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Making your workplace worth working

Making your workplace worth working
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Making your workplace worth working






EP 85 - What it takes to start a Benefit Corporation

Today we continue our conversation about B-Corp and Benefit Corporation with experts Rick Alexander and Ben Garthwaite. We will touch on the differences between operating a typical corporation and B-Corp certified corporation. We will also explain what it takes to start a Benefit Corporation. Rick Alexander has practiced law for 26 years at Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell and has been a managing partner for the last four. In 2015, he became the Head of Legal Policy at B Lab, where he is...


EP 84 - What are Benefit Corporations and How Can They Help You

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) represents Maryland’s eighth district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He was first elected in 2016. Prior to that he served as a member of the Maryland State Senate for three terms. He has also taught constitutional law at American University’s College of Law in Washington, D.C. Jim Epstein is the Chairman of EFO Capital Management. As a philanthropist, he has been a supporter of the benefit corporation movement and has worked with non-profit groups. He is also...


EP 83 - How to Capture Talent in Today’s Candidate-Driven Market

Jerome and Tracey discuss ways to capture great talent in today’s candidate driven market. “The war for talent is over and the candidates have won,” Jerome shares. “Today is about how you attract talent to your organization with the culture and the value proposition, and how you match that talent to the needs of your business. You are marketing candidates and bringing talent in, rather than, ‘I have a job, who wants to apply?’” Tracey shares that to hire talent in today’s market, recruiters...


EP 82 - Bill Kutik Discusses What’s new in HR technology

Today we are hearing from HR Technology expert Bill Kutik. His forte is having 30 years of historical knowledge about all HR systems and people and remembering almost all of it. Bill talks about Chabot’s and the hundreds of Artificial Intelligence technology lines that companies are telling. Bill has over 30 years' experience is human resources technology and has been the leading independent technology analyst and impresario. His broadcast-quality video series Firing Line with Bill Kutik is...


EP 81 - Sexual Harassment in the Workplace with Johnny Campbell

In October of 2017, the New York Times reported that Harvey Weinstein was battling allegations of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual contact, and had reached at least eight settlements with women. This event fueled the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements bringing greater national awareness to the degree to which women are being sexually harassed in the workplace and what people are doing to address it. Today we are hearing from experts about sexual harassment in the workplace. We will touch...


UNLEASH - Workplace Augmented Reality (AR)

While the discussion about augmented reality (AR) has been focused on the incredible potential this technology will present in years to come across all aspects of our lives, what receives less attention is that AR is delivering results today. Guest Roy Ashok CEO of DAQRI shares how DAQRI’s professional-grade AR products are currently being deployed to enhance workforce effectiveness and employee experience. Plus, he provides examples of how workforce augmentation will be critical to keep...


UNLEASH - How to Go Digital Successfully

We are living in a world where four out of every five companies are embarking upon a digital transformation. However, there’s a big gap between what digital transformation actually is and what most businesses think it is. That has a lot to do with most companies failing to adopt a digital culture. Guest Donna Murdoch, Global Head of Learning Technology and Innovation for S&P Global Ratings, discusses two multi-pronged digital transformation programs S&P Global Ratings is running...


UNLEASH - Workplace Culture 2.0

Do you want to design an intentional culture that drives winning results and captivates your organization in a way that delivers unparalleled enthusiasm and positivity? Silly question but most organizations have issues building and maintaining an effective workplace culture. Plus, they don’t recognize the role technology often plays in this process. Guests Diane Adams, global culture change consultant and Jennifer Vaughan is a Digital Strategist at TMP Worldwide discuss how to build a...


UNLEASH - What HR Technology Can do to Drive Change

So many companies have approached diversity and inclusion from a perspective of compliance. But recently many are starting to shift their focus and are now taking a more strategic approach to diversity and inclusion. This allows an organization to bring their people together and bring out the best in their people. This episode of The Lorne Epstein Show, recorded on location at the UNLEASH America show in Las Vegas, features guests Janine Truitt, Chief Innovations Officer at Talent Think...


UNLEASH - The Human Side of Human Resources

The stories of the 'humans' of human resources are often lost in the bigger picture that's predominantly dominated by the analytics that guide the strategic direction of the company. And those stories continue to fade into the background as companies focus on business needs, revenue goals and stakeholder value. But guests Robin Schooling and Bill Boorman believe that when companies balance the human element with the business strategy that not only helps retain sustainable competitive...


UNLEASH: Effective Tech Implementations--They DO Exist!

According to Gartner, 75% of digital transformations are going to fail. One of the main reasons is that new technology implementations are ineffective in large part because the employees using the technology do not know HOW to use the technology, even after being trained. Raj Sundarason, Global Head, HR Line of Business at WalkMe discusses how companies can ensure the ROI on the technology investments they make are realized, simply by giving employees’ real-time onboarding guidance. Their...


UNLEASH -- Behind the Scenes of LinkedIn's New Talent Insights Solutions

Talent continues to become the sustainable competitive advantage companies have in their marketplace. And LinkedIn continues to be a source for finding great talent. However, with 550 million members and growing, the data available goes well beyond filling open positions. Guest Dan Francis, LinkedIn Senior Product Manager discusses how LinkedIn has embarked on a real-time mission to use data and insights to build talent strategy and supercharge the recruiter! Whether it be developing...


UNLEASH - Resistance to Technology is Futile!

By 2025, over $400 billion spent on digital technology, with $30 billion of that on Human Resources -- but the majority of investments will fail to drive the business case promised. Why? Because year over year 74% of organizations repeat the same ineffective methods of training and change management that fail to empower employees. Guests Nicole Lindenbaum, Director of Product Marketing at PeopleDoc Inc., and Holger Mueller,VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, discuss how...


UNLEASHING the Power of Recruiting Technology

Recruiting these days is MUCH different than what recruiting looked like even 5 years ago. Specifically, the candidate experience is more important than ever before! Technology and Big Data are key. But both have their own challenges coupled with new and upcoming data privacy issues. Guests Rebecca Carr, VP, Product at SmartRecruiters and Bill Boorman, Founder of #tru conferences, discuss the current state of recruiting and what to expect in the next few years. This episode of The Lorne...


EP 80 - Todd Raphael



UNLEASH - The Work of the Future of Work

Guests Julie Knight-Ludvigson, CMO of @Topia a technology firm that helps company literally move their employees around the world and ChinaGorman, Managing Director for @UNLEASHGroup America, join Lorne to discuss how work has changed and will continue to do so. From finding and keeping the best talent (wherever they may be and letting them work from where ever they are), to creating an engaging environment and company culture for a distributed workforce, and implementing the technology AND...


UNLEASH - Blockchain’s Impact on HR Processes

Einstein said, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” Today’s digital data is constantly exchanged in supposedly secure and trusted environments, yet history shows that no system is unhackable. HR has seen corrupted data, altered records and falsified credentials. Blockchain has emerged as proven strategy against data corruption and in restoring trust. Guest Yvette Cameron, Founder of NextGen Insights, reviews how companies are...


UNLEASH - Work Works When You Unleash Employees' Potential

Marc Coleman, Founder & CEO of UNLEASH Group (formerly HR Tech World & HRN Europe) is on a mission to help companies UNLEASH the potential in employees by changing how we work. Marc's passion is for building a global community on the Future of Work & Technology where people can be inspired, thrive, feel safe yet challenged, have fun and help make the world a better place. Lorne got a chance to catch up with Marc at the recent UNLEASH Conference last month in Las Vegas, NV. From the...