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Ep. 42 - On the cusp of remaking the world: unlearning everything you learnt at school

On the cusp of remaking the world: unlearning everything you learnt at school Or: throwing down the digital gauntlet Global Nomad – ‘Glomad’ - Jane Thomason has been working in international development most of her life, helping developing nations cope with enormous problems - poverty, inequality, and healthcare. In 2010, her son told her someone had invented this digital currency, Bitcoin, and she needed to invest in it. And she laughed at him, and ‘passed’. One of her abiding regrets!...


Ep. 41 - Satoshi Day 10 Years On: Blockchain Revolution - How're We Doing, Where're We Going

It's 10 years now since Satoshi wrote the white paper that sparked a revolution and is set to change the Internet, money and so the world A look back at the first ten years, where we're going and how we are doing from the perspective of that original vision. Not least though the choices that lie ahead: Will be we architects of the future now being formed around is, or its victims?


Ep. 40 - BiPS: Crowdlending Tokens Readying to Go Global

When Lee Birkett launched his online P2P lending and financial product comparison sites on the internet, he says it was a whole new world. Now, he says, Blockchain has the capacity to plug the leaky plumbing in the banking world, globally. Having managed portfolios of £5bn in loans and mortgages over 25 years as a regulated individual, Lee sees credibility and corporate governance as key to public acceptance of blockchain. And while he kept his own head down, hiding from this new...


Ep.39 - Special UK Edition on Why We're Driving Innovators Away & What we Should be Doing

Why Blockchain and Cryptoassets are "The biggest gift to the Regulator - possibly ever - certainly in a generation!” Why Barry E James saw fit to write an open letter to Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, titled ‘Britain Leading the World – or Losing a Historic Opportunity Forever’ Think of Britain. Traditionally a world leader in financial services. The nation that gifted to the world its model Parliament; its open and evidence-based legal system; even, through Sir Tim...


Ep. 38 - The Evolution of Disruption

A Mindset Shift Among Incumbents! Those in the fintech and crypto space have gone from being the problem wild child to the cool kid on the block according to Martin Bartlam who shares some of the insights from DLA Piper’s recent report ‘Digital Transformation in Financial Services’ - which throws up some very interesting findings. Not least that there’s been a massive shift in the mindset of the big players in traditional financial services. It has become clear that blockchain technology,...


Ep. 37 - Could a self-policing code of conduct shake the bad apples from the ICO tree?

Shaking the bad apples from the ICO tree, self-policing code of conduct changing the world. Global regulation of the ICO sector has proved contentious, with individual jurisdictions reacting differently to the rise of tokenisation and the need to deal with bad actors and the potential for fraud. But it is widely agreed across the industry that it can only work if it avoids regulating this creative and passionate sector out of existence altogether. It became clear early on to today’s...


Ep. 36 - SPECIAL: Global Blockchain Ventures Scheme - A Leap Forward For Transparency

In the face of a plethora of ‘Wild West’ references around the ground-breaking innovation of the blockchain space, is the old way of doing business, the old way of making money, facing its final frontier? Does the battle to keep this space regulated end up like Tombstone, Arizona? Or, making money - without the Mint. Or, bringing Outlaws, in law. Pierre Bourke of Blockchain Radio interviews two leading lights of the British Blockchain Association, Sharon Henley and Barry E James, about...


Ep. 35 - How is Blockchain Changing Big Business?

Cryptocurrency: a new kind of Clubcard? As a traditional asset manager with an interest in new technology, Jonny Fry of Team Blockchain came to this ecosystem thinking (as many still do) that cryptocurrency and blockchain were somehow inextricably linked with Ponzi schemes, drugs and crime. But he came to realise; if you’re involved in nefarious activity, the last thing you’d want to get involved in is cryptocurrency. Where any transaction leaves an indelible digital footprint, that sits on...


Ep. 34 - Could 'Find Engine' Zwoop Disrupt Amazon to Become the Consumer's Best Friend?

Zwoop: The new consumer champions, looking to make money out of the customer without cheating them, share the proceeds from their data, and blow Amazon out of the water! In today’s world of online shopping, the odds are very much stacked in favour of the retailer - never the consumer. There’s no doubt that e-commerce aggregators make shopping easier, rule our lives, influence our shopping habits; yet still all the current investment goes there – to make selling better and bigger, to...


Ep. 33 - From Grainy Snapshots to HD Video: Continuous, Transparent, Blockchain Audit

With regulators around the world scrambling to get to grips with Blockchain tech could the technology itself, and continuous audit, be part of the answer? When I spoke to Auditchain™ founder Jason Meyers this week, it felt a little like talking to blockchain royalty – at once removed anyhow Jason’s top team includes such luminaries as Dr.Stuart Haber, one of the co-inventors of Blockchain technology, who although cited three time by him denies he is Satoshi Nakamoto (but sometimes gets...


Ep. 32 - Reinventing Money: What Happens When the Gold Standard Collides with Crypto & Debit Cards?

What if your money was backed by real gold yet could be spent via an ordinary-looking debit card, same as any other. With much lower transaction costs than you're used to - by a factor of around 10. Plus you got a 'yield' too? We’ve featured asset-backed cryptocurrency raises before, including recently exploring the real estate space in episode 21 with Leaseum. This time, Cayman-domiciled Kinesis is drawing on decades with the Allocated Bullion Exchange, an Australian institutional...


Ep. 31 - Why We Need More Women in Blockchain - Meet the Crypto Diva!

If you want a thing to happen – get a woman in! Says the Crypto Diva! When Barry met Jillian Godsil, journalist, fintech expert, commentator and champion of Women in Blockchain, he described the meeting as a whirlwind that knocked him off his feet. Jillian is undoubtedly a force of nature – refreshingly upfront about how recently she’s moved into this space, but certainly making her mark ever since through sheer force of personality. This episode is less an interview, more a conversation...


Ep. 30 - Brains, Chains & AI - Can they ever work together?

This episode is less an interview, more a conversation between host Barry E James and someone steeped not in the world of Blockchain, but AI, chatbots and machine learning: Tania Peitzker founder and CEO of ‘Bots as a Service’ Billions of dollars have been invested in AI by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others over the past thirty years. Tania believes it is inevitable that at some point, AI and Blockchain, ‘Brains and Chains’, will merge. Will it be Google or Apple et-al or led by...


Ep. 29 - The Pebble Token Disrupting Publishing & the Authors ICOing their Book

Amazon disrupted publishing in the first wave of the Internet. Could this behemoth now be and disrupted decentralised by pebbles on a Blockchain? Today’s interviewees are Josef Marc, whose background in digital media and interest in Bitcoin led him to investigate ways to make the technology work for others, and Sukhi Jutla, author of three books, two by ‘conventional methods’ and the latest, ‘Escape the Cubicle – Quit the Job You Hate, Create the Life You Love’, the first in the world to...


Ep. 28 - Cryptovalley: Switzerland Leads the world - So what about the UK?

On the UK: “I’d rather have the people, the talent, the results of the investment in my territory than the pure issuing of tokens” With a background in Law and Venture Capital, today’s guest Dr Guenther Dobrauz, member of PwC’s Global Legal Leadership Team, has strong belief in the ICO space, Switzerland as a thought-leader, and how regulation is key to getting this transformational ecosystem working to the benefit of all. He believes that Switzerland is leading the world in ICOs, with its...


Ep. 27 - Can Goliath Banks Survive Their Dance With Destiny?

Banks v fintechs – the Blockchain battle of the brands All financial services companies will tell you they’re technology companies now. Today’s guest is Charlie Kerrigan, Banking Partner at CMS Law, who explains that this new ecosystem of Blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrency is really capital raising by new routes. And everyone’s interested in using Blockchain technology to provide efficient, speedier payment services. He says that most banks in the market today already have relationships...


Ep. 26 - Decentralised Verification & the Truth of Coherence – why facts need to work together

Solving an age-old problem – how can we ever be sure something is true? This problem becomes even more acute of a smart-contract relies on its being true. Could decentralised verification based on RDF be the answer? Today’s guest, Michael Hirn, began his own fascination with coding at the age of twelve; at high school he was already running a software services company; and now he is bringing trust and transparency to the token space with Rlay – a truly decentralised, incentivised rating...


Ep. 25 - Would You Put Your House on a Blockchain (along with Global Trade)?

According to Don Tapscott, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at Blockchain Research Institute, Sweetbridge is "truly a pioneer of this next era of the digital revolution". As he goes on to say, they certainly have a bold vision to improve the way we do business, and make global commerce more accessible for everyone. So via a recent TeamBlockchainMasterclass event at CMS, I took the opportunity to explore that vision with Alastair Band of Sweetbridge, who're looking to create a decentralised...


Ep. 24 - No Longer Elusive: Utility Tokens, Security & Other Tokens?

It's entirely possible to run an ICO for a Utility token in the UK In a surprising clear and illuminating interview with an ex FCA member and regulation lawyer we clear away the fog of war created by the SEC around the different types of tokens. This week’s fascinating interviewee is regulation lawyer Sam Robinson, who brings eighteen years’ experience starting with the FSA, and now specialising in FinTech, for the world’s 6th largest law firm (by lawyer headcount, and 6th largest in the...


Ep. 23 - Lithuania in the Race for Tokenized Securities - with DESICO

The rise of ICOs brings a new and yet more powerful form of crowdfunding. So with a solid background in crowdfunding, having founded the p2p platform Finbee and enjoyed a career in building and investing in fintech startups for consumers, Laimonas Noreika, Co-Founder and CEO of DESICO, is ideally-placed to analyse why investors are seeking out ICOs so keenly, to give advice to entrepreneurs looking at starting a project, and to comment on where he believes the sector is heading. In...