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The Smart Grid Today Podcast is produced by Modern Markets Intelligence Inc., publisher of the Smart Grid Today newsletter, the leading subscription-based daily trade newsletter covering the modernization of electric utility industry infrastructure. Email to be added to the list for updates about the podcast.

The Smart Grid Today Podcast is produced by Modern Markets Intelligence Inc., publisher of the Smart Grid Today newsletter, the leading subscription-based daily trade newsletter covering the modernization of electric utility industry infrastructure. Email to be added to the list for updates about the podcast.


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The Smart Grid Today Podcast is produced by Modern Markets Intelligence Inc., publisher of the Smart Grid Today newsletter, the leading subscription-based daily trade newsletter covering the modernization of electric utility industry infrastructure. Email to be added to the list for updates about the podcast.






Laura Frantz and David Meisegeier of ICF

ICF Lead Project Manager Laura Frantz and VP and Senior Technical Director David Meisegeier brought us up to speed on ICF's work with utilities using in-home smart speakers with voice assistants. This work, including ongoing in-the-field research at utilities like Con Edison in New York City and Southern Maryland Electricity Cooperative or SMECO, for example, reveals what people want, and frankly what they do not want from their voice assistant.


Jim Spano of RadientREIT

RadientREIT is pioneering the use of the REIT real-estate construct to treat solar generation deployments as real estate, making solar a very attractive investment. He also told us about his work using home solar plus battery storage to build virtual power plants. This industry is wide open and he has very few competitors, he told us, as he explained how to make the industry work, including how regulatory constructs around the map are blocking progress...


Giovanni Bertolino of EnelX

Bertolino is EnelX Head of E-Mobility for USA and Canada and explained how his department is focused on serving the EV charging needs of homes and businesses with 80,000 chargers already deployed globally and plans to deploy many, many more. His firm is owned by electric industry and utility giant Enel and is very much focused on the value the firm’s charging systems can bring on a large scale to the electric industry such as the 40-MW virtual power plant the firm’s charging technology has...


Line Vision CEO Hudson Gilmer

Line Vision offers a contactless HV transmission line monitoring system that is helping four of the top 10 US electric utilities, plus a consortium of utilities in Europe, extract lots more value from existing and new transmission lines. The system is deployed without interrupting the delivery of electricity and continuously gathers data on every contact point across these lines to help them run more safely and efficiently. Only a very small percentage of HV lines are being monitored today...


Redaptive Co-CEO Arvin Vohra

Redaptive Co-CEO Arvin Vohra and his fellow co-CEO were investment bankers who saw the potential for great value in the energy efficiency world and developed multiple services for C&I customers, helping them finance technology to save money on energy, through efficiency, onsite generation, and the management of the data they can generate to make their operations energy intelligent. The firm started with third-party technology and went on to develop its own applications and project management...


Rajendra Iyer of GE Grid Solutions

Rajendra Iyer is managing director of Grid Integration Solutions, a business within the renewables energy business of GE that makes and deploys high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission solutions that can be used to either augment existing AC transmission lines and make them run much better with load balancing and other features, or can be deployed anywhere new transmission infrastructure is needed. His vision of the future includes deploying this technology to improve grid operations...


Jeff Hamel of Google returns

Google Director of Industry Partnerships Jeff Hamel joined us to update us on the progress his firm has been making in bringing control of energy into the hands of homes and businesses and the energy companies that serve them with its Google Nest Thermostat and with a variety of partner firms. Google rebranded its smart home technologies last year and Hamel explained the firm’s perspective on its role in the smart home, in multi-family residences, and to the utility industry going forward.


Darktrace Technology Director Andrew Tsonchev

AI and cybersecurity firm Darktrace specializes in OT cybersecurity protection using AI to learn everything a system normally does so it can spot unusual behavior right away, helping many top electric utilities and other industries around the globe keep the watchful eye needed to secure their smart grid and smart technology deployments. Technology Director Andrew Tsonchev, like many in his field, balked at the term cybersecurity when it first became a catchphrase but he helped us understand...


EV Connect CEO Jordan Ramer

EV Connect provides a software platform that sits at the heart of the EV charging experience for charging facilities owners including parking lot owners – such as hotels and shopping malls - and commercial and industrial fleet owners and residential EV owners and importantly for us – in many cases, their electricity providers. EV Connect has relationships with some 75 of the big investor-owned electric utilities in the US and others around the globe. For utilities, the platform can help with...


EnergyHub VP Matt Johnson

EnergyHub VP of Business Development Matt Johnson shared with us details of the progress his firm has had deploying its distributed energy resource or DER management system (DERMS) with utility firms to help them see true value from the DERs deployed on their grids in the form of energy management and even voltage response. Of the firm’s 40-plus utility clients, mostly in the US, about 10 are now using the EnergyHub system with batteries deployed in customer premises, and this is up from...


Marina Donavan of Itron on Preparedness

Marina Donovan returned to the podcast to tell us about a report the firm prepared based on surveys of the electric industry and its customers about emergency preparedness. She is vice president of global marketing and public affairs at Itron and shared what the utilities are doing, what their customers perceive them to be doing, and what more can be done as technology helps the industry cope with nature’s wrath to offer the best possible preparedness and resilience.


Opus One CEO Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong is founder and CEO of Opus One Solutions, an electric grid software firm that works with top electric utilities putting the intelligence into grid operations. The firm started with DER management software (DERMS) but has grown in recent years to offering grid management systems covering many problems and opportunities for its utility clients including transactive energy, and he offered lots of insight into what his firm is doing and what the changing industry can achieve.


Xage VP Roman Arutyunov on ComEd

Arutyunov is VP of Product Management and a co-founder of Xage Security and returned to the podcast, this time to share details about how Chicago utility Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is using Xage technology to secure distributed energy resources (DERs) – a timely subject as many experts are telling the electric industry how serious an issue this is today.


Activue VP John Stark

Activu Vice President John Stark is a long-time veteran in the utility control room view monitor space and, at Activu, is well versed in the latest developments in serving control room technology for utilities of all sizes along with transmission organizations including ISO/RTOs, along with many other industries that use similar technology. He explained how the control room at the top of today’s smart grids benefits from the latest in digital technology his firm offers and the systems it can...


Kate Sherwood of Centrica Business Solutions

Centrica Business Solutions VP and Head of Sales for North America Kate Sherwood told us about how her firm offers services and technologies – including software, hardware, consulting, and energy procurement, especially focused on DER applications and management and planning for financial risks – for large energy users to help them modernize their operations to best take advantage of the digitalization of the energy world. This is an area of smart grid with big payoffs and she explained...


Smarter Grid Solutions CTO Bob Currie

Smarter Grid Solutions offers distributed energy resources management software – or DERMS – that answers maybe the most critical dilemma of our time: How to deploy lots of renewable and variable distributed generation onto the grid. With headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland, and a laboratory in New York City, the firm is playing a key role in helping some of the largest utilities in the UK and the US, including Southern California Edison, understand the importance of overbuilding and...


Viking Cold Storage CEO James Bell

Viking Cold Storage uses a proprietary technology with a patented approach to creating ice to store energy for industries that need to keep products cold or frozen – such as food, medicines, and others – and is as much a software firm, managing sensors, meters, and controls, as it is a hardware firm. He described incredible energy savings, up to half, that his firm has delivered to its clients, including household name food vendors like Whole Foods, and others across the US and the world. He...


Urjanet CEO Sanjoy Malik

Urjanet gets data from an astounding number of utilities around the globe on behalf of its clients who then can use the data for their own benefit and savings, or pass those services and benefits to end users. The services that are created from the data cover a wide range of opportunities that vary depending on the type of utility the data comes from – not only electric but all kinds of utilities are involved – and can include not just energy savings and efficiency but many others including...


LPPC President John Di Stasio

John Di Stasio is president of the Large Public Power Council (LPPC). He represents the larger municipal electric utilities in advising lawmakers and government officials in Washington, DC, on how laws and regulations can best support the goals his members share with the general public, namely foregoing command and control regulatory models in favor of allowing the ingenuity of the utilities to flourish in creating desired outcomes. His 35-year career in the electric industry includes having...


Atom Power CEO Ryan Kennedy

Ryan Kennedy is co-founder and CEO of Atom Power, a company that invented what it believes is the first ever solid state digital breaker switch, allowing digital automation of electrical distribution – at variable scales within the same device. Kennedy described for us the huge values the device offers including virtually ending the deadly threat of arc flash events, allowing remote breaker control and monitoring, super-fast switching, DG scenarios that could change in an instant and...