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Ep. 21 - How Cryptocurrency Now ‘Clicks’ with Bricks

What happens when a team already expert in traditional investment management in the real estate market creates new coins backed by those assets. The world is about to find out! In this episode, Barry E James talks to Lior Abehassera, Co-Founder and Head of Investor Relations, and David Dahan, Chief Investment Officer Real Estate, about how they came to this point, and where this is all going in the future. With a combined background in investment banking, equity derivatives, financial...


Ep. 20 - Blockchain, ICOs & Tokens: Going Mainstream with CITY A.M. CryptoInsider

A New Showcase for Blockchain, ICOs & Tokens Interpreting the ICO world for the uninitiated, thanks to CITY A.M.’s CryptoInsider Those of us steeped in the world of ICOs, cryptocurrency and tokenisation can sometimes forget that the very people we want to engage with, our potential investors and advocates, are not always coming from the same landscape, or have the same level of involvement. Fortunately there are people who are new to all this but are starting to find their way through...


Ep. 19 - How Tax Shines a New Light on ICOs & how very different an animal they are!

In this episode, Barry E James interviews Ben Brown, Tax Partner at DLA Piper, on tax and ICOs - and how they shine a light on how very different an animal they are! So much so that, like the duck-billed platypus when it was discovered, they defy categorisation and force a complete re-think - for the UK’s HMRC and regulators around the world. People are generally very familiar with the tax treatment of traditional financing methods, including currencies, and with the way companies...


Ep. 18 - Blockchain Cutting Out The Middleman, Creating Trust and so Extending Reach

Blockchain technology is unstoppably rolling out across just about every industry, not just (as some predicted) the world of financial services, but anywhere with a community of users. Blockchain is technology that cuts out the middleman. It creates trust - by making everything verifiable - between parties who don’t need to even know one another so expanding reach while slashing friction and cost. So any industry that can harness powerful attributes is ripe for disruption. What it does...


Ep. 17 - Can blockchain help rebuild trust - Helping the best to be found and the not so good to be found out?

Around 50% of all enquiries about cosmetic surgery come to nothing. Trust between practitioners and consumers in this field is, basically, broken. How could blockchain help rebuild trust is a question addressed by this week’s interviewee, Richard Crawford-Small? Because when people think about cosmetic surgery, they usually think about the negatives, the extreme cases, the Michael Jacksons. They wonder whether they can trust the online reviews, the ‘before and after’ photographs - are...


Ep. 16 - Red-Flags, Scams, Bad ICOs - and How to Avoid Them!

The tables are well and truly turned as Blockchain Radio's Pierre Bourque interviews Barry James about scams, bad ICOs, red flags and what we should do about them! Also: How blockchain changes what is possible - in the digital realm and beyond. Life at the leading edge, and why we are now with blockchain where we where with internet technology 20 years ago - a game changer for us all, that's happening fast. The Wild Wild West frontier of our time and how it works. Why it's...


Ep.15 - What it takes to build, incentivize & grow an ICO community, plus...

In this episode Barry interviews Rick O'Neill founder of leading agency Look Touch Feel and talks about what it takes to build, incentivize and grow a community in order to have a successful ICO - including the specialist skills needed. While Nostrum's Quirze Salomo talks about how they are using the MEAL token to harness blockchain technology to expand a chain of restaurants across Europe.


Ep.14 - Blockchain is outgrowing Fintech - Moving into diverse other business domains

Blockchain is outgrowing Fintech and expanding into other industry sectors. Via the latest Blockchain Masterclass event Barry James catches up with Jody Cleworth, founder of Marine Transport International and talks about watershed moments in their use of blockchain, quantum computing, frictionless trade in the Brexit environment and being 'blockchain agnostic'. Jody highlights the importance of communication and interoperability, a topic picked up by Barry’s second guest, Lucie Munier,...


Ep. 13 - Blockchain - it’s all about trust, who trusts who, how and why?

In this episode we look at the myths, challenges and opportunities of the Blockchain technology. First there was data then there was information now there is value - it’s much more than just money. We look at why digital assets or token coins can be “incredibly powerful”. Why larger organisations are taking ICOs, tokens and digitalisation of assets more seriously, Why business could radically change and there is recognition now it will have a significant influence in lot of different...


Ep. 12 - ICOs maturing? VCs Broken & Traditional markets failing millennials?

Traditional markets are failing millennials - and being leapfrogged. Seeing the ICO through the lens of an IPO doesn't work. T The VC Market is broken and being superseded. Conclusions drawn from last week's 2020Fintech conference which I discuss with keynote speakers and organiser Sydney Armani in this episode.


ICORadio Ep. 11 - State of the Blockchain Nation & The Dawn of the Token Era

The diversity of ICO, the tokens they create and the business sectors they seek to transform - and the global nature of this fast moving revolution continue to amaze. As host Barry James learned when he brought eight of the brightest and best ICOs from across Europe and the world together in a room overlooking St Paul's cathedral in London with dozens of high level investors from China. As the era of smart digital tokens and coins dawns and we create the Internet of value the...


ICORadio Ep. 10 - Crowdfunding, Blockchains & ICOs

ICOs are an advanced form of crowdfunding - as JRR Willett, who invented them confirmed to me when I interviewed him back in episode 3. So it's hardly surprising that the two are joining hands and in this week's episode I discuss how Thrinacia see this convergence and plan to use tokens and and blockchain technology to transform crowdfunding itself, making it less costly and more efficient!


ICORadio Ep. 9 - Blockchain, Crypt-Assets & The Battle of The Banks

In a recent speech Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said that crypto assets are not and cannot be money - but they must now be regulated and become a fully fledged part of the financial system nonetheless. It turns out the European Banking Authority has a very different plan - and says otherwise and that over-regulation is a bad idea. Innovation should be supported and encouraged to flourish! The SEC says there's no such thing as a token which doesn't look like a security - and...


ICORadio Ep. 8 - A Blockchain to Take Out The Middlemen Who Keep Producers in Poverty

"Talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not", and a vision to ensure good financial services are not just a utility, but something that every person is entitled to. In episode 8 of ICORadio's #BlockchainBytes Barry James interviews Maomao Hu (COO and co-founder) and Dickson Nsofor (CEO and co-founder) of Kora Network about their ICO and initiative for blockchain-powered financial inclusion - across Africa and the world; a pilot project empowering farmers in Nigeria; their tokens...


ICORadio Ep. 7 - Blockchain, ICOs & Tokens Transforming Business & Marketing

Episode 7 of #BlockchainBytes for ICORadio Barry James interviews Jonny Fry, CEO of #TeamBlockchain, discussing how ICOs could completely transform business and marketing. Including:


ICORadio Ep. 6 - Rocking The Blockchain, What the SEC Cannot See & Why the USA is Missing Out

In episode 6 we have all latest from Nick Cowan, MD of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and the new Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange; GBX. Discussing regulations, rock tokens and a recent record-breaking ICO. Plus why the USA is missing out, why regulators deserve sympathy and what it is that Jay Clayton and the SEC cannot see that's holding the USA back.


ICORadio Ep.5 - Peering Down The BitCoin / Blockchain Rabbit Hole...

In Episode 5 of The ICO Radio Show, Barry answers questions posed by journalist and “curious novice” Michelle Rodger. Michelle and Barry cover: what a cryptocurrency is; where its value comes from; why cryptocurrency seems to be male-dominated; examples of blockchain in action; ICOs; regulation around the world and how blockchain technology will transform the economy.


ICO Radio Ep 4 - The First Regulated Blockchain Exchange

In Episode 4 of The ICO Radio Show, host Barry James interviews Nick Cowan, managing director and founder of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, about the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). Nick describes GBX’ mission to be a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange, and discusses The Rock Token (RKT).


ICO Radio Ep 3 - Father of the ICO

In Episode 3 of The ICO Radio Show, host Barry James interviews the “father of the ICO,” J.R.Willett, a software developer. “JR” runs through his initial excitement about Bitcoin’s potential; his idea (and 2012 whitepaper) for building a protocol layer on top of Bitcoin and how the Omni Layer (an open-source, decentralized asset platform built on the Bitcoin blockchain) was developed; launching an ICO (initial coin offering); optimism and pessimism for cryptocurrencies; and what he’s...


ICO Radio Ep 2 - Blockchain and ICO 101

In Episode 2 of The ICO Radio Show we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). If you’re new to this world and what to learn more, it’s a great place to start; if you’re wondering about Barry’s motivations to share information – and launch this podcast – then he answers your questions here too.