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Networking Ideas to Help You Through Those Awkward Situations #65

Are you looking for new networking ideas to help you survive those in-person networking events? Networking can feel awkward for everybody, even for extroverts like Maelisa and Amber. Luckily they have come up with some networking tips to share with you. The networking extraordinaires have put together some advice based on their own experiences networking at many events. Listen to this episode to hear how to extricate yourself from uncomfortable conversations, how to make others feel...


Is Complacency Affecting Your Business Growth? #64

Business growth can stagnate if you become complacent. Have you been getting complacent in your business? Have you thought about what is keeping you stuck? Amber and Maelisa have both become a bit complacent in their businesses and are ready to make some changes. They are taking advantage of big changes in their lives to make small changes in their days and in their businesses to optimize their efficiency and create the most impact. Listen to this episode to hear how Amber and Maelisa are...


Communicating and Working Together as a Couple with Jacqui Letran and Joseph Wolfgram #63

Have you ever considered working together as a couple with your partner? On today’s episode of My Biz Bestie Maelisa and Amber welcome their first ever couple/biz besties/business partners! Jacqui Letran and Joseph Wolfgram are exceptional in many ways not only are they a couple who works together on their business from home but they do so in an RV while roaming the country. You’ll learn what their secrets are for working together as a couple when you listen to this episode of My Biz...


How to Improve Your Leadership and Communication Skills with Maureen Werrbach #62

Megastar entrepreneur Maureen Werrbach joins the My Biz Bestie podcast to discuss how to improve leadership and communication skills to help you grow your business. Maureen has her eggs in many baskets and has learned how to successfully juggle multiple businesses. She has her own counseling practice with 3 locations, a consulting business, and she is in a partnership with other mental health professionals. Maureen understands that the secret to success is building an amazing team to stand...


How to Collaborate with Others to Build Your Business with Leanne Peterson #61

Are you looking to collaborate with others to build your business? Do you have loads of creative ideas that you can share with the world if you just had the right partner? Collaborative genius, Leanne Peterson, joins the My Biz Bestie podcast to share her expertise in this area. She has a lot of wisdom to share on how to collaborate with others both at your level of success and beyond. Listen to this episode to hear her share her experience on collaborating with others to grow your community...


The Keys to Building and Maintaining Business Relationships with Betsy Furler #60

Even if you’re great at networking you may struggle with maintaining business relationships. It can be a struggle to keep up with those contacts that you have met in various different circumstances. Your App Lady and networking extraordinaire, Betsy Furler, joins the My Biz Bestie podcast to discuss the power of networking and the often forgotten role of maintaining business relationships. Listen in to this conversation to learn from Betsy’s expertise and discover how important networking...


How to Make Changes to Improve Your Leadership Skills with Michael Diettrich Chastain #59

Are you ready to improve your leadership skills and yourself? Michael Diettrich Chastain joins the biz besties to discuss his new book Changes. Michael is a licensed therapist that focuses on leadership development and the psychology of business at Arc Integrated. His years of work in this field have lead him to write Changes for busy professionals and team leaders that want to create change in their own lives. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear more about the book and how it...


How to Tell if That Business Coaching Course is Worth It #58

Before you invest in another business coaching course stop and listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie. If you are anything like Maelisa and Amber you have invested a ton of money in masterminds, courses, programs, and anything else you can think of to help your business grow. But how can you tell if you’re getting a good ROI? On this episode, the biz besties help you analyze whether or not you should buy that next business course (or join that mastermind, etc) or whether the one you are...


How Inner Growth Can Lead to Prosperity Inside and Out with Natalie MacNeil #57

Maelisa and Amber welcome self-care guru, Natalie MacNeil to discuss personal reflection, imbalance, and inner growth. Natalie has written 3 best selling books and is the visionary behind one of Forbes Top 100 websites for women. She has a new book called The Rituals coming out in the fall of 2019. You will want to download this one so that you can pause and reflect and then go back and listen again. Watch out because Natalie throws the inspirational knowledge bombs in every direction on...


How to Set Networking Goals with Nikki Rausch #56

Nikki Rausch is ready to teach you how to set networking goals by using her Stride 5 list on this episode of My Biz Bestie. Nikki is Your Sales Maven, a sales coach, author, and speaker. She teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to sell without being salesy. Nikki prefers to build strong relationships in an authentic way before ever engaging in a sale. Learn how to build authentic relationships first by setting networking goals on this episode of My Biz Bestie. Why is it important...


Friendship Through Frugal Living with Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni #55

Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni are frugal living experts and cohosts of the Frugal Friends Podcast. Being frugal is what brought them together in friendship and what inspired them to start a podcast together. They share frugal living advice as well as advice on how to expand your circle by stepping outside your comfort zone on this episode of My Biz Bestie. How did frugal living bring Jen and Jill together? Jill is a social worker and therapist that has always used frugality and lived in...


How These Biz Besties Began a Software Startup with Jennifer Barcelos and Sandy Connery #54

Sandy Connery and Jeni Barcelos met through a course that taught how to begin a software startup. Sandy had a successful brick and mortar business selling custom orthotics in Canada. She knew she was burned out and needed a change when she stopped caring about her work. She liked the idea of creating an online business so that she could stay at home and not have an inventory. Jennifer was a human rights lawyer who traveled to the scarier parts of the globe. They were brought together by a...


How to Create a Community with Purpose with Pat Flynn #53

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income joins Maelisa and Amber today to discuss how to create a community with a purpose. Pat wasn’t always a podcaster and an entrepreneur but stumbled into his position after losing his job as an architect. He learned how to sell online due to his sheer desperation but found success in his hard work, research, and failure. He created his podcast because he wanted to share his knowledge with others. He knows that his podcast helps to normalize what other...


Can You Become a Successful Entrepreneur and Have it All? #52

You may feel driven to become a successful entrepreneur, but what are the costs? On this episode of My Biz Bestie Maelisa and Amber examine the 4 burner theory to see if successful entrepreneurs really can have it all. Everyone wants to be successful, but is it possible to become successful in all the major areas in life? Listen in as Amber and Maelisa unpack this interesting theory about life balance, what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, and what success really means. What is...


Why Finding a Biz Bestie with the Right Business Mindset is More Important than Being in the Same Industry with Pam Andrews and Paula Kinney #51

Pam Andrews and Paula Kinney may not share the same industry but sharing the same business mindset drew them close and brought them to be biz besties. Pam Andrews is known as the Scholarship Shark and is a college admissions consultant. She gives moms more joy and less stress as they embark into the scary world of college admissions. Paula Kinney is an interior designer who offers virtual interior design services and runs the Love Your Next Kitchen Design Studio out of Cleveland, Ohio. These...


How Can Learning Your Money Archetypes Improve Your Money Mindset? with Denise Duffield-Thomas #50

My Biz Bestie biz hero, Denise Duffield-Thomas, joins the besties to talk about money archetypes, personality tests, and her new book Chillpreneur. You have probably heard Maelisa and Amber gush over Denise Duffield-Thomas (or DDT to the biz besties) on previous episodes. She is actually part of the My Biz Bestie origin story! DDT is a money mindset mentor that helps you understand your relationship with money so that you can actually make money. She has written 2 previous books: Lucky...


Networking Ideas to Make You and Your Business Stand Out #49

Are you looking for networking ideas to up your networking game? Is one of your new year’s resolutions to network more? Then you’ve come to the right place. On this episode of My Biz Bestie, the social mavens are here to teach you how to reach out. Networking is imperative to growing your business but there are unwritten rules that you need to follow for it to be effective. Thankfully your favorite biz besties have navigated these waters for a while and can teach you the ins and outs of...


Finding Your Unicorn: How to Hire the Right Person #48

Do you know how to hire the right person? We are all looking for a unicorn, that perfect person to help you with all of your needs. You know they must be out there, but how do you find the right person for the job and then keep them on? Hiring and retaining good people is a huge struggle for all business owners. If you struggle with finding the right help for your business, you’ll want to listen to episode 48 of My Biz Bestie as Maelisa and Amber share useful tips on how to hire the right...


How You Can Use Your Entrepreneur Support System to Help You Find a Biz Bestie with Jannelle Photopoulos #47

Janelle Photopoulus has an entrepreneur support system but she searching for the right biz bestie. Jannelle owns a residential interior design firm in Rhode Island. Blakely Interior Design is growing quickly and she would love to find a biz bestie to help her on her entrepreneurial journey. Jannelle loves to learn and grow personally and apply her knowledge to grow her business. She is looking for a bestie that will help her to learn more and also help to keep her accountable. Discover how...


How to Use the Enneagram in Relationships with Chrissie Wywrot #46

Do you know how to use the Enneagram in relationships? Amber and Maelisa love how much personality tests can help people learn about themselves and interact with others. Enneagram expert, Chrissie Wywrot joins the My Biz Bestie podcast to discuss this fascinating ancient tool that can help you discover more about yourself and others that are close to you. Find out more about the Enneagram and how you can use it to improve your relationships in both your personal life and in your professional...