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With a focus on international politics and business, Saturday Extra talks to expert commentators about the things that matter to Australians. Presented by Geraldine Doogue.

With a focus on international politics and business, Saturday Extra talks to expert commentators about the things that matter to Australians. Presented by Geraldine Doogue.
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With a focus on international politics and business, Saturday Extra talks to expert commentators about the things that matter to Australians. Presented by Geraldine Doogue.




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Deutsche Bank crashes; Afghan women demand time; Jeffery Epstein; the good Swede myth; indigenous diggers

What the shrinkage of Deutsche Bank tells us. What do intra-Afghan talks mean for Afghan women? The case against Jeffrey Epstein. Sweden beyond Ikea. No less worthy.


Women's sport and pay; employers accessing medical records; declining regional media; South Korea's nightclubs scandal; Chernobyl myths and realities

Women's sport is commanding record numbers of viewers, but their pay doesn't reflect that. A Federal Court decision allows an employer to access an employee's medical records. The closure of four regional WIN TV newsrooms sharpens the challenge of providing local news. A South Korean nightclub has become the focus of the country's burgeoning feminist movement. Russian and Ukranian responses to the Chernobyl miniseries.


Australia's Christian lobby; immigration as reparation; A Foreign Affair; Boris, Brexit and Britain's ruling class; winter swimming

Who is the Australian Christian Lobby? Is immigration a form of reparation? A Foreign Affair discusses the impacts of the Indian election, the threat of cyber attacks, and US-China relations. Boris, Brexit and the British ruling class. A nice, cold swim.


US and Iran go head to head; the new man in country; the world of rogue finance; how the UK went green; will China bow to Hong Kong?

The US and Iran's forever war. Country music's new man. Quick money. How the UK went green. What Hong Kong said; what China heard.


Violence threatens Sudan's transition to democracy; a discussion on media bias; profiling Mike Pezzullo; Anna Fifield digs into Kim Jong Un's life; getting better acquainted with Pacific Islands people and concerns

Violence threatens Sudan's transition to democracy. Is the media in a death spiral? Who is Mike Pezzullo? The great successor; inside the world of Kim Jong Un. The Pacific's Rising Human Tide.


The well being budget; why the US is wrong on the trade war; transitioning from a coal economy; Vietnam war myths; Sky news

Budgeting for wellbeing. Is the US wrong on the trade war? Coal transition. Australia's Vietnam: Myth vs History. The Battle for Sky.


Ideas to drive the creation of new antibiotics; developments in Myanmar; New elections in Israel; English nationalism and its role in current events; French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy with insights into contemporary Europe

Ideas to stimulate the development of new antibiotics. Ongoing challenges in Myanmar. New elections in Israel. Understanding Englishness. 'A European of French origin': Bernard-Henri Levy.


Theresa May announces her resignation; The future of Labor's relationship with the Greens; A Foreign Affair; Polling reconsidered; The mystery of Polynesian colonisation

Theresa May resigns. The future of Labor's relationship with the Greens. A Foreign Affair panel on Australian foreign policy, Indonesian election tension and European Parliamentary elections. Political polling reconsidered. Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia .


Sports broadcasting decline, and Israel Folau; Philippines election; Bob Hawke and the business sector; Bob Hawke's foreign policy plus Trump, China and Iran; Election Day Express with regional and community newspaper editors

Veteran sports journalist Roy Masters on Foxtel's declining revenue, and Israel Folau. What the Philippines mid-term election will mean for that country. Economist John Edwards and Heather Ridout, former head of the Australian Industry Group, discuss Bob Hawke's strong business ties. Michael Wesley reflects on Hawke's foreign policy approach, plus the current challenges of Trump, China and Iran. In Election Day Express, hear newspaper editors from Gilgandra, NSW; Cape York, QLD; and the...


Fishing pressures; foreign policy in this election; China and Australia relations with John Brumby; Election Express and changes to the Rhodes scholarship

Fishing pressures and the arguments about how to manage them; the importance of foreign policy in this election; China and Australia's relations with John Brumby; Election Express in north west Tasmania and the Victorian/NSW border region; and increasing diversity in the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.


The challenge ahead for Sri Lanka; youth suicide in the Kimberley; the role of Western Australia in the Federal Election; Election Express with regional or community newspaper editors; AGWA's extraordinary Kimberley art exhibition

Sri Lanka is facing the bleak prospect of more minority-based violence unless it can find a way to reconcile its religious and ethnic populations in a unified project of statehood. Indigenous clinical psychologist Tracy Westerman has ideas for preventing youth suicides. Three panellists dissect the role of Western Australia in the Federal Election. In Election Express, meet editors from Vision China Times and Western Australian Newspapers' Northern papers. Geraldine takes a tour of the Art...


WeChat; Uber; A Foreign Affair; Election Express and universities and professions during WWI

Is WeChat a problem for Australia; what are the concerns for Uber as it prepares for IPO; A Foreign Affair discussion; Election Express in Alice Springs and Benalla and the advancement of universities and professions during WWI and after.


Revolutions in north Africa, Indian elections, Antony Beevor on Arnhem (1944) Election Express and transforming organisations

Is this a new Arab Spring in north Africa? Indian elections and the state of the economy, esteemed military historian Antony Beevor on the 1944 battle of Arnhem, Holland, Election Express and transforming organisations.


Palestinian water sources, Julian Assange, political lobbying, Hong Kong democracy and world order

The situation with Palestine's water sources, what are the extradition conditions for Julian Assange, the question of paying for ministerial access, what is the future of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement and the shifts in world order and alliances.


African risk capacity; reviewing the public service with David Thodey; Nick Warner and Australian intelligence and Rwanda, 25 years since the genocide

African risk capacity, how to mitigate against the disaster of the Mozambique floods; reviewing the public service with David Thodey; head of Australian intelligence Nick Warner Rwanda, 25 years since the genocide and the role of the media.


Algeria, Garry Weaven on super, A Foreign Affair, Apple product launch, and London's Australia House

Is Algeria having the 'perfect coup', Garry Weaven on super's impact on the economy, A Foreign Affair for March, what is Apple now bringing to our shores, and the importance of Australia House in London.


Indonesia natural disasters; Boeing and the FAA; building resiliance in communities against extremism; the shaping of Benjamin Netanyahu and Australian teacher finalist in global awards

Indonesia natural disasters; the relationship between Boeing and the FAA; Hugh MacKay, Ian Hickie and Michele Grossman on building resilient communities; the shaping of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Anshel Pfeffer and Australian teacher at Rooty Hill High School, Sydney, finalist in global teaching awards.


New Zealand shooting, Ukraine elections; a political history of the world; challenges of digitising archives and the Munich revolution of 1918

New Zealand shooting, Ukraine elections with a comedian leading the polls; a political history of the world with Belgium professor Jonathan Holslag; challenges of digitising archives and the short lived Munich revolution of 1918.


Myanmar land grab; Indonesia FTA; Brexit and international relations; valuing museum collections and women and work

New legislation in Myanmar could leave ethnic minorities without their land; Indonesian- Australian FTA; Brexit and international relations with emeritus professor of Oxford University; a world first framework for valuing museum collections, and working women - are initiatives to assist actually prohibiting advancement.


Israeli elections, world economy, race for the next generation battery, mining public data and Swedish sheep

Israeli Prime Minister's Benjamin Netanyahu's election battle; state of the world economy and where is it heading; the great race for the next generation battery; a fast-rising NY-based start-up is mining public data from around the world and Swedish sheep.