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Celebrating Men on Purpose Visionary. Compassionate. Clear. Legendary. Welcome to Men on Purpose, a celebration of real men making a real difference. If you are interested in making your mark, in discovering your own highest purpose and taking action to build a lasting legacy, you have found the right podcast.

Celebrating Men on Purpose Visionary. Compassionate. Clear. Legendary. Welcome to Men on Purpose, a celebration of real men making a real difference. If you are interested in making your mark, in discovering your own highest purpose and taking action to build a lasting legacy, you have found the right podcast.
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Celebrating Men on Purpose Visionary. Compassionate. Clear. Legendary. Welcome to Men on Purpose, a celebration of real men making a real difference. If you are interested in making your mark, in discovering your own highest purpose and taking action to build a lasting legacy, you have found the right podcast.








The Hero’s Journey Toward Fear and Resistance with Jeffrey Shaw - EP 49

“As we get older and we go down that path of the hero’s journey, fear and resistance become the indicator that we’re going in the right direction. So, when the soul’s gatekeepers show up, it tells me, ‘You’re following your calling. Good for you.’” Jeffrey Shaw is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker and host of the popular business podcast Creative Warriors. He also serves as a business coach for entrepreneurs, small business owners and service-based professionals, helping them attract...


Attracting Abundance as a Master Manifester with Iain Grae - EP 48

As a Master Manifester, you have the power to attract abundance OR scarcity, depending on the thoughts you perpetuate. Ergo, gaining clarity around what you want and achieving a higher level of consciousness is key in inviting prosperity into your life. Iain Grae is the founder of Evolved Lyfe, a platform designed to raise the collective consciousness and help high-achievers, entrepreneurs and leaders effortlessly create wealth while making a larger impact in the world. A serial...


Bringing Your Heart to Work with Ulrik Nerløe - EP 47

Do you bring your heart to work? Or do you play role? Are you going through the motions without revealing too much of yourself or truly engaging with the people around you? Ulrik Nerløe argues that strong organizations are built when we show up as our authentic selves, creating a culture of honesty that facilitates a meaningful connection to the work we do. Ulrik is the founder of Unified People, a consulting firm built on the principle that ‘whole people create whole companies.’ He has...


Developing Presence as a Skill Set with Jonathan Bender - EP 46

Is presence something you’re born with? Or a skill set you can learn? Jonathan Bender contends that with the right support, confidence and charisma are traits that CAN be learned, and he is on a mission to help people develop the skills necessary to be fully present on ANY stage and connect with yourself and your audience. Jonathan is the founder of WholeSpeak, LLC and The Performance of Your Life, programs that teach people how to show up on stage—and in life—with authenticity, power and...


The Magic of Coaching to Inspire Action with Sean Stewart - EP 45

To live a life free of regret, you need to realize that the temporary discomfort of taking steps to fulfill your purpose is much less painful than giving up. So, how do you develop the courage to move forward and fulfill your potential? How can a creative coach help you shift from frustration to exhilaration? Sean Stewart is the founder of The Creative Track, a business training and mentoring firm that supports mission-driven entrepreneurs in building lucrative lifestyle-friendly businesses...


Chasing Impact Through the 6 Equities of Life with John Marrone - EP 44

‘From now on, I chase IMPACT and income will come. I know it will.’ On October 29, 2012, John Marrone was in his attic with his family, watching the water rise in his new home. He asked himself, ‘What have I done with my life? Why am I here?’ It was in that moment that John decided to stop chasing money and make a commitment to creating an impact in the lives of others. Today, John has a successful life coaching company and speaking career. He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins and...


The Courage to Call Out a Broken System with Dr. Aaron L. Smith - EP 43

How do you develop the courage to call out a broken system? Dr. Aaron L. Smith is taking on public education, leveraging his passion for workforce readiness to break the old model and prepare students for a 21st century workplace. Aaron has 18-plus years in education, serving as a math teacher, school administrator, program director and adjunct professor. A leading STEM educator, Aaron has been honored with the WHRO Technology Administrator Award, the 2014 ING Unsung Hero Award, and the...


The 3 Phases of Heroic Masculinity with Scot Conway - EP 42

When Scot Conway was 19 years old, his father said, ‘Scot, you’re not much of a man. I can’t help you because I never figured it out. You’re smart. You’ll have to figure it out.’ So, he did. Scot found the answer through his martial arts training, designing a model he calls heroic masculinity. Today, Scot is a lawyer, real estate broker, and martial arts master with an impressive 15 books and 30 audio programs to his credit. Scot earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from San Diego...


Engaging with Your Kids Through Daddy Talks with Tony Sanders, Jr. - EP 41

Being a great father is more than simply being present in the home. It’s about being actively engaged in your kid’s lives and taking the time to have meaningful conversations on a regular basis. It’s about ‘daddy talks.’ Tony Sanders, Jr., is a Fatherhood Coach for Legacy: The Fatherhood Initiative and the CEO of Abundant Life Consulting, equipping people to be the best version of themselves by way of programs, resources and coaching in personal and professional development. Tony is also...


Helping Entrepreneurs Build an Extraordinary Life with Nathan Seaward- EP 40

Part of the appeal of entrepreneurship lies in the freedom it affords us to build the life we want. Yet many of us end up overwhelmed and overworked, stuck in an endless cycle of busy. How can we create a fulfilling business AROUND our lives? How can we design a truly extraordinary life filled with deep connection and adventure? Nathan Seaward enjoyed a 16-year career as an airline pilot before becoming a personal coach who focuses on helping entrepreneurs create extraordinary lives for...


Real Leaders Reach Out with Tim Fargo- EP 39

We tend to believe that leaders have all the answers. But the truth is, real leadership is about a willingness to reach out to people with a wide range of knowledge and expertise, solicit feedback, and take the responses to heart. Tim Fargo is an American entrepreneur, author and angel investor. He was the founder and CEO of Omega Insurance Services, a business he sold in 2003 for $20M. In 2013, Tim was using social media to market his book, Alphabet Success, and getting increasingly...


The Business of Creative Entrepreneurship with Michael Prywes- EP 38

Most of us have experienced ‘the gasp’—that moment of inspiration when an idea takes shape. The hard part is turning that vision into a successful business. And entrepreneurship can be particularly challenging for artists and creatives who don’t have an interest in the business or legal aspects of launching a startup. Michael Prywes is a New York attorney on a mission to serve artists and creative entrepreneurs. His podcast, How I Broke Into, explores how successful artists and...


Saying YES to Money AND Fulfillment with Joseph Wang- EP 37

Societal conditioning tells us that our job as men is to make money. But at the end of the day, a seven-, eight- or even nine-figure business doesn’t mean much if we lack inner peace and fulfillment. Life is truly a balancing act, and the challenge lies in saying YES to each new financial milestone without losing sight of what really matters. Joseph Wang is a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, generating $500K in revenue in his second year of business on Amazon FBA. He is also a...


Accessing the Playground of Infinite Possibilities Through Coaching with Dave Kehnast- EP 36

Life is a playground of infinite possibilities, but you have to stop and ask yourself, ‘What do I really want?’ Dave Kehnast is a transformational leadership, business and life coach, logging more than 2,000 paid client hours in the past seven years. Trained by the ICF-accredited Accomplishment Coaching program, Dave’s practice focuses on the transformation of human beings through ontological coaching methodology in combination with practical spiritual awareness. He is also the host of two...


Passion, Patience & the Pressure to Build Something Great with Evan Holladay- EP 35

With great power comes great responsibility. If you’re leading a $40M real estate development, there’s a lot riding on your ability to meet deadlines, get approval from powerful people, and secure investors for the project. So, how do you manage the pressure of all that weight on your shoulders? How do you stay calm through the ups and downs, developing the passion and the patience to build something great? Evan Holladay is a commercial real estate developer, investor and podcast host. He...


The STRONG Method to Regain Mental Health & Wellbeing with Anthony Treas- EP 34

Every man has the desire to do something great. But what if you are struggling with PTSD, anxiety or depression? How can you feel capable and worthy when your physical and mental health are suffering? When Anthony Treas returned to the States from his deployment in Iraq, he experienced PTSD, anxiety and depression. Hesitant to take medication, he sought natural ways to deal with his mental health issues and learned everything he could about brain function and its impact on every aspect of...


A Mission Other Than MORE with Damion Lupo- EP 33

If your self-worth is tied to your net worth, what happens if you lose it all? Losing $20M took Damion Lupo to a very dark place, and when he asked himself, ‘What is true?’ he realized that he didn’t care for the man he had become, a man who didn’t have a mission other than MORE. That’s when Damion’s transformation began, and he honed in on his purpose to free one million people from financial bondage, rewiring their belief systems around money and retirement planning. Today, he is a...


Making Every Moment Matter with Dave Sanderson- EP 32

Every. Moment. Matters. Given the choice between saving yourself or helping others in an emergency situation, what would you do? Would you trust that God takes care of the people who do the right thing? Would you have the courage to risk your own well-being for the sake of others? Dave Sanderson is a sought-after inspirational speaker in the realm of leading with integrity. And he speaks from personal experience, having been the last passenger on US Airways Flight 1549—otherwise known as...


Marketing with a Mindset of Service with Dan Moyle- EP 31

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. If you can develop a mindset of service and seek to help others reach their goals, we all get better together. What does it look like to live those values and cultivate servant leadership? Is there a way to approach marketing with a mindset of service? Dan Moyle, a self-proclaimed Inbound Marketing Evangelist, serves as the CMO at Interview Valet, a marketing and advertising firm that supports business owners, authors and entrepreneurs in...


Going Inward FIRST for Clarity of Purpose with Chris Kyle- EP 30

The truth is that society’s definition of success—money, power and position—simply doesn’t lead to happiness. Rather, the opportunity to build a legacy and do something meaningful are key in moving beyond the ‘default life’ to something extraordinary. But how do you gain the clarity of purpose necessary to live a life of meaning? The answer lies in going inside-out. Chris Kyle is a speaker, business coach and eLearning expert who supports authors, entrepreneurs and organizations in...