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The Four Tendencies Book Review #27

This episode is a review of Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies. This book explains so much about what motivates people and it can really be a window into why some people do what they do. Do you know why some people are intrinsically motivated and why others need an external source pushing them to get them to do things? Do you know someone that questions every little thing? Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear about the four tendencies so that you can understand why some people...


What Does Your Chronotype Say About You? A Book Review of The Power of When #26

Do you ever feel that your schedule is a bit off-kilter from the rest of the world? Well, you’re not alone. Maelisa and Amber have found a fantastic book that explains why different people’s optimal schedule may not line up with their spouse’s or seemingly everyone else’s. On this episode of My Biz Bestie Maelisa and Amber review a book that they have often mentioned on the podcast. The book is The Power of When and it was written by sleep psychologist, Michael Breus. If sleep or...


Connecting with Business Besties (and Bros) with Katie Vernoy and Curt Widhalm #25

Katie Vernoy and Curt Widhalm join Maelisa and Amber on the podcast for a My Biz Bestie first. Curt is the first guy to join the show, proving that biz besties can even be biz bros! Curt and Katie share their origin story, get real about their friendship, and share the juicy details on their joint business and how they are able to balance each other out. Katie and Curt have so much fun with their witty banter. You won’t want to miss this episode, so be sure to hit play to join in on the...


How to Create Community with Katie Krimitsos #24

Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock joins Maelisa and Amber on episode 24 of My Biz Bestie to share her superpower. Katie’s superpower is creating community. She joins the conversation to teach My Biz Bestie listeners how to create community. Katie has an enormously interactive Facebook group and a podcast by the same name. She learned how to create community building by creating a local entrepreneur networking organization with her husband. She then took the expertise that she gleaned locally...


Dealing with Overwhelm: How to Manage Your Time and Expectations #23

This episode of My Biz Bestie is all about dealing with overwhelm and discovering the root causes. Why do you get overwhelmed and how do you avoid it? Often people offer the advice of practicing self-care. But self-care is not just about taking baths, getting a massage, or enjoying a cup of tea. These are great things to do, but they won’t help much if you are truly feeling overwhelmed. Simple band-aid fixes can’t make changes to the bigger picture. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your...


Learn Team Leadership Strategies That You Need to Know, with Shelli Warren #22

As a business owner, you may now find yourself in a leadership position that you haven’t been in before. On this episode of My Biz Bestie Amber and Maelisa welcome team and leadership expert Shelli Warren. Shelli has been a team leader for Procter and Gamble for more than 25 years. She has led a multitude of types of teams ranging from technical teams to virtual teams, to local teams and many kinds in between. She shares her leadership expertise and provides some fantastic nuggets of gold...


The Product Boss Besties with Minna Khounlo-Sithep and Jacqueline Snyder #21

On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Product Bosses, Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep tell of their experience as biz besties. Jacqueline is a fashion designer that became an apparel startup expert. She owns Designer Consulting Co-Op and has helped companies launch and grow their businesses. Minna is an entrepreneur at heart and an Amazon expert. She is the owner of Lil' Labels, a baby bottle label company. Together they recently started a podcast called the Product Boss. Listen to...


How to Set Up an Amazing Group Retreat #20

On episode number 20 of My Biz Bestie, Amber and Maelisa discuss how to set up an awesome group retreat. Group retreats are a wonderful way to get away and really focus on your business. When done well they are the perfect mix of business and pleasure. Planning a group retreat can be a daunting task. A well-planned retreat is not just good for your business, it’s good for your soul. If you are thinking of planning a group retreat or even just attending one then you will want to listen to...


What are the Benefits of Masterminds? with Natalie Eckdahl #19

Have you ever wondered if a mastermind would be a good idea for you and your business? Perhaps you’re already in one, but it isn’t providing you with all the benefits that you were expecting? On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Natalie Eckdahl from the Biz Chix podcast is here to discuss masterminds. Natalie is the mastermind queen and has the scoop on everything you have been wondering about masterminds. If you have masterminds on the mind you will want to listen to this episode of My Biz...


What to do when Your Business Friendship Goes Bad #18

This episode of My Biz Bestie is all about what to do when your business friendship goes south. Not every relationship was made to last forever. There’s a saying that there are friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime. It's important to know what kind of friend you are dealing with, kind of like the dating game. Walking away from a crumbling friendship can be hard, but it is important to know when to do it. On this episode, Maelisa and Amber will walk through...


Learn How Collaboration Works with Biz Besties Geraldine Carter and Jeannine Widmann #17

On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Maelisa and Amber welcome Biz Besties, Jeannine Widmann, and Geraldine Carter. These independent women found each other at a networking event in their small town in Montana. When they realized that they served the same market as business coaches they made the conscious decision to see how collaboration works for them in their industry. Jeannine coaches women leaders and business owners by helping them increase their confidence and teaching them to own...


How Can Utilizing a Business Support System Save You Time and Money? #16

Do you have a business support system in place? What kind of support system, you ask? Well grab your favorite headphones and a cuppa and sit down for a listen! On this episode of My Biz Bestie, we’re talking about support and not the 1-800-helpdesk kind. Your business support system can be a part of your network, but they are your inner circle. These are the folks you can come to for support or collaboration. Or maybe they are just there to tell you that you should not be wearing that...


Bonus: The Winding Trajectory of a Successful Career with Amber Hawley

Welcome back to another bonus episode of My Biz Bestie. Today is all about Amber Hawley, multi-passionate business owner, wife, and mother. Amber didn’t start out life wanting to own her own business, but over time she determined she had just the skills necessary to make it as an entrepreneur. I think we can all agree she’s currently crushing it. Amber is going to share some stories you will not believe. Want to know the story of how she moved to California on a whim? How about the time...


Bonus: Dr. Maelisa Hall - My Business Backstory

As promised, here is the first of your two Bonus Bestie episodes! It’s time to go a little deeper into our personal business stories so you, our community, have a great idea of where we are coming from. Up to the plate first is our own Dr. Maelisa Hall, who is sharing all of her various business ventures from Beanie Babies to private practice. Maelisa is sharing her story today with the hope that you will see her path is not a linear one. She tried many different things before figuring...


015 Lessons Learned from Season 1 of the Podcast

Welcome to the final episode of season 1! Today, we are going to wrap up the season with all the lessons learned and nuggets of wisdom we have learned from doing this podcast. After we wrap the year up, we wanted to glimpse into the near future and give you a taste of what’s to come in season 2. We could not have made the My Biz Bestie podcast without you, our people. Thanks to your feedback and participation, we have been able to tune and tweak our process to serve you best. It also...


014 The Benefits and Drawbacks of Having a Business Support System

Here is a super-sized episode of My Biz Bestie for you today! You might have guessed by now that we are huge proponents of having a Business Support System. We are so passionate about it, we gave a talk at the ADHD conference in Atlanta about the topic. Today, we have adapted and expanded that talk for you explaining just why we love all the benefits of a Business Support System, as well as a few of the potential drawbacks. The bottom line is this: there is so much value in having...


13: Meet My Bestie: Allison Puryear and Tiffany McLain

Now that you know all about how we “unstructured” our Biz Bestie relationship, we wanted to share with you how more Besties help one another with all of their business endeavors. We promise that you and your Biz Bestie do not have to be quite as unstructured as we are! In fact, there are so many benefits to having a Bestie. Allison and Tiffany had the ultimate friend crush. The pair definitely started out as mutual admirers but at a distance. Allison remembers making the leap and reaching...


012: Structuring Your Biz Bestie Relationship

Once you find your Biz Bestie, it’s time to get clear about what you need in the relationship. After all, you want to make sure you and your Bestie are getting the optimum amount of support and love you need to find success, however you define that. It all comes down to values, and how you can support one another in those values. As we’ve been talking to friends and colleagues about the subject, it became so clear that all the Biz Besties we know each structure things differently. The...


011 Lessons Learned On Our Conference Spree

Last episode, we went over how we learned to rock a live event. You know we are hard pressed to turn down an opportunity to learn with lots of other people! Now that we’ve had a moment to breathe, let’s pause a moment to look at all the wonderful nuggets of wisdom we actually learned from those conferences. Going to conferences is exhausting. We will chat a little bit about one of our harder lessons: planning rest time. Sometimes, it’s important to rally and push through, but other...


010 Tips for Attending Live Events

We, the Biz Besties, love live events. Every event we attend, we gain more and more insight into how to maximize the use of your time there. Live events are perfect for working your network, meeting new and interesting people, and learning a little something along the way. These events are not just for extroverts or knowledge junkies. There’s a little something for everyone, and we want to help you make the most of it. With speakers, networking opportunities, breakout sessions, and...


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