come from and where they are in the Amazon era. As a result of David's abundant history in direct marketing, he has a really unique perspective on this topic. On the show today he talks about how his direct marketing has evolved and why he believes that brands are becoming more important, even with the seeming migration of...