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Featuring, celebrating & digging deep into high-level Men On Purpose from around the world who have gotten clarity on their life's mission, their purpose and dedicated themselves to revealing their most on purpose &authentic selves. The mission of this podcast is to Elevate, Educate, Empower, Enrich and Evolve you to become & BE a man on purpose so you can reveal your most authentic self and live the most fulfilling and regret and regret free life possible. Join us and learn how to BE the best, highest level, sustainable, joyfilled, clear, open, honest most purposeful version of you yet.


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Featuring, celebrating & digging deep into high-level Men On Purpose from around the world who have gotten clarity on their life's mission, their purpose and dedicated themselves to revealing their most on purpose &authentic selves. The mission of this podcast is to Elevate, Educate, Empower, Enrich and Evolve you to become & BE a man on purpose so you can reveal your most authentic self and live the most fulfilling and regret and regret free life possible. Join us and learn how to BE the best, highest level, sustainable, joyfilled, clear, open, honest most purposeful version of you yet.








It’s Not Trauma, It’s a Programming Experience (Part 2) with Paul Cope - Episode 299

Episode 299 is about generational traumas and experiences, and how we cope with it differently in our varying paces as individuals. As we grow older, we may not even realize that we are living with the effects of generational traumas. Our coping skills are programmed into us by our parents, siblings and other environmental factors — even if it doesn’t seem like we’re hearing it directly from them. Each generation has nuances, but the bottom line is that we must break these patterns if we...


Wrapping Your Head Around You Mattering with Matt Zemon - Episode 298

Episode 298 is about acknowledging and accepting your core, including loving who you are with the help of discovering new realms. At some point in our lives, we all go through the deep and dark hole of self-discovery. We fear that what we are or who we are could be deemed as unacceptable by society — that we think we need to achieve so many things and become so powerful just to be praised by others. We often fail to realize that this acceptance, respect and praise that we crave are highly...


Confronting What You Are Most Afraid Of with John David Latta - Episode 297

Episode 297 is about embracing the mystery of death, our spiritual connections with others and how it can transform us. Most of us fear the idea of death, because we all fear what we do not know. We fear that we might no longer be able to do what we could have done when we still had the chance. Indeed, we regret more the things we did not do than those we did, and this is what makes today’s episode very special — as it teaches us how we could possibly handle the concept of dying and how it...


It’s Not the Pursuit of Happiness; It’s the Happiness of the Pursuit with Randall Crowder - Episode 296

Episode 296 is about personal development and being purposeful in your life journey. When opportunities arise in your life, do you realize how often you discredit yourself? Because our episode for today tells us straight up that discrediting yourself is not only negative for you; it also insults those who believe in the value that you bring. Discrediting yourself is a dangerous thing to do. When you start believing that you are not good enough, that belief can spread to other areas of your...


Mastering Your Inner Game with Shea Hillenbrand - Episode 295

Episode 295 is about surviving the dark hole in pursuit of our true purpose and happiness. Sometimes when things are going so perfectly in our life, that’s the exact moment we feel lost. We get consumed by fame, power and money, thinking all of it should be enough, that it is all that we need — that we forget what it truly feels to LIVE. We start asking ourselves, is this all life has to offer? Today, a former MLB baseball player and MLB all star, Shea Hillenbrand gets to share with us his...


Healing Your Disappointing Love Life with Dr. Thomas Jordan - Episode 294

Episode 294 is about diving deep into the human experience. When we deal with our emotions, especially when it comes to love, it’s helpful to identify our patterns. This could resolve a lot of issues when it comes to intimacy, traumas, and even grief. After all, the opposite of love is grief. You love somebody you can lose. That’s an unforgettable line we got from Dr. Thomas Jordan — whose clinical specialty is treating adults who are depressed and anxious about past or present unhealthy...


Revealing the Diamond Means Breaking the Stone with Andreas Widmer - Episode 293

Episode 293 is about the diamond in the rough. When we work, we don't just make more. We become more. That's advice from the Pope himself. I got to hang out with Andreas Widmer, who used to work for the Pope and now works for you. For years and years, through his stories and experience, Andrew has helped men declare value for themselves. He's shared how the answers are within you and that change is never done. He offers a ton of wisdom for entrepreneurs and is interested in getting the...


The War Without Will Never Cease Until You Cease The War Within with Gary De Rodriguez - Episode 292

Episode 292 is about relationships and leadership: Ever notice that a lot of successful individuals can easily figure out how to win in business - how to be successful in business. But most of 'em down at home are a complete and utter trainwreck. And you may be one of 'em and not even be aware of it---because you're actually a pretty good husband and a pretty good dad, but your finances suck. Or, you're actually a great dad or husband---but your business sucks! Why is that so? And why is...


Only Your Future Self Can Manifest the Life You Know is Possible with Nick Devlin - Episode 291

Episode 291 is about manifesting your future. You can manifest your future today. Nick Devlin was an Army Ranger veteran and has been through the toughest situations for a man to ever be in, literally things he cannot speak about to anybody. He took the life lessons that came with this experience and has used that to help men today become a better version of themselves. There are no pseudo-spiritual manifestations required, just pure and genuine commitment to change. And it’s not easy, no....


Evolving Into More Than Just a Walking Powder Keg of Denial with Gabriel Keczan - Episode 290

Episode 290 is about transforming your pain. Turn your pain into something powerful. Gabriel Keczan is a visionary writer, speaker, mythologist entrepreneur, and executive men's coach. He's the author of a bestselling international book Alive on Purpose, UNC Clenched From Fear and Step Into Your Power with Backbone Heart and Balls. When he was 18 he had a dark night of the soul. He spent 30 days in a psych ward battling his inner demons. Now he is a brand new man helping others get out of...


Aligning With & Inspiring Your Personal Life Mission with Lane Belone - Episode 289

Episode 289 is about finding your life mission. What's your mission in life? Lane Belone, former Special Forces Green Beret and now an elite entrepreneur coach, co-author of Unleash Your Humble Alpha, host of Exactly What The Moment Called For and creator of the Joyful Sovereignty Experience. As a special forces soldier he built strength, discipline and healthy habits - but when his service was over he felt like there were parts missing from him; something to live for once out of the...


Life Changes The Moment You Realize You Are Worth It with Brian Pannuzzo - Episode 288

Episode 288 is about changing your life. Find the needle that truly moves you in your life. Brian Pannuzzo is a men’s health and corporate wellness coach, founder of the Success Lift and host of the Success LIft podcast. He started as a Wall Street trader for 20 years before becoming frustrated with his lack of success outside his job (despite being successful at it). It was then that he discovered something about himself through an epiphany – and found his way back to pursuing what made...


Your Biggest Advocate is YOU! with Dr Anthony Balduzzi - Episode 287

Episode 287 is about learning to assess yourself. You are your own number-one cheerleader. Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is a naturopathic doctor, national champion bodybuilder, and founder of the Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project- online communities for empowering busy parents to get healthy, lose weight, and build muscle through practical nutrition and exercise plans. He advocates for having a healthy well-being; he believes in mental, physical, and spiritual health. We all make mistakes...


Reclaim Your Creative Edge with Costa Michailidis - Episode 286

Episode 286 is about making innovations. Innovation is the key to evolution. Costa Michailidis, an athlete and coach, created Innovation Bound- a full service innovation consultancy focused on teaching individuals how they can solve their own problems. And while as an athlete he learned early on what it meant to have discipline and built habits that would transition across parts of his life, his focus has been to teach others how they can use those lessons in order to create something great...


Understanding the Difference between Dreams & Goals with Dane Espegard - Episode 285

Episode 285 is about making your dream come true. Set your goals up high and dare to dream bigger than ever before. Dane Espegard is an entrepreneur and coach; he grew up in a loving home with parents and siblings. One day he noticed himself wondering what kind of business culture would set the tone for his company—something centered around people pursuing their dreams? Then, before long, it had morphed from just being about him to also including his own family - as they created lists...


Regret, Resentment & Keeping Your Integrity Intact with Dr. Calvin Sun - Episode 284

Episode 284 is about finding your way. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Dr. Calvin Sun has been working as an Emergency Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine for most of his career, but he always knew that there was something else for him out there; one day he got it! His love for travel came after losing a bet to explore Egypt, where his curiosity took hold and never let go since then. Fast forward now, Monsoon Diaries was born – it is an organization...


12 Lessons For a Successful Life with Branch Isole - Episode 283

Episode 283 is about being irreplaceable. How do you find your purpose and become irreplaceable? Branch Isole is an author, poet, and story-teller. After spending 15 years in the corporate world, he became disillusioned with who he had grown into - so he quit his job to pursue a new venture. In doing so, he discovered himself again by studying different spiritual belief systems. One fateful day at the age of 45 when he decided to go back to school for his Masters degree in Theology, he...


Separating from the Inauthentic Identity You Created with Dave Selinger - Episode 282

Episode 282 is about innovation. Don't judge a book by its cover. When Dave Selinger was an early employee of Amazon, he led the research and development arm of Amazon's data-mining and personalization team. He co-founded Redfin, which helped change the status quo in real estate. Now he has his own company called Deep Sentinel. David is on the autism spectrum but he never let that stop him from living life to its fullest potential - instead, he harnessed what talents and skills came...


A Life Out of Alignment is a State of Mind with Dr. Fred Moss - Episode 281

Episode 281 is about moving forward. You're not defined by your mistakes. Dr. Fred Moss - a physician, coach, and psychiatric expert. - found his calling. He wanted to make an impact on the world by helping people. Thus Welcome to Humanity was born; it's a movement about empowering others for change through healing themselves. Communication, connection, creativity, and conversation seem to be at the heart of all healing for Dr. Fred; without these aspects people just don't heal. And with...


The Dangerous Addiction to Validation with Cole Rodgers - Episode 280

Episode 280 is about knowing your why. Knowing your ‘why’ is knowing your purpose. Cole Rodgers, after being addicted to substances turned his life around when he found out his why. He met the right people, read the right books, did the right habits and listened to the right podcast. His ‘why’ was to be a better person for his wife, children and brothers. Cole followed The Man's Ethos and applied it in his life. And a man he truly became. Join us in this episode where we will explore how...