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010 Sarah Edgar - Ageing Game Changer

For Grey Revolution’s last episode this season, we have Sarah Edgar. Sarah joins me from her home in Tanzania, where she founded an organisation to get young Game Changers to volunteer in their communities and inspire all Tanzanian’s to support the elders around them. Starting just two years ago, now has over 80 regular volunteers, is researching the impact Save Elders Tanzania is creating and has been featured on the BBC for the amazing work she and her colleague are achieving. Join me...


009 Lee Veitch - Workforce Innovation

Today I talk to Lee Veitch. The Manager of Workforce and Innovation at Aged and Community Services Australia - otherwise known as ACSA. Lee is a human with so much knowledge of workforce and supporting all managers and organisations to see the benefits of engaging and inspiring our current and future leaders. So naturally, with it being our shared passion - Lee and I got chatting about how important this is to our ageing sector plus other great topics. This is our second last episode...


008 Nicki Doyle - Clinician to Aged Care Consultant

On today’s podcast we have Nicki Doyle, Partner and co-lead for aged care at global consulting firm KPMG. Nicki has worked for many years as a clinical physiotherapist in Australian and the UK before moving into consulting. We chat about how taking on different and unexpected projects as a clinician opened up exciting opportunities, why she made the move into consulting, and she shares how she has taken hold of opportunities (and half-opportunities) to grow into her career and...


007 Riaza Rigby - Proactive Passion for Ageing Advocacy

Now's the time to meet another Generation Y who is 100% team aged care. Riaza Rigby works as a lawyer at Russell Kennedy Lawyers, She advises aged care providers regarding legislative responsibilities and compliance in both residential and home care. She is deep in regulatory compliance, legislative changes, risk and conflict management, as well as policy reviews, but it’s Riaza’s personal experience that got her interested in our ageing space. So, I wanted to know how Lawyers saw our...


006 Andrew L'Arpent - Ageing in Common

Andrew L'Arpent is Experienced Chairman with a history of working in the ageing industry in the United Kingdom, Australia and across the Commonwealth. He served for 30 years as an infantry officer in the British Army. This culminated in commanding an armoured battlegroup throughout the first Gulf War. In 1992 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire. After leaving the regular Army, he entered into the ageing industries where he saw the need to connect up the generations and help...


005 Sean Grealy - Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Sean Grealy is an entrepreneur in Australia’s aged care space. He’s a Generation Y, and five years ago he graduated high school started a successful sales career and never thought aged care would be where he would end up. Today he’s studying a Bachelor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Adelaide, travelled to Israel and Silicon Valley as part of key eChallenges and Hacker events, he's been an advocate for our ageing industry and started Care Konnect with his dad. Join us as we...


004 Amanda Terranova - Find Your Tribe

This is the episode for those who've 'fallen into' an aged care role and never looked back. Amanda Terranova is a former high flying NYC marketing manager who found her tribe and ‘fell into’ her aged care passion. We’ll talk about Amanda's career journey from her highflying New York global marketing role, where she worked directly with Dell Computers, GSK, Saks 5th Avenue, AT&T & Proctor and Gamble, to her role today as someone who is passionate to help shape the professional...


003 Kelly Gray - Co Design in Ageing

Have you ever considered co-design or wondered how empowering those around us can lead to better ideas and new ways of doing? On Grey Revolution this week, I’m talking with Kelly Gray. The Founder of My Care My Choice. Over the past 13 years, Kelly has gone from a receptionist and student with a limited understanding of ageing issues to a leader in helping seniors find their voice and share experiences in Western Australia’s aged and community care space. As a young leader (and...


002 Stuart Smith - Disruptive Technologist

What do gaming, astronauts, and parliamentary papers have to do with ageing? Stuart Smith is an international researcher with a passion developing technologies that facilitate independent living for all ages and abilities, and he's currently the Business Development Manager (Research) at Southern Cross University. His career has taken him from working with NASA in California to falls research in Ireland, working with Microsoft, Intel, Sony and other technology companies to develop games...


001 Welcome to the Grey Revolution Podcast

What makes a Millennial want to become a change maker in aged care and an advocate for ageing issues? Samantha Bowen is a board director, Founding Director of Acorn Network and the host of the Grey Revolution Podcast. Her personal story of resilience and how her Mum's healthcare journey highlighted the need for change, will show that passion for improving care, these workplaces, and getting young people involved in ageing discussions are vital for change to happen. Aged care and ageing...