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He's Half Robert Kiyosaki And Half Dave Ramsey With Andrew Fidler (Ep 183)

Andrew talks about how he uses debt to buy rentals, but he's not comfortable having a lot of debt. He talks about his strategy to get his rentals paid off quickly. We also talk about how he was able to leave his job because of his rental income. Andrew talks about why he loves Section 8 rentals.


Why He Sold All Of His Rentals With Brian Dinkel (Ep 182)

Brian became a landlord because of a flip that went bad. He made some mistakes as a new landlord at first, but he figured things out and saw the value in owning rentals. Over the next few years, he ended up buying more properties. One day something changed and he sold his entire portfolio. On this episode, we talk about why he bought and why he sold, as well as what he learned during his time as an investor.


Building A Rental Portfolio Without Mortgages With John (Ep 181)

John talks about how he wanted to invest in real estate but he didn't like the idea of taking out mortgages. He had saved money over the years and has paid cash for his entire portfolio. Today his rentals take a few hours a month to manage and they generate $60,000 a year after all expenses.


He Survived An Eviction & His Tenants Flooding His Rental with Justin Fraser (Ep 180)

Justin talks about how did all the right things with buying his rentals but had a few bad things happen to him in his first two years. He had to evict his first tenant and his second tenant flooded his property. On this episode, we talk about what happened, and what he learned.


He Moved To A New City To Buy Rentals With Pete Barrow (Ep 179)

Pete had always thought about buying rental properties, but real estate prices were too expensive where he lived. A few years ago his sons moved to Indianapolis. He went to visit and saw the potential that he could buy properties pretty inexpensively and rent them out for a profit. On this episode, we talk about how he did it, what he's looking for in a rental, the numbers he's looking for in a rental, and how things have worked out over the last few years.


A Newer Landlord Getting Off To A Great Start With Ben Mizes (Ep 178)

Ben shares his story of how he has gotten off to a great start building his rental portfolio. He shares how he got started living for free with a house hack, and what he learned from getting ripped off by contractors on his second deal. 5 Steps To Buy Your First Rental:


Bonus: Are Fannie And Freddie Getting Out Of Investment Loans?

I read an article that Fannie and Freddie were getting out of making loans on rental properties. On this bonus episode I talk to Caeli Ridge to find out what is going on.


How He Built A Large Portfolio In Just 3 Years (While Working FT) With Ian Reeves (EP 177)

Ian talks about how he built a large portfolio in just 3 years. It hasn't been all smooth sailing. We talk about the challenges he has faced, and how he survived. 5 Steps To Buy Your First Rental


He Got Laid Off And Realized It's Dangerous Having Only One Source Of Income With Andrew Petroline (Ep 176)

Andrew researched and thought about buying rentals for 12 years. After getting laid off from his job he realized that only having one source of income was dangerous, and decided that he was finally ready to pull the trigger and buy a 6 unit apartment building. On this episode we talk about how he found the property, how he financed it, and how he has dealt with some challenges that he has faced in the last year of owning the property. 5 Steps To Buy Your First...


Buying Rentals Without Banks & His Tenant Stopped Paying Rent With Cristhian Huamani (Ep 175)

We talk about how Cristhian wasn't able to get approved for mortgages when he first started investing in rentals, and how he was able to get the sellers to finance his purchases. We talk about who is a good candidate for seller financing, and talk about the details of his first deal. We also talk about Cristhian's criteria when he is selecting a tenant, and go over the details of a recent tenant that stopped paying after 6 months. We figure out if there was anything in the tenants background...


How A House Hack Snowballed Into Tons Of Cash Flow And Equity With Theo Jones (Ep 174)

Theo tells his story of how an ad for a real estate seminar sparked his interest in rentals. That seminar led to him buying a house hack. By not having to pay rent, Theo was able to save money and that money enabled him to buy more rentals. Learn How To Buy Your First Rental: 5 Steps To Buy Your First Rental


He Might Lose His Pension, So He Created His Own With Rentals With Ian Horowitz (Ep 173)

Ian is a fireman and a few years ago the city that he works for was talking about getting rid of their pension plan. Ian took matters into his own hands to secure his future and started buying rentals that could be his own personal pension plan. On this episode we talk about how he works full-time and self manages a large rental portfolio. Why he makes his rentals nicer than the competing rentals in his neighborhoods, and what he takes out of his properties. Learn How To Buy Your First...


The Worst Case Scenario Happened To His Rentals, And He Survived With Jason Downing (Ep 172)

Jason bought 7 rentals over the last 18 months. He did everything right with purchasing the properties, but he had a ton of repair issues happen in a short period of time. On this episode we talk about what happened and how he dealt with the issues. Learn How To Buy Your First Rental: 5 Steps To Buy Your First Rental


He Bought Rentals To Pay His Student Loans With Mike O'Dell (Ep 171)

Mike tells his story of how he graduated with $200,000 in student loans. He couldn't afford the monthly payments, so he bought rentals that produce monthly cash flow that he uses to pay his payments. Learn How To Buy Your First Rental: 5 Steps To Buy Your First Rental


Building A Rental Portfolio With Creative Financing With Austin Miller (Ep 170)

Austin started building his rental portfolio shortly after graduating from college. He didn't have a lot of cash for down payments, so he got creative and figured out how to use other people's money to build his portfolio. On this episode Austin talks about some of the strategies he has used. Learn How To Buy Your First Rental: 5 Steps To Buy Your First Rental


He Retired Off Rental Income With Cory Fawcett (Ep 169)

Cory tells his story of how he started his career with $500,000 in debt. He started buying rentals while working full-time, and over time built up enough passive income to retire.


He Made A Few Mistakes And Lost Thousands Of Dollars With HIs Rental With Jason Bangerter (Ep 168)

Jason tells his story of how he got stuck with a house that he was trying to flip. He decided to rent it out on VRBO. Things were going good, until he found out the city he was in didn't allow short term rentals, and shut him down. He then turned it into a regular rentals and made several key mistakes that ended up costing him thousands of dollars. We talk about the mistakes he made, and what he would do differently if he was in that situation again.


The Big Mistake Landlords Make When They Self-Manage With Rick Sein (Ep 167)

Rick owns a property management company and also personally owns 19 rentals. On this episode we talk about what Rick has learned from managing his rentals as well as working with other rental owners.


How He Found Profitable Rentals Living In An Expensive Market with Chris Ressa (Ep 166)

Chris lives in an expensive market and wanted to buy cash flowing markets. The numbers didn't work on any of the properties near his home, so he started looking at other markets an hour or two from where he lives. On this episode, we talk about how he found and financed his properties, how he self-manages them while working a full-time job, and about how he has dealt with tenant issues.


How A New Investor Got His First Deal With Jerry Ellis (Ep 165)

Jerry just closed on his first deal and on this episode we walk through exactly how he got started. We talk how he researched getting started, how he found his first deal, what he needed to do to get it ready, and how he found his first tenants.