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Building Business Relationships Through Social Media and Networking with Eboni Harris and Eliza Boquin #43

Have you ever wondered if you building business relationships through social media could actually lead somewhere? Eboni Harris and Eliza Boquin were curious if they were the only minority therapists in Houston. After meeting each other through social media they knew they had to meet in person. A short time later they knew that there must be more therapists of color. Their first happy hour event for therapists of color was attended by a surprising number of guests and they knew they were on...


What are the Group Norms in Your Squad? #42

Have you ever been a part of a group and wondered why you were so disappointed by it? Maybe you were in a paid business group and felt that others discussed their personal lives too much, or not enough. When others don’t live up to expectations this can be a source of disappointment. On this episode of My Biz Bestie Maelisa and Amber put on their psychologists’ hats to discuss group norms and why they are important to creating the right inner circle. If you have ever been a part of a group...


How to Effectively Communicate Your Needs with Your Biz Besties with Adria DeCorte #41

Maelisa and Amber welcome Adria DeCorte from the Unforgettable podcast to episode 41 of My Biz Bestie. Adria is here to talk about the bigger challenges of the biz bestie relationship. Adria knows all about pivoting and evolving your business. She actually helps business owners pivot and clarify their messaging. Her ability to effectively communicate has not only helped her grow her business but it allowed her to maintain her biz bestie relationship triad even after she decided to leave...


How to Cope with Entrepreneur Depression and Mental Health Disorders #40

Entrepreneurship and mental health disorders can go hand-in-hand. The truth is that entrepreneurs have a tendency to believe that everyone else is doing just fine and that they are the only ones struggling. But that’s just not true. Mental health conditions affect so many entrepreneurs, their issues can range from ADHD, to anxiety, to depression. Entrepreneur depression can be exacerbated by the isolation that comes with entrepreneurship. If you or someone you know struggles with mental...


Why Having a Team is Actually Important for Self-Care #39

There will always be items on your to-do list, no matter how much you work on your business. You could work all day, every day and still not get everything done. But work-life balance is so important to maintaining your health. One way to help you discover that elusive line that distinguishes the right balance of work and life is to hire a team. When most people think of building a team for their business they think of growing or scaling their business. But having a team is about much more...


Discover How Biz Besties Stick Together Through Business Growth with Jaclyn Mellone and Jessica Stansberry #38

Jaclyn Mellone and Jessica Stansberry from the All Up in Your Lady Business podcast join Amber and Maelisa on this episode of My Biz Bestie. In case you were wondering, All Up in Your Lady Business is a business podcast. . . not a gynecology podcast. These biz besties discuss their whirlwind biz bestie romance and how their relationship stays strong after 3 years into it. If you think a biz bestie relationship is something that takes time to develop, Jaclyn and Jessica are here to prove you...


Taking Productivity to a Whole New Level at The GSD Work Retreat #37

The My Biz Bestie GSD work retreat was a fantastic getaway enjoyed by 4 hard-working women. These ladies brought the right mindset and achieved greatness over the 4-day retreat. This retreat was the first time Maelisa and Amber hosted a retreat themselves and they spend this episode reflecting on who worked, what worked, and why it worked. Listen to this episode to hear what the participants thought and to discover if a work retreat is exactly what you need to get stuff done. Accountability...


How to Maximize Your Money Mindset #36

Episode 36 is a bit of a nostalgic one for Maelisa and Amber since they reminisce on how they met. On this episode they discuss the book Get Rich Lucky Bitch. The dynamic duo actually met while reading this book as part of an online book club. They both grew to be huge fans of the author, Denise Duffield-Thomas. Your money mindset can be a bit of a woo-woo topic, but having the right mindset about money really does impact every part of your life. How you think about money can affect your...


How to Maximize Your Conference Networking Experience with Chris Browning #35

Biz bro, Chris Browning, joins Maelisa and Amber in this live interview from the Podcast Movement conference. Chris hosts Popcorn Finance, a podcast which gives financial tidbits in about the time that it takes to make a bowl of popcorn. During this super special interview with everyone’s favorite financial guru, the biz besties pick Chris’s brain to learn how he maximizes his time at conferences. Although Chris hasn’t been to that many conferences he has learned how to get the most bang for...


Finding the Right Business Friendship with Stacey Ogden #34

Stacey Ogden joins Maelisa and Amber today to find a bestie. Stacey is a busy working mom that loves building her side hustle. She needs to build a business friendship with some entrepreneur friends because no one at her day job understands what she is going through. She loves her teacher friends but is looking to find a bestie that understands what it is like to work full-time, be a great mom, and build a business on the side. Stacey is an expert when it comes to time management and loves...


The 6 Areas of Your Life That Create Your Business Support System #33

Welcome to season 3 of My Biz Bestie. After an enjoyable summer hiatus, Maelisa and Amber are back in action and ready to talk about entrepreneurship, business relationships, and of course, biz besties. On this episode, they are excited to explore not just the biz bestie relationship, but the entire support system that surrounds you and your business. They explore the different areas of your life that provide a support system for you and your business. Are you ready to discover what the 6...


How Can Having an Arch Nemesis Help You Grow Personally? #32

Whether you call them frenemies, haters, or nemesis (nemesi??), it seems like everyone has someone in their lives that is their antithesis. On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Amber and Maelisa flesh out the arch-nemesis relationship. An arch-nemesis can actually be an important relationship that helps you define your life (much like a biz bestie!). Having an arch-nemesis may not seem like a good thing, but you may be surprised at the good they can provide to your life. Listen to this episode...


The GSD Mavens Share the Value of a Week-Long Entrepreneur Retreat #31

This episode is a special one where six GSD mavens join Maelisa and Amber to share their experiences from the week-long GSD entrepreneur retreat. You may not consider a week-long retreat to be a valuable use of your time, but these ladies will prove you wrong. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear the GSD mavens explain why the week-long GSD entrepreneur retreat may be exactly what you need. What benefits does Agnes Wainman see in GSD? Agnes Wainman is a clinical psychologist in...


How a Business Friendship with Someone in a Different Niche Can Help You with Julie Fry and Nikki Rausch #30

Biz besties, Julie Fry and Nikki Rausch, join Maelisa and Amber on episode 30 of My Biz Bestie. Just because these two run different types of businesses doesn’t stop their business friendship. They have found that having a biz bestie with someone in a completely different niche to be really helpful. Julie leads a community of mom entrepreneurs. She knows all about the importance of getting to meet with people in real life and helps to facilitate that with inclusive live events. Nikki is a...


Do You Need Accountability? Join Our Networking Challenge #29

Networking can be a weak point for many entrepreneurs. Sometimes entrepreneurs get so caught up in the day to day aspects of their business that they forget that networking is one of the easiest ways to grow their business. Maelisa and Amber are expert networkers who occasionally need some accountability to get things done. This is why they are excited to announce their June Networking Accountability Challenge. This challenge will happen live on Facebook every Thursday in June at noon PST...


Find Me a Business Bestie with Vickie Maris #28

On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Maelisa and Amber embark on a challenge: to find a business bestie for Vickie Maris. Vickie met Maelisa and Amber at Social Media Marketing World and was intrigued by the idea of finding a biz bestie. The gals thought that this would be a fantastic idea for an episode. Consider this the Tinder of podcasts, but for biz besties! Vickie shares a bit about her life and why she is looking for a business bestie on episode 28 of My Biz Bestie. Listen in to hear if...


The Four Tendencies Book Review #27

This episode is a review of Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies. This book explains so much about what motivates people and it can really be a window into why some people do what they do. Do you know why some people are intrinsically motivated and why others need an external source pushing them to get them to do things? Do you know someone that questions every little thing? Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear about the four tendencies so that you can understand why some people...


What Does Your Chronotype Say About You? A Book Review of The Power of When #26

Do you ever feel that your schedule is a bit off-kilter from the rest of the world? Well, you’re not alone. Maelisa and Amber have found a fantastic book that explains why different people’s optimal schedule may not line up with their spouse’s or seemingly everyone else’s. On this episode of My Biz Bestie Maelisa and Amber review a book that they have often mentioned on the podcast. The book is The Power of When and it was written by sleep psychologist, Michael Breus. If sleep or...


Connecting with Business Besties (and Bros) with Katie Vernoy and Curt Widhalm #25

Katie Vernoy and Curt Widhalm join Maelisa and Amber on the podcast for a My Biz Bestie first. Curt is the first guy to join the show, proving that biz besties can even be biz bros! Curt and Katie share their origin story, get real about their friendship, and share the juicy details on their joint business and how they are able to balance each other out. Katie and Curt have so much fun with their witty banter. You won’t want to miss this episode, so be sure to hit play to join in on the...


How to Create Community with Katie Krimitsos #24

Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock joins Maelisa and Amber on episode 24 of My Biz Bestie to share her superpower. Katie’s superpower is creating community. She joins the conversation to teach My Biz Bestie listeners how to create community. Katie has an enormously interactive Facebook group and a podcast by the same name. She learned how to create community building by creating a local entrepreneur networking organization with her husband. She then took the expertise that she gleaned locally...