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Celebrating Men on Purpose Visionary. Compassionate. Clear. Legendary. Welcome to Men on Purpose, a celebration of real men making a real difference. If you are interested in making your mark, in discovering your own highest purpose and taking action to build a lasting legacy, you have found the right podcast.

Celebrating Men on Purpose Visionary. Compassionate. Clear. Legendary. Welcome to Men on Purpose, a celebration of real men making a real difference. If you are interested in making your mark, in discovering your own highest purpose and taking action to build a lasting legacy, you have found the right podcast.
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Celebrating Men on Purpose Visionary. Compassionate. Clear. Legendary. Welcome to Men on Purpose, a celebration of real men making a real difference. If you are interested in making your mark, in discovering your own highest purpose and taking action to build a lasting legacy, you have found the right podcast.








Surrender to Your Divine Purpose—with Dallas Cyr - EP 83

Without a cultural framework for finding our purpose, too many men fall prey to cultural conditioning. Resigned to our circumstances, we grow apathetic and let patterns run the show. We get swept up in the shadows. So, how can we learn to listen to our internal wisdom and choose something different? How do we surrender to our purpose? Dallas Cyr is an inspirational keynote speaker, conscious business mentor and transformational life guide. Through his coaching platform, Adversity to...


Choosing Clarity in Moments of Crisis—with Steve Little - EP 82

We are immersed in conflict every day. Maybe you got cut off in traffic or encountered a problem at work. In those instances, it is easy to allow your subconscious to take over and extend the upset. But we CAN choose a different response. We can get clear before we react and stay centered in our truth. So, how do we opt for clarity, even in moments of crisis? Acclaimed serial entrepreneur and investor Steve Little is the founder and managing director of Zero Limits Ventures, a firm that...


Overcome Limiting Beliefs and START—with Lance Essihos - EP 81

Are you on the fence about starting a new venture or sharing your voice with the world? Maybe you’re afraid that people won’t care or that you’re not ready… But the fact is, your story matters. And while you may not resonate with everyone, you will connect with some people—and you never know what kind of impact you might have until you put yourself out there. So, how do you get past the limiting self-beliefs and START? Lance Essihos is on a mission to inspire entrepreneurs in overcoming...


Decision-Making from a Place of Clarity—with Art Giser - EP 80

When faced with an important decision, it can be difficult to let go of other people’s energy as well as our own programming and limiting beliefs. But if we want to show up as our authentic selves and make the best possible choices, clearing out the noise is step #1. From there, we can tap into intuition AND logic, making decisions from a place of clarity and pursuing our goals with whole-being permission. Art Giser is the founder of Energetic NLP, a practice that combines neurolinguistic...


Finding the Opportunity in Change—with Jacob Engel - EP 79

“When one door closes, two others open. We need to understand that there’s a reason why things happen to us … and there is energy that helps us if we don’t fight it. There is opportunity in change.” Jacob Engel is the founder and CEO of The Prosperous Leader, a leadership training and consulting firm based in New York. He is also the author of The Prosperous Leader: How Smart People Achieve Success. Jacob’s leadership coaching philosophy is centered around the people that make up a...


A Relentless Commitment to Creative Work—with Matthew Dicks - EP 78

Aspiring Men on Purpose have no shortage of ideas when it comes to the goals we would like to achieve. What trips many of us up is developing the commitment to consistently devote our focus to these creative projects—when it would be easier to watch Netflix. So, how can we cultivate that kind of discipline? What motivates high-performing men to be so relentless and accomplish so much? Matthew Dicks is a bestselling author, award-winning elementary school teacher, storyteller, speaking...


Designing a Life That Aligns with YOUR Values—with Tim Alison - EP 77

Society has a very narrow definition of success. The expectation is that you go to college, get a corporate job, and make a lot of money. And if you stray from that path and stretch the boundaries of what people can imagine, the naysayers will get nasty. So, how do develop the courage to disregard the naysayers and design a life that aligns with YOUR values? Tim Alison is the founder and CEO at Screw the Naysayer Productions. In 1988, Tim walked away from a six-figure corporate job in...


Break Free from Conditioning & Uncover Your Purpose—with Scott Haber - EP 76

Too many men allow societal values to dictate our choices. We end up in careers that don’t fulfill us, following the traditional trajectory of success because it’s what we’re ‘supposed to do.’ How can we break free from preconditioned societal programming, cut away the mental fog, and uncover our true purpose? Scott Haber is a traveler, writer, speaker and nature advocate. He has a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan as well as a background in...


Embracing Your Spirituality as a ‘Real Man’—with Vince Kramer - EP 75

Cultural bias tells us that ‘real men’ don’t do spirituality. But the fact is, you can have a strong, masculine energy AND be a conscious channel who communicates with spirit guides. In fact, opening our minds to realms beyond the physical can provide men with a blueprint for personal growth and fulfillment. A true transformational leader and coach, Vince Kramer is the cofounder of Imagine Miracles, a community of people working to co-create a new way of life based on a universal caring for...


Decision-Making for Driven Serial Entrepreneurs—with Ken Bator - EP 74

How do driven entrepreneurs with multiple projects keep all of their plates spinning? How do they make choices about who to work with and what to say YES to? How do they prioritize and manage the day-to-day amidst the busyness and craziness of running more than one business? Ken Bator is the founder of Bator Training & Consulting, a firm that serves service-based businesses in creating extraordinary experiences for their customers, clients or members. He is also the cofounder and CEO of the...


Know Your Value, Then Share Your Heart—with Chris Burns - EP 73

‘I know that I’m valuable no matter what anyone says, and I’m also willing to share my heart with people and say what I’m truly feeling.’ Chris Burns is the cofounder of Burn it Up Coaching and the host of the Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self podcast. He is on a mission to support entrepreneurs and leaders in overcoming obstacles to build better business and make a greater impact. Chris has invested more than 10,000 hours in studying communication, business and leadership, and he has...


Unleash Your Creative Power with Sexual Consciousness —with Freddy Zental Weaver - EP 72

Our sexual energy is powerful, yet most men aren’t present to its potential for creating lasting fulfillment. What if we could learn to integrate meditation and sexual practices, channeling that energy for a deeper connection with ourselves and our partners? What if we could leverage sexual consciousness to unleash a creative power that would enhance every aspect of our lives? Freddy Zental Weaver is the cofounder of the TantraNova Institute and the coauthor of Sexual Enlightenment: How to...


H.I.T. it Big with Honesty, Integrity & Transparency—with Steven Kuhn - EP 71

To achieve the highest levels of success, men need three things—honesty, integrity and transparency. Together, these qualities help you make difficult choices and build the trust and rapport necessary to thrive in your personal and professional life. Steven Kuhn is a decorated US Army combat veteran and business consultant who supports entrepreneurs and leaders in expanding their brand, building value and developing beneficial relationships. He is also a sought-after speaker and bestselling...


Leveraging Wealth Creation to Serve Your Higher Calling with Tyler Chesser - EP 70

In an industry where most are laser-focused on cap rate and cash-on-cash return, Tyler Chesser asks his clients what higher calling they plan to pursue by way of their success in commercial real estate investing. Yes, wealth creation is important to him, but it’s how that ROI can help you serve your calling that really matters. Tyler is a passionate leader focused on improving the lives of others on a large scale through commercial real estate investing. He began his career in international...


How to Age WITHOUT Getting Old with Rico Caveglia - EP 69

There is a big difference between aging and getting old. Aging is about reaching our full potential, while getting old indicates being worn out and unable to care for ourselves. Men CAN stay healthy and energetic and live to our full genetic potential—simply by making smart lifestyle choices around nutrition, sleep, movement and mindset. Rico Caveglia is America’s Healthy Aging Trainer, and he has been living and teaching the Ageless Living Lifestyle for the past 20 years. Rico is also the...


The Danger in Pushing Down Your Emotions with Henry Johnstone - EP 68

As men, we are conditioned to push down our emotions. For a sensitive kid like Henry Johnstone, the pain and anger of denying his feelings led to substance abuse and self-harm. So, how do we learn to overcome this cultural conditioning and find the courage to express our emotions? Henry is the founder of Henry Johnstone Coaching and the host of The Inner Warrior podcast. As a coach, mentor and speaker, Henry is committed to helping men communicate with themselves and in their relationships....


Getting Aligned with Your True Self with Devin Galaudet - EP 67

What keeps a Man on Purpose moving forward on the path to his calling, despite a feeling that he may not be good enough? For Devin Galaudet, it was a deep sense that he was out of alignment with his true self. Every time he pushed aside the story he was writing, he felt the shame of not just making a mistake—but being a mistake. And he knew he had to see the project through, whatever the outcome. Devin is the Editor-in-Chief of In the Know Traveler, an online travel magazine dedicated to...


The Myth of the ‘Good Business Owner’ with Matt Balducci - EP 66

Conventional wisdom tells us that the harder we work, the more successful we’ll be. The Good Entrepreneur is willing to put in 100-hour workweeks to build a business, making sacrifices to hit certain revenue goals and achieve success in the eyes of the world. But what if this is all a myth? What if striving to be a good business owner comes at the expense of our health and our relationships? What if more hours at the office does NOT necessarily translate to more success? Matt Balducci is a...


The Power of Momentum as a Multiplier with Julian Hayes ll - EP 65

“Freedom does not come automatically; it is achieved. And it is not gained in a single bound; it must be achieved each day.” --Rollo May Are you afraid to take a huge leap? Begin with the first small step and leverage that momentum to multiply your progress. We would all like to skip right to the end result, but Julian Hayes II contends that the trajectory to success is messy—and requires daily action. Julian is the founder and CEO of The Art of Fitness & Life, a private wellness and...


Finding the Purpose in Your Pain with Dov Baron - EP 64

Many men mistake passion for purpose. But Dov Baron argues that passion is about what you get, while purpose is about what you give. In fact, he believes that your purpose exists in your pain—in healing the people suffering from the very thing you need to heal in yourself. Dov is an international speaker with 30-plus years of experience presenting at the World Business Conference, the State Department and The United Nations, among many other venues. A leading authority on authentic...