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Featuring the world's most impressive emerging and established Men On Purpose, this is the show where we spotlight, celebrate and elevate the arising model of the Nu Man - Men who are visionary, compassionate, clear and completely & freely expressing themselves in service to their own highest purpose.

Featuring the world's most impressive emerging and established Men On Purpose, this is the show where we spotlight, celebrate and elevate the arising model of the Nu Man - Men who are visionary, compassionate, clear and completely & freely expressing themselves in service to their own highest purpose.


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Featuring the world's most impressive emerging and established Men On Purpose, this is the show where we spotlight, celebrate and elevate the arising model of the Nu Man - Men who are visionary, compassionate, clear and completely & freely expressing themselves in service to their own highest purpose.








Build Your Confidence with Tripp Kramer - Episode 203

How do you meet and attract the right woman for you? This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to build their confidence, overcome shyness, and attract their ideal partner. Host Ian Lobas chats with Tripp Kramer, international dating coach and host of the popular podcast ‘How to Talk to Girls’. His book ‘Magnetic’ reveals all his dating and attraction secrets. Tripp has been featured in National Geographic, The New York Times, AskMen and Men’s Health. He also co-hosted a pilot called...


Gut Health & Your Personal Performance with Dr. Anthony Balduzzi - Episode 202

Your personal performance and quality of life hinge on the health of your gut. Hard to believe? Take a listen to the discussion between host Ian Lobas and MOP resident doctor, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi and you’ll learn just how important the integrity of the digestive tract really is. If you have autoimmune issues or you want more energy and mental clarity, this episode is meant for you. Dr. A, as he is affectionately known, is the founder of The Fit Father Project and The Fit Mother Project -...


Make Fear Your Tailwind Instead of a Headwind with Glenn Lobas and Ian Lobas - Episode 201

Everybody has fear, it’s human nature, but you can learn to work with it and move beyond it to thrive in life and business. In this episode, Ian Lobas’ dad, Glenn, realizes the profound positive impact his entrepreneurial journey had on his son. As Glenn reflects on the fears he overcame to become a successful entrepreneur, Ian recalls his own unique road to entrepreneurship. They both agree that we’re not born with fear, we learn it and then tend to carry it with us in every sphere of our...


F**K Hustle & Grind with Christopher Lochhead - Episode 200

If you can’t find your place in the world, it may be because it doesn’t exist; some of us have to make our place in the world. This is one of the many golden takeaways of this special 200th episode celebration. Christopher Lochhead joins host Ian Lobas to discuss the real reward of building a legendary business. As they reveal many “ahas” and shatter the myths perpetrated by popular hustle porn stars, they provide a roadmap for anyone who wants to break free from the grind and take a more...


Getting Out of Your Own Way with Aaron Velky - Episode 199

Are you sabotaging yourself? In this episode, host Ian Lobas & Aaron Velky reveal why everyone gets in their own way in some capacity and what to do about it. They discuss how our days can get filled with one distraction after the other and they guide us through the process of auditing our patterns and routines to detect when this is happening. These business partners show us how to detect blindspots and develop an awareness of the fears that are leaving us frozen and stuck. If you’ve ever...


Dig to Fly with Karl Staib - Episode 198

Are you willing to dig deep so you can soar in your life? In this episode, Karl Staib joins host Ian Lobas to discuss turning our struggles into stepping stones. Karl is a seasoned speaker and author of the book Bring Gratitude. He created the Dig to Fly method to help us get curious about our patterns of behavior and recognize that trauma can make us more resilient if we look at it the right way. Karl and Ian look at the role of parents in teaching their kids resilience, because, let’s...


Go Higher on the Staircase of Growth with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech - Episode 197

Have you ever thought about how plastic surgery can change lives? Dr. Doug Steinbrech sure has. In this episode, Dr. Steinbrech joins host Ian Lobas to discuss his journey, which began in a small town in Iowa, where he thought farmers’ kids don’t go to medical school. Fast forward to today. Dr. Steinbrech has been described by Forbes as the “go-to surgeon for men.” He is one of the nation’s most sought out experts for men’s surgery, leading the new wave of techniques in the accelerating...


How to Express Your Most Authentic Self with Shu Matsuo Post - Episode 196

What does it mean to be a man? Shu Matsuo Post may well be a trailblazer for accessing a different understanding of what being a male is. In this episode, Shu and host Ian Lobas discuss the possibilities for societies if we celebrate masculinity and femininity equally. Author of the book I Took Her Name, Shu has become aware of gender inequality in a very real way. He shares the lessons he learned from the vulnerability he experienced as he went through the process of changing his name in...


Perfect Alignment with Nick Gross - Episode 195

If you want amazing results in your life and business, you’ve just struck gold! Nick Gross, known as The RV Fit Guy, reveals the extraordinary four-step process that shifted him from someone with zero confidence to a pioneering entrepreneur whose business has grown exponentially. It’s hard to imagine coming from a loving middle class family, having a decent job and being in a great relationship, only to have everything come crashing down. The night Nick and the love of his life were heading...


Everything Happens for a Reason with Austin Linney - Episode 194

How many goals have you set based on false narratives and false triggered emotions? Not sure? Then you need to listen to this episode. 20-year service industry veteran turned serial entrepreneur, Austin Linney, shares his story openly and authentically. He discusses with host Ian Lobas the path that led him from a country clubhouse to sleeping underneath the stairs in a closet. This mindset and business coach and host of the Construct Your life podcast reveals how he went from being a drug...


How to Purposefully Shift Your Mindset & Habits in 2021 with Dr. Anthony Balduzzi EP193

If you want to change your mindset and habits powerfully and purposefully in 2021, this is the episode for you! Health and weight loss expert Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is the founder of The Fit Father Project and The Fit Mother Project - the leading health & weight loss programs for busy men and women over 40. Dr. A, as he is affectionately known, explains that everything we want to do is going to require a desire and consistent action and desire + action requires physical, mental and emotional...


Men's Optimal Health: The Purposeful Man & Heart-Centered Business Leading The Way with Kent Baklor - Episode 192

The why behind your business can be a powerful force for changing your life and the lives of others. In this episode, Ian Lobas uncovers the story of Kent Baklor’s success in life and business. Kent is the founder of the LifeMed Institute, a health and wellness practice in Maryland that is designed to take care of you and your health in unique ways. From gut health to heart and brain health, Kent is passionate about helping you operate efficiently and manage the aging process. It comes as...


Evidence vs Emotion with Aaron Velky and Ian Lobas - EP 191

We all have choices in every moment of challenge or opportunity that we face. In this episode, host Ian Lobas & Aaron Velky discuss how our brain gets wired and how we can rewire it. You’ll learn how your brain registers the experiences that didn’t feel good to you and the feeling you don’t want to have again. The interesting thing is that this also happens in business. They point out that our past conditioning and programming can control the choices we make in the present, if we let them,...


How to Create a Purposeful Mindset & Use the Power of Choice to Elevate Yourself with Daniel Diaz - Episode 190

If you can’t figure out how to step up to the next level, this is the episode for you! Daniel Diaz and Ian Lobas discuss how to go from who are now and where you are now to where you want to be. This conversation provides a roadmap to help you live with purpose and on purpose and have the life you want with no regrets. Dad, husband and founder of Peak Life Now, Daniel Diaz is a performance life coach, speaker, motivator and life-liver. His mission is to help people live a limitless life, so...


Act on Your Instincts for a Life of No Regrets with Peter Lorimer - Episode 189

What is life if we don’t reach? That’s Peter Lorimer’s guiding principle as he shares his profound wisdom with Ian Lobas. It’s a privilege to hear the advice of one of the most dialed-in, successful men you’ll ever encounter. You’ll be hanging on his every word. Peter has had an illustrious career as a top real estate broker in Los Angeles for more than 15 years now, and he’s just merged his company with real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran! Actually, his can-do attitude led him to achieve...


Parenting & Living on Purpose with a Mindset of Curiosity, Growth & Abundance with Glenn Lobas and Ian Lobas - EP 188

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is it going to take for me to get to where they are?” In this episode, Ian Lobas’ dad Glenn reveals what happened when his ego took a blow and how in the process he learned his best lesson ever about life and leadership. He describes how he humbly applied a mindset of curiosity, as he had in the past, and how it led him to a promotion in six months. Combining that mindset with one of growth and abundance was powerful! His journey and determination to put...


Progress Over Perfection with Meredith and Ian Lobas - EP 187

Meredith and Ian Lobas are committed to helping listeners of this podcast Elevate, Educate, Empower, Enrich and Evolve themselves and this episode has all the ingredients to help you do just that. With a behind-the-scenes look at how this purposeful couple became partners for life, you’ll gain useful insights that can shift any relationship to a more positive and intentional trajectory. Relive Ian’s proposal to Meredith and the entire adventure surrounding their engagement. Ian describes...


Construct Your Triangle of Growth with Aaron Velky and Ian Lobas EP 186

You might be lying to yourself! In this episode, Aaron Velky and host Ian Lobas challenge you to engage in introspection as they discuss the game-changing trio that work together as the foundation of your growth. They cover some specific changes you can make to become the person you want to become and achieve the things you want to achieve. They outline what it takes to achieve massive growth and the dangerous path many people take when they’re busy doing everything under the sun but not...


Growing Through the Highs & Lows of Life with Aaron Amuchastegui and Ian Lobas EP 185

Aaron Amuchastegui has had some of the lowest lows and highest highs one can imagine. In this episode, Ian Lobas talks with this inspiring family man about his incredible journey and the powerful lessons he’s learned along the way. It’s hard to believe that Aaron grew up in a small town in Oregon and struggled to fit in when he transitioned from high school to college. It is easier to believe that he was the high school valedictorian and was voted most likely to succeed. Today he’s a...


Limitless Possibilities with Glenn Lobas and Ian Lobas - EP 184

No one wants to go to their grave saying “I coulda, woulda, shoulda…” Yet very often we simply talk about what we’d like to do without ever taking the necessary action. In this episode, Ian Lobas’ dad Glenn shares his life lessons that can help us avoid staying stuck. Having learned about responsibility and consequences from his own dad, Glenn is well-positioned to provide useful advice on seizing opportunities that many people may not see. Glenn Lobas is an entrepreneur and international...