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How To Use Split-Testing To Move Your Customer To Action

Split-testing (also known as A/B testing) is a tried and true way to discovering what moves your customers to act. Joanna Wiebe is a well-known copywriting and conversion optimization expert. She s here to help us better understand what split-testing is, how to use it, when not to use it, what to test, and other things... Listen to episode


Why Now is the Time to Get Started with VR (and What it Means for Marketers)

VR is catching fire right now and the implications and opportunities are huge. But what does it mean for marketers and how do you get started? Giovanni Gallucci loves to stay on the cutting edge of marketing. After years as a social media marketer and SEO expert, he added photography and videography to his repertoire... Listen to episode


How to Use Technology to Enhance the Offline Customer Experience

Connecting the online and offline worlds is the holy grail for brick and mortar businesses. This week, we re going to see how Denver based Spruce is doing it right. Taylor Romero likes to tinker, but he s always doing so in a way that makes whatever he s doing more efficient and more fun. So when he... Listen to episode


Master the Technology of Events, with Damany Daniel

At one time or another we all get pulled into organizing or helping with an event … Damany Daniel (a.k.a The Event Nerd), is a professional event planner with years of experience. The fact that he’s not a “technologist” makes him the perfect guest to tell us about the technology he uses and how he... Listen to episode


How To Think Like A User Experience Expert

People are terrible predictors of their own behavior, much less others. Good products come from letting the data reveal the customer’s needs and improving the product accordingly. How do we know what defines a good product, and how do we get off the ground when first building a product? It starts with User Experience or... Listen to episode


The Art of Learning New Technologies Fast, with Avery Swartz

Regardless of the hesitation we sometimes have about learning new things, there are many times when it’s exciting, or at least necessary to take the plunge. But what do you do when you don’t even know where to begin? Avery Swartz is the founder of, a technology training center in Toronto, CA. But even... Listen to episode


An Expert’s Design Tips for Creating a Killer Website with Rafal Tomal

Everyone likes to think they know good design, even if they’re not a designer. But unless you’ve spent time in the trenches studying and doing design, you’re missing out on much of the “why” that drives design decisions. By having a better understanding of design, you’ll be better able to guide your designer to the... Listen to episode


Behind the Scenes of Copyblogger’s Editorial Workflow, with Pamela WilsonFeatured

Whether you’re a one person blog or site with full staff, having an editoral process is critical to your success. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to developing your editorial process. But developing one that fits your business will lower your stress level, ensure consistency, and allow you to focus on other things. When I wanted to... Listen to episode


Learning How to Rock Twitter, with Amber Osborne

Despite the ups-and-downs we hear about in the media, Twitter is still an incredible platform for networking, helping, and conducting research. Amber Osborne has been an expert user for years and is going to share some tips to help you get more out of Twitter, and the tool she helped create, Meshfire. Whether it s making... Listen to episode


How To Be A Technology Change-Agent Champion For Your Company

Not every successful company has been so because of technology … a point that s easy to forget in our tech-driven world. But it’s getting harder to compete without being tech-savvy, for individuals and companies. And fear is the biggest hinderance. Dave Hartley is an expert in helping businesses overcome the obstacles that keep companies from... Listen to episode


5 Simple DIY Ways to Improve Your Website in 2016

A major redesign of your website will typically happen every 2-4 years. In between, it s a good idea to freshen up your website annually. Small updates can go a long way toward keeping your site feeling like new, and doesn t have to be expensive or time consuming. I look at client websites everyday and I... Listen to episode


How To Overcome The Most Common Podcasting Pitfalls, with Jerod Morris

Podcasting exploded a couple of years ago but it s not to late to dive in an take advantage of the medium. While getting started can seem daunting, keeping momentum and building an audience feels overwhelming. But a little knowledge from those who have paved the road in front of you can make all the difference... Listen to episode


Choosing the Right Tools for the Digital Job, with Rainmaker Digital’s COO Tony Clark

Productivity tools are everywhere and new ones are popping up each day. So how are we to decide which of those tools will help us be most productive and get things done without spending all of our time looking at tools? In this episode, Tony Clark, COO of Rainmaker Digital (formerly Copyblogger Media) and I... Listen to episode


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

It’s a sticky question with no easy answer. It’s also a question we get before we even know much about a project. Our goal today is to arm you with the information you need to get the right answer for your needs and to find the right person to help you. Rebecca Gill is the... Listen to episode


Unleash the Power of Frameworks, Methodologies, and Processes In Your Business

Frameworks, methodologies, and processes are abstract constructs that leave a lot of confusion about their purpose, how they re different, and where and when they are used. Despite sounding like language lard, understanding these three ideas can unleash the power in your business. When I was working in corporate consulting all three of these constructs were... Listen to episode


Two Ways to Turn Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers

Since 2007 Jon Loomer has been using Facebook for business. And despite the ever changing landscape, has continued to thrive by marketing on the platform. Jon is now one of the leading Facebook marketing experts, and in this episode, it’ll become clear why. When I asked Jon to come on the show I had no... Listen to episode


The Mobile First Philosophy (and How To Start Building Your Own Mobile Strategy)

Despite overwhelming statistics and in-your-face use cases, a lot of businesses are still slow to embrace mobile in their marketing. Those that wait are giving competitors that don t a leg up. Aaron Strout is the President of WCG and has been working in digital for 20 years. Aaron understands the importance of mobile for his... Listen to episode


Digital Asset Ownership: Are You Making This Single Catastrophic Mistake?

Over 15 years I ve built sites that number well into the high-hundreds, and the failure of business owners to own and control their digital assets is the single biggest mistake I have observed across that time. And a lot of you are still doing it. In the era of the “Sharing Economy” the idea of... Listen to episode


How to Protect Your Customers by Understanding PCI Compliance for Credit Card Security

Qualified Security Assessor Sean Mathena gives us the inside scoop on PCI (Payment Card Industries) compliance and the rules you need to understand when accepting credit cards in your business, online or offline. PCI compliance is about securing credit card information and protecting your customers. Sean Mathena is a Qualified Security Assessor one of the... Listen to episode


How to Pick the Right Hosting Company for Your Website

Website hosting seems like such an easy decision. But not all hosting is created equal. In this episode we’re going to teach you what you need to know so you can make a better hosting decision for your business. John P. is the host of GeekBeat.TV and is a former telecom executive and CMO for... Listen to episode