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Trove Predictive Data Science Ceo Ted Schultz

Trove offers data analytics for the electric utility industry covering a wide range of end goals using what the firm calls its “solvers,” a collection of data processes that can open up tremendous value for the modern electric utility. The solvers cover many types of operations and he described several of them that are being used by the firm’s many utility clients in the US, including one that looks at drone photos of utility poles looking for cracked or burnt bells in a tiny fraction of...


Shuli Goodman Founder LF Energy

Shuli Goodman is executive director and founder of LF Energy, the brand new energy and electric industry initiative of the Linux Foundation. LF Energy is dedicated to fostering multi-vendor collaboration and open-source innovation in the energy and electricity sectors. She believes the initiative can provide the governance and technical environment needed to enable massive decarbonization in the energy world.


Evan Caron Founder of Swytch

Evan Caron is managing director and founder of Swytch, an energy blockchain firm that is a spinoff of the non-profit organization he also founded called the Token Commons Foundation. He spoke to us about how, after years of being an energy trader, he began to see the next big thing in energy was developing renewables and the energy blockchain and so he left his energy trading career to create Token Commons and then Swytch and start playing a key role in the vast changes brewing in the...


Jon Stanford on Cisco Cybersecurity

Jon Stanford is a global director for industrial IOT and security services at Cisco. He’s in the customer experience or CX organization and is focused on utilities, oil & gas companies, transportation, and other big organizations. He brings to this job his experience having been a chief information security officer for an organization within the US Dept of Energy. Cisco wanted Stanford to talk to us about the cybersecurity services it offers the electric industry. One note about this talk...


Dr Kimberly McGrath on Maxwell Ultracapacitors

Dr Kimberly McGrath, senior director of business development for Maxwell Technologies spoke to us about the truly amazing abilities of her firm’s ultracapacitor devices, energy storage systems with very different properties from batteries, such as the ability to store and release a megawatt of power in a typical rack-space cabinet, so much less space than the shipping containers we write about for battery deployments. That said, these systems are not batteries and they have other...


Christian Hoepfner of Fraunhofer CSE

The Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) is developing a platform for energy management it hopes will help speed the move to transactive energy solutions to the problems caused by growing penetration of renewables across the world's electric grids, Christian Hoepfner, executive director of the center, explained in this episode.


Paul Donahue Chairman of MelRok

Paul Donahue is chairman of MelRok, a firm that built an energy IOT gateway, using patented technology that MelRok created, and that uses artificial intelligence in the cloud to learn from and control any of a myriad of distributed energy resources. We have been reporting recently on the firm and some big successes such as cutting 20% of energy use in a project for the University of California. Donahue explained how the firm got its start and what its technology is about and why it maybe...


Hugo van Nispen CEO of Bridge Energy

Hugo van Nispen, CEO of Bridge Energy Group, a consultancy and systems integrator for electric utilities that specializes in smart grid implementation. He spoke to us about his perspective on where the utility industry needs to focus to increase the value it can receive from using smart grid technology. His firm recently shared the results of its 2018 Bridge Index Utility Industry Grid Modernization Survey that reaches over 20,000 utility executives, managers, and engineers in North...


Patrick Lazar – VP of Engineering at FreeWave

Patrick Lazar is VP of engineering for FreeWave Technologies, a firm that for many years has specialized in industrial radio communications for a variety of industries including electric utilities and the smart grid, and he spoke to us about the exciting new grid edge sensing and computing his firm’s technology offers, including sophisticated processing of video in remote locations and programming of and creation of proprietary user apps that his firm’s system makes so easy, just about...


Mike Henchen of Rocky Mountain Institute

Mike Henchen, a manager on the electricity team at Rocky Mountain Institute or RMI, a very well respected sustainability research and consultancy organization. He joined us to talk about the details in a report RMI created for Vermont electric utility Green Mountain Power about a residential demand response program the utility developed that includes sophisticated use of home batteries for grid balancing and utility cost savings, and about how RMI was engaged to advise the utility on how...


EnergyHub President & National Grid VP

EnergyHub CEO Seth Frader-Thompson and National Grid Vice President for New Energy Solutions Carlos Nouel described the recent expansion of National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions demand response program to include several new smart thermostats and other devices including battery energy storage for residential customers. EnergyHub is a provider of connected device and distributed energy resource management solutions (DERMS) for utilities and National Grid is the UK-based multinational energy...


Bob Champagne, senior VP at Innowatts

Bob Champagne is a senior VP at Innowatts, a firm that offers load disaggregation (load forecasting) and a machine learning analytics platform that includes a suite of predictive customer engagement solutions for energy providers and customers worldwide. He helped us understand how Innowatts is helping a variety of big energy users, marketers, and utilities improve the services they provide.


Jan Vrins of Navigant Consulting

Jan Vrins is global energy practice leader for Navigant Consulting and his department recently released its latest whitepaper on what Navigant calls the "energy cloud," with this paper describing Energy Cloud version 4.0. Vrins shared some background on how we got to version 4.0 of this smart grid evolution and how his firm sees the future unfolding for his clients and for the industry as a whole - and a spoiler here, yes, it is all about distributed energy resources. He sees regulatory...


SEPA Chief Innovation Officer Sharon Allan

We interviewed Sharon Allan, Chief innovation officer at the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), a non-profit that represents diverse stakeholders including utilities, regulators, technology providers and financial organizations. SEPA works with its members to navigate the changes to become a more modern and cleaner power grid and recently started an advisory service for its members.


Philip Mihlmester, VP of Global Energy at ICF

ICF is a global business management consultancy and Philip shared with us his perspective on where the electric industry is now in its transition from a ratemaking industry to one that is adopting the regulatory business models needed to incent a new vision for the industry.


Dan Belmont of West Monroe Partners

Dan Belmont is senior director of energy and utilities at consultancy West Monroe Partners and authored recently a report titled “Signature Research: Managing Grid Modernization: Integrating IT and Operations at US Utilities.” He spoke to us about how his firm advises utilities to bring IT and OT together, and how to attract top talent to achieve the goals of an evolving industry. NOTE: An article based on this interview with some quote excerpts is available for Smart Grid Today...


Dr Mani Vadari, president of MGS

We spoke recently to Dr Subramanian “Mani” Vadari about his new book that highlights the journey to electric utility 3.0 with solid examples and real-world case studies, titled, “Smart Grid Redefined: Transformation of the Electric Utility.” Dr Vadari is founder and president of what he described as a small strategy and management consulting firm called Modern Grid Solutions (MGS). The book has a 25% discount code available at...


Michael Regelski - Eaton's electrical business senior VP and CTO

Eaton Electrical Business Senior VP and CTO Michael Regelski spoke to us about cybersecurity for industrial control systems (ICS) and the technology firm's teamwork with Underwriter's Laboratory (UL). The Eaton cybersecurity research and testing facility in Pittsburgh is the first lab approved to participate in UL's Data Acceptance Program for cybersecurity and the program aligns Eaton's testing methodologies and data generation with the UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program for UL Standards...


Danny Waggoner of AEE (Advanced Energy Economy)

Danny Waggoner of Advanced Energy Economy or AEE is senior manager of regulatory transformation and lead author of a report on regulatory models that AEE believes could help foster the modernization of the electric utility industry. AEE has many years of experience advocating for and studying regulatory policies in the industry and Danny was able to share with us details about what this report reveals. The 64-page report is available for free download:...


Edgard Capdevielle CEO of Nozomi Networks

Edgard Capdevielle is CEO of Nozomi Networks, a very experienced firm offering cybersecurity for utility control networks and visibility into the assets of those networks for value beyond cybersecurity. We recently featured Nozomi Networks in the Smart Grid Today newsletter and our interview for the podcast delved into the experience Capdevielle's firm has with Enel and beyond and his perspective on how the industry is responding to cybersecurity concerns.