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#013 Ina Yulo: Exploring The Power Of Learning & Why Saying No Isn't A Failure

This episode of Self-Made Women features the brilliant Ina Yulo. A WeAreTheCity Rising Star winner for 2018, Ina is the Senior Content Strategy Manager at BrightTALK. BrightTALK provide webinar and video content to professionals who want to learn new skills across all different industries, so as you might expect, Ina is a huge advocate for learning and personal development. Be ready to feel inspired to learn a new skill after listening to this episode.


#012 Marija Butkovic: Being A Woman In Wearable Tech & Using Public Speaking To Grow Your Business

Episode 12 of Self-Made Women features Marija Butkovic, founder and CEO of Women of Wearables, which is the UK and Europe's first organisation aiming to support, connect and mentor women in wearable tech. Marija is also the co-founder of Kisha Smart Umbrella, a wearable tech startup behind the world's smartest fashion tech umbrella. Over the course of her career, Marija has been featured in major tech and business publications such as TechCrunch, The Next Web and Huffington Post. In 2017,...


#011 Ashleigh Hinde: Disrupting An Industry & Putting Your Customers First

This episode of Self-Made Women features Ashleigh Hinde, founder and CEO of Waldo. Through her own experiences as a contact lens wearer and her research on what the industry needed, Ashleigh created Waldo to sell daily, affordable contact lenses online that are delivered straight to the customers' doors. This interview is packed full of brilliant advice from Ashleigh - listen to her share how an entrepreneurship course at Harvard helped her to launch her business, why she thinks the gender...


#010 Lucy Ward: Finding Inspiration From Your Environment & Thriving In A Start-Up

Meet Lucy Ward, Creative Brand Director at Trouva, a place to discover a handpicked collection of the best independent shops and boutiques. In this episode of Self-Made Women, Lucy shares what it was like to join Trouva right at the beginning of their start-up journey and how she's led her editorial team with passion and focus to get to where they are today. She also talks about why she draws creativity and inspiration from independent retailers; the importance of mentorship; and why it pays...


#009 Jessica Siskin: Cooking Up A Business From Rice Krispies

Jessica Siskin is the creative mastermind behind the hugely popular MisterKrisp, a business that makes intricate and colourful Rice Krispie Treats in any form you can imagine - including Rice Krispie versions of Oprah, Yoda, burgers, unicorns and so many more. In this episode, find out what inspired Jessica to start making Rice Krispie Treats and how her passion for creating them has led to a book deal, brand partnerships, over 70,000 followers on Instagram, countless customer orders, and...


#008 Syreeta Challinger: Creating Light Out Of The Darkness

This soul-baring episode features Syreeta Challinger, co-founder of Moments of Sense & Style, a lifestyle store and studio. For over 13 years, Syreeta worked in Product Development for global high street brands across London, Manchester, Shanghai and Hong Kong. In 2014, her partner Rob suffered a severe brain haemorrhage and stroke and life changed in an instant. From times of darkness, Syreeta created her business and in this podcast she gives an honest insight into all of the ups and downs...


#007 Nicole Pretorius: Empowering Women To Enter & Remain In Tech

This episode stars the founder of She Can Code, Nicole Pretorius. She Can Code is an organisation that are empowering women to enter and remain in the tech industry, with a new product coming out that helps women to navigate their tech career paths by discovering companies and events through personalised recommendations. Nicole talked about what drives her mission for equality, how she de-stresses as a busy business founder, whether entrepreneurs are born or made and lots more.


#006 Olivia Tripp: Hosting Brand Events & Making Your First Hire

Olivia Tripp is the founder of Weekend:IN, a digital marketing agency that create innovative ideas to help independent brands connect, engage and grow their audiences. In this episode, Olivia talks about her own business journey, including how she's grown her business by hosting events for brands, the best ways to manage client relationships, and when to start growing your team.


#005 Elizabeth Akanbi-Ogabi: Inspiring Women To Design The Lives They Want

Elizabeth Akanbi-Ogabi is the founder of For Working Ladies, a digital media platform which produces practical content for women across career, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle topics. In this episode, Corrie and Elizabeth speak about what it takes to create and manage a community online and in real life, why it's helpful to plan out your business goals, as well as how important it is for female founders to be supported by other like-minded ladies.


#004 Sophie French: Crushing The "Can't" In Your Head

What would you achieve if you had nothing holding you back? Sophie French is a life coach and business mentor who helps her clients to shake off their uncertainties, change the game and create a 'chin-drippingly delicious life', as she calls it. In this episode, Corrie and Sophie chat about how you can start believing in your own value, the importance of investing in your personal development, and what it's like to run a business from abroad.


#003 Gabi Cox: Transforming A Side Project Into A Business

Gabi founded Chroma Stationery whilst in her final year of university, after spotting a gap in the market for affordable, personalised stationery. In this episode, Gabi chats about the steps she took to transform Chroma Stationery from a project to a fully-fledged business. Plus, Gabi shares some tips on how to take advantage of influencer marketing (after being mentioned by the likes of Zoella and Lily Pebbles!) and how to time manage and stay sane in business.


#002 Samantha Moyo: Building Communities That Create Change

In episode two, Corrie interviews Samantha Moyo, social entrepreneur and founder of Morning Gloryville. Sam talks about what it's like to grow a business from a novel idea to a movement that spans across the globe, how to recover after burnout and why sober morning raving really took off.


#001 Lucie Fink: Making Trying The New Doing

In this episode, Corrie speaks to Lucie Fink, video producer and lifestyle host at Refinery29. Through her tenacity for trying new things, Lucie has shaped her dream career in video production and hosts a range of video series at Refinery29 - including the award-winning "Try Living With Lucie" and "Lucie For Hire". Lucie shares some behind-the-scenes insight on the videos she creates, as well as tips on how to deal with negative online comments, and why we should all make trying the new...