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LinkedIn Lady Farewell Show

Yes, believe it or not, this is the final episode (at least for a while) of the LinkedIn Lady Show. I have been on air since 2010 and after 7 years and over 600 shows it is time to hang up my microphone. Today’s special program will leave you with a full list of things to do and things to explore to make sure your social media efforts and online marketing are working.


Social Media Tips for All Major Business Categories

Today’s LinkedIn Lady Show will focus on specific examples of success social media strategy for specific business categories. Chances are if your business is not mentioned, you will be able to adapt the information to your situation.


Are You Falling Into Cybertraps?

Lane is an author, attorney, expert witness, and professional speaker on the legal and cultural implications of emerging technology, with a particular focus on law, privacy, cybersafety, and ethics. A graduating from Amherst College and Boston College Law School, his experience as a law clerk and later private practitioner, led him to launching a computer consulting business. He is a successful author, lecturer, and computer forensics expert. We will be talking about his latest book,...


Social Media and Mother’s Day

Some would argue that the most important holiday of the year is Mother’s Day. But have you thought of how you will honor your mother and everyone else’s mother using social media? That’s how we’ll kick off today’s show with returning guest, Rick Limpert.


Would You Like to Fill a Stadium with Fans?

Maybe it’s your unfulfilled dream or maybe you think it’s impossible, but the reality is anyone can fill their ‘stadium’ if you understand what it takes. That’s the subject of today’s LinkedIn Lady Show with special guest, John Brubaker, best known as CoachBru. John is a nationally renowned performance consultant, speaker and award-winning author. John teaches audiences how to obtain better results in business with straightforward tools that turbo charge performance.


Autonomous World With Sudha Jamthe

Everything around us is being automated, slowly taking us to a new autonomous world. We have the power to automate payments, set schedules for repeat mundane work with our apps. Can we take this power further to automate our lives further? What if our car can turn the heat on 30 minutes before our driving time on a snowy cold day?


Harmonizing Personal and Business Branding

The world of social media has changed all of us in many ways. One of the most profound is our exposure as individuals. While we have the right to choose what we post about ourselves, we do not have the ability to control what others post. The solution to managing both your personal and business reputation lies in the clarity around and management of your personal brand. Today’s LinkedIn Lady Show will give you insights on understanding the personal brand that shrouds you today and tips on...


Mail Bag Questions Solving Social Media Mysteries

We are back from a much-needed break and ready to catch you up on everything that’s been happening in the world of social media. Most recently the successful IPO of Snap, Inc. parent to Snapchat. Just like the snap, crackle, pop fades in your morning cereal, so has Wall Street’s appetite for this feisty social app. But what does it really mean and should you be thinking about Snapchat for your business?


Why Paid Traffic Makes Sense

The LinkedIn Lady Show is proud to welcome back Tom Antion as our special guest. Tom has a stellar reputation in the world of internet marketing and how to make money. He’s been doing it for decades and continues to inspire entrepreneurs and business owners to maximize their opportunities through best practices.


Life and Business – All About Choices

This is a special commercial-free edition of The LinkedIn Lady Show. We are discussing tech tips for businesses, social media habits and how they impact our lives, and a brand new project. My friend and guest, Alan Skidmore, and I are writing a new book called Choices. When was the last time you thought about the choices you have made during your lifetime and how they affected you?


Must Do-Should Do-Could Do Small Business Marketing

If you are like most small business owners and entrepreneurs, you are overwhelmed with the options to market your brand. Traditional options like newspaper, local radio or direct mail are still viable but expensive. Digital options like email marketing, social media or online advertising are highly recommended but confusing. Where do you start? How much should you spend? Who will do it? How will I know if it’s working?


What Holiday Greeting Should You Use on Social Media?

In a world where political correctness has become the expectation – especially in business – how we express ourselves on social media is yet another concern for expression. Are you wishing your customers Merry Christmas? Happy Hanukkah? or Happy Holidays? This is the topic that will kick off today’s LinkedIn Lady Show. My returning guest Rick Limpert will bring fun, insight and his own brand of personal expression back for the 18th time!


The Future of Small Business

Small business is alive and well in the United States and in fact, across the globe. But it is quite different today than it was 10 years ago. This change was impacted by the economy during the recession of 2008 to 2010, but it is also due in large part to the digital age. The post The Future of Small Business appeared first on Modern Life Podcast Network.


Hot Tips on Using Social Media with No Budget

It’s a special day for Carol McManus and Ken Herron. We are smashing up our two shows into one this week. We have combined the LinkedIn Lady Show with Social Solutions to bring you a special broadcast that incorporates hot news and solutions to a chronic problem. The post Hot Tips on Using Social Media with No Budget appeared first on Modern Life Podcast Network.


Voting Doesn’t Stop After Today’s Election

Through the years that the Internet has matured and options to express continue to present themselves, we have the right to ‘vote’ on just about everything that touches our lives. We can review a book on Amazon; we can give a five-star rating to our favorite restaurant; we can recommend the painter who transformed our house; and we can evaluate the service we received from our insurance agent. The post Voting Doesn’t Stop After Today’s Election appeared first on Modern Life Podcast...


Bringing a Product to Market Takes More than a Good Idea

Are you sitting on an idea for the next greatest thing? Have you dreamed about an investment on Shark Tank or a close out sale on QVC? Or maybe you are just curious about the process (including pain and triumph) of what it takes to get a product from your head and heart into the hands of consumers. Today’s guests are Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan. They are the owners of CyberSidewalks, a successful web and graphic design company in Fairfield County, CT. But Bonnie’s creative genius went...


See-Hear-Speak No Evil Small Business Marketing Tips

How many days (or hours) has it been since someone made a pitch to you about a new marketing opportunity for your business? Every day small business owners are bombarded with the request for money – advertise in our local paper; subscribe to our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool; put your business on radio; buy t-shirts with your logo for our Little League team; Let us help you improve your website; time for a serious social media campaign – and the list goes on. There is no...


Solutions for Solopreneurs Starved for Time

Today we will discuss easy solutions for managing everything from the telephone to email to social media to networking to marketing to operational details and more. I have been interviewing people just like you and learning from them what they do to master the clock. The post Solutions for Solopreneurs Starved for Time appeared first on Modern Life Podcast Network.


You Can’t Separate Sports and Social Media

Today we will cover a range of topics including NFL’s new social media limits for teams, the reason Bass Pro Shops was better positioned to buy Cabela’s than the other way around, sports cyberbullying, how Reebok is using social media to rebrand itself, why NASCAR driver Carl Edwards is still not on Twitter, and how golfers used social media to honor Arnold Palmer.