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Episode 37: How the King Park Development Corporation and the Build Fund are Transforming Central Indiana

On this episode, we interview Evan Tester and Steven Meyer of King Park and discuss how Community Development Financial Institutions are helping to play a key role in developing underserved parts of our community. King Park Development Corporation is a non-profit community development corporation (CDC) committed to improving housing, economic development, and quality of life in the King Park area. Founded in 1987 by concerned residents and neighborhood groups, King Park has helped drive...


Episode 36: Author and CIO Jeffrey Ton: How IT Leadership Has Evolved

On this episode, we interview Jeffrey Ton, a Hoosier native who has worked in IT for over 35 years. Jeff has written hundreds of blog posts about technology and technology leadership and most recently published his first book, Amplify Your Value: Leading IT with Strategic Vision ( His articles have appeared on Forbes, CSO Online, People Development Magazine, Intel’s IT Peer Network, and his own blog, Rivers of Thought ( Throughout his...


Episode 35: Harry Howe: Our Wise Indianapolis Business Mentor Who Is Developing Grit in Entrepreneurs

On this episode, we interview Harry Howe. Harry has mentored hundreds of young people, entrepreneurs, and businesses in the community. As soon as you meet him, you'll understand why. We wanted to put the spotlight on Harry as a thank-you for all he's done for us and to find out more about his story. We discuss his military service, his education at Bucknell University, his corporate career at General Electric, and what brought he and his family to Indianapolis. Harry is now launching a...


Episode 34: Oscar Moralez: Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Indianapolis' Largest Angel Investment Firm

Indiana leads the way in life sciences and agri-business, areas critical to global interests. Information technology companies are exploding here, creating a wealth of technology, talent, and support for other companies. Advanced manufacturing thrives here. Leadership across all sectors—business, government, universities and health care—is strong and forward thinking in Indiana. On this episode, we interview Oscar Moralez, a Serial Entrepreneur from the Life Sciences industry and Founder...


Episode 33: Wilks & Wilson: Using Elixirs to Craft The Best Old-Fashioned, Manhattan, and Martinis

Wilks & Wilsonʼs hand-crafted, organic infused and all natural elixirs, though also meant for use in non-alcoholic beverages, cooking and coffee, are intended for use in cocktails. Many of these cocktails were common to the late-1800s to the early 1900s– also known as the pre-Prohibition era. The exact origin of the term cocktail is disputed. However, what is known is that, since even before this time, people have been using various blends of spirits, sugar and other natural ingredients as...


Episode 32: Leaf Software: Building the Right Culture the Right Way

On this episode, we interview Mike Wilson, Chairman of Leaf Software Solutions. Leaf has been helping businesses reach their corporate goals since 1987. At its core, Leaf takes great satisfaction in being a principle-centered company. They believe in fairness, kindness, effectiveness, and significance. The four principles are deeply embedded in their corporate DNA. They expect that their customers, their employees, their vendors, and their community will benefit from the careful attention...


Episode 31: Charitable Allies: The Charity that Provides Legal Support to Nonprofits

On this episode, we interview Zac and Robert of Charitable Allies, a charity that provides legal, educational, administrative support, training, and consulting services to nonprofits. Serving nonprofits may not be unique, but being a nonprofit itself surely is! Charitable Allies also provides its clients: Legal services - Most charities are unable to afford excellent, experienced nonprofit legal services. Charitable Allies provides these services at free and greatly reduced rates to...


Episode 30: When Should Your Business Hire an Environmental Consultant?

On this episode, we interview the leadership of Terra Environmental Corporation, Project Manager Jeff Stone and Rusty Wheat, the founder and President. It's a fascinating conversation about the environmental industry with some information on when you'd need to hire an environmental consultant. We discuss issues regarding meth house cleanup through the complications with commercial real estate issues. Terra Environmental works with business to identify recognized environmental conditions...


Episode 29: Darrin Gray: Sports Ministry and Leadership Development

On this episode, we interview Darrin Gray, the President of The Center for Serving Leadership. Darrin is an incredible mentor in our community and has dedicated his life to help develop leaders throughout the region and the NFL. The Center for Serving Leadership cultivates the global community of Serving Leaders, strategically located at the Sagamore Institute, an Indianapolis-based action-oriented Think Tank. With more than 25 years of executive experience in leadership, media, branding,...


Episode 28: Patrick Doerflein: Disabled Veteran to Waste Water Manager to Mobile Application Entrepreneur!

On this episode, we interview one heck of a character, Patrick Doerflein. Patrick is a Veteran, worked a career as a Waste Water Treatment Manager, and is disabled. When his physical pain prevented Brad from working any longer, he took an entrepreneurial turn. Patrick attended Eleven Fifty Academy to learn how to program mobile applications and launched his own - Burn & Bet! Special Guest: Patrick Doerflein.


Episode 27: Indianapolis Bar Association: A Peak Inside Our Local Legal Community

On this episode, we interview a sitting judge, a corporate attorney, and a small business attorney... all members of the Indianapolis Bar Association. It's a unique look inside the legal community, its adoption of technology, and the key issues facing Indianapolis businesses today. Since 1878, the Indianapolis Bar Association has played a significant role in providing for the needs of Indianapolis legal professionals. Founded by former U.S. President Benjamin Harrison and other prominent...


Episode 26: TeenWorks: Empowering Teens to Achieve Excellence in College, Career, and Community

On this episode, we interview CEO Tammie Barney and Program Manager Thomas Christenson of TeenWorks. TeenWorks provides a year-round employment and college readiness program with supportive services for teens throughout the school year. While their paid employment program gives teens the chance to earn a paycheck, the TeenWorks experience is much more than a job. Participating teens build professional resumes, gain job skills for the future, participate in volunteer projects to give back...


Episode 25: Joe Mack: Leadership Lessons From West Point to Perot Systems... and Beyond

Indianapolis is home to some great industry leaders. Joe Mack started his career as an Army Officer who graduated from West Point Military Academy. He moved on to Perot Systems, mentored and guided by Ross Perot. Joe Mack has personally been in charge of over 50 teams, ranging in size from 3 to over 150, in military and civilian organizations, in both peacetime and forward-deployed situations... and he's consulted on enterprise-level technology transformations for companies ranging from...


Episode 24: Archos Advisors: Why Does Culture Matter In An Organization?

Remember when you first started your business? You had a clear idea of exactly what kind of workplace you wanted to build, and were sure your employees would thrive in a fun, productive, and challenging environment. But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. Perhaps personality conflicts emerged. Maybe you grew faster than you could manage. Possibly, your organization lost sight of its original goals and ideals. Or it could be that you’re anxious to prevent any of these problems...


Episode 23: Learn About The 10|100 Committee And You'll Feel Better About Our Political Future

If you're like most of the country, you're not feeling great about politics nowadays. After this interview with Executive Director Jamar Cobb-Dennard and Tri-Chair Adrianne Slash, I'm confident you'll not only feel better, you'll want to help this bi-partisan effort. The vision of the 10|100 committee is to raise monies that are invested in developing a pipeline of candidates-of-color that will populate campaigns, down-ballot through Congress, with qualified servants who represent values...


Episode 22: Fullstack PEO: What and Why Your Business Might Use a Professional Employer Organization

A professional employer organization (PEO) is a firm that provides a service under which an employer can outsource employee management tasks, such as employee benefits, payroll and workers' compensation, recruiting, risk/safety management, and training and development. Fullstack PEO was born out of necessity with the technology startups launched with DeveloperTown and has now expanded to assist any technology startup in the state. (Fullstack PEO does cover 2 other states and many other...


Episode 21: Corporate Security: HIPAA Compliance and Ransomware

Security in business is essential these days. With the recent outbreak of ransomware at various local medical facilities you should be downright terrified of the potential for a data breach. Indianapolis is the home of many technologists, and we bring two security experts to the table for a fascinating interview on corporate security. Mike has a background in assisting small to medium-size medical businesses get HIPAA compliant. Mark has an extensive background in large enterprises and has...


Episode 20: Startup Challenges... with The Indy Startup Challenge

The mission of The Indy Startup Challenge is to teach Indiana founders how to practice the best in class startup methodologies that are now commonplace in many startup hubs throughout the country in order to create a wave of lasting startups throughout Indiana. In this episode, we speak to Stephanie Corliss and Thor Wood, co-founders of Snapshyft and Diana Morris, founder of Ladybug Collaborative. These are both startup companies that are building platforms for their respective industries....


Episode 19: What Every Business Needs to Know About Google Analytics

In preparation for an upcoming training class on Google Analytics, we speak with Indianapolis Analytics expert and "all things Google" Jennifer Denney. Jennifer's company, Elevated Marketing Solutions, has been booking sold-out Google Analytics training for DK New Media since last summer. Analytics - and Google Analytics - is often misunderstood and never fully implemented by companies. Just as important as getting your accounting in order, businesses today should have their analytics in...


Episode 18: What Makes Biking in Indianapolis so Fantastic?

We gathered some avid cyclists from in and around Indianapolis to speak to why this city is such an amazing place for bicycling. Tune in to hear from veterans, charities, mechanics, and even a cyclist with a national following! Special Guests: Alison Cole, Anthony Barr, Chris Wiggins, Derek Sitzman, and Jamey McPherson.