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Don’t Give Your Personal Power Away -TPS281

I recently had a talk with a group of friends about personal power, which is a topic that interests me because I see that so many people give away their personal power. I was asked to give my definition of personal power, which I share on this episode. Highlights: My definition of personal power is [...] The post Don’t Give Your Personal Power Away -TPS281 appeared first on Prosperity Place.


Andy Molinsky: How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone -TPS280

Andy Molinsky is a Brandeis University professor the author of Global Dexterity and the new book Reach, a columnist at, Psychology Today and a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review. The topic of Andy’s new book is about getting out of your comfort zone and we talk about this at length. Highlights Andy shares the backstory about how he became a professor and then writing for the general public. Find what you’re interested in and follow that, which is hard for a lot of...


How Childhood Deprivation Affects Your Finances Today -TPS279

In my book, Build Your Money Muscles, I talk about the 5 main feeling that people act out through their finances – aloneness, shame, deprivation, anger, and a sense of being trapped. In today’s episode, I talk about how different types of deprivation in childhood can affect your finances. Highlights: Your finances are a reflection of what goes on inside of you. You draw in people and experiences that are in tune with who you are. A lot of people who have been deprived in childhood don’t...


Katy Bray and Zeb Severson: A New System for Personal & Team Growth -TPS278

My guests today are Katy Bray and Zeb Severson. They have developed a proprietary system over the course of 10 years and with over 11,000 people from all walks of life designed to develop resilience and synergy in the workplace.Through their years dedicated to perfecting this system, they have honed in on what it is needed for people and teams to work at and maintain their highest impact. Katy and Zeb are committed to disrupting outdated thinking and bringing team synergy to the next...


Finding Inner Peace by Opening Non-Logical Realities -TPS277

I think a lot about how there seem to be many different realities that people live in. In this episode, I explore how different belief systems that are real to some, not to others and how opening your heart to other possibilities can affect your business and life outcomes. Highlights: I talk about the nature of the spiritual group I belong to, The Celebration. Last week’s speaker was someone who works with John of God. The healings that John of God has real world effects. I often wonder...


Joshua Spodek: Using Emotions As a Leadership Essential -TPS276

Joshua Spodek, bestselling author of Leadership Step by Step, is an Adjunct Professor at NYU, leadership coach and workshop leader for Columbia Business School, columnist for Inc., and founder of Josh also has a background as an astrophysicist. The interview was done with Josh in a garden, so you’ll hear lovely bird sounds throughout. Highlights: Josh tells us how he moved from astrophysics to business. Small business owners need leadership skills. Josh thinks that it’s...


Finding Inner Peace as the Chaos Unfolds – TPS275

I recorded this episode on Monday, as the tragedy in Texas was still unfolding. I’m finding it hard not to talk about the deep sadness I feel as I witness the suffering, even though I was expecting the chaos. In this episode, I talk about what I see is happening from a more detached point of view. Highlights: There’s great divide as we experience challenges to our democracy. Talk about why I have been anticipating the chaos. With chaos comes uncertainty, which leads to fear. There is a...


Nathan Hirsch: Hiring Remote Workers Plus Great Business Advice -TPS277

Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He has been selling online for over seven years and has sold well over $25 million worth of product through his eCommerce business. He is now the co-founder and CEO of, the hands-on hiring marketplace connecting hundreds of online business owners with reliable, pre-vetted remote workers. Highlights Nate started his first business when he was in college and he learned that he loved selling. He...


Simple, Inexpensive Ideas for Creating an Online Course-TPS273

In today’s episode, I talk about a free and easy way to create your first online course. I suggest that you start with Udemy and I discuss how they help you. I also make suggestions for equipment that’s inexpensive and easy to use. Links: Screencast-O-Matic The Holistic Prosperity Facebook Group The post Simple, Inexpensive Ideas for Creating an Online Course-TPS273 appeared first on Prosperity Place.


Save Your Adrenals, Save Your Life-TPS272

We live in stressful times characterized by uncertainty. In this episode, I talk about how uncertainty causes stress, which leads to fear, which stresses your adrenal glands. It’s important to honor and take care of yourself and especially your adrenal glands, which regulate almost all of your body functions. Stressing your adrenal glands can actually shorten your life! Highlights. It’s difficult not feel stress with what’s going on all around the world. When you start feeling afraid for...


Quick Tip: Don’t Forget the Important Things You Need to Do -TPS271

In this episode a recommend a reminder program that helps me pay bills on time and do certain chores that I might otherwise forget to do. Link: The post Quick Tip: Don’t Forget the Important Things You Need to Do -TPS271 appeared first on Prosperity Place.


Chris Miles: Information Every Business Owner Needs about Managing Money -TPS270

I have often told the story of how, in the 1980s, I had a highly successful Crystal business. In the fourth year of the business, I was grossing, in today’s money, $50,000 a month and wound up going bankrupt because I didn’t know how to manage cash flow. So, when I came across information about today’s guest, I knew I wanted to talk to him. Chris Miles is known as the “Cash Flow Expert.” He’s a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs & professionals how to quickly free up and create cash...


Quick Tip: Beware Toxic Household Chemicals -TPS269

In this episode, I talk about how common household chemicals can affect your health. Often, studies have not been done about the cumulative effect of products like air fresheners, pesticides, and cosmetics. I make some recommendations about non-toxic alternatives. Links: Bio Green Clean BioKleen All Purpose Cleaner Excelsior Laundry Detergent The post Quick Tip: Beware Toxic Household Chemicals -TPS269 appeared first on Prosperity Place.


Make Conscious Choices -TPS268

There’s a lot of information about being mindful and conscious, but don’t we often think consciously about our everyday choices. In this episode, I talk about what goes into making our choices and how we can be more conscious about those choices. I also mention the Hartman Value Profile which measures your capacity to make effective decisions when faced with problems, challenges, and opportunities Highlights: The quality of your choices affects the quality of your business and life...


Quick Tip: Let Go Internally and Reduce Stress -TPS267

In this episode, I talk about a Letting Go meditation that I’ve been doing for many years. Doing this will help you reduce stress and do a better job of running your business – and your life. Listen to the specific instructions I give for this easy exercise. It doesn’t take long to do and you can even do it when you are going about your day. Link: Simple Meditation for Busy Entrepreneurs The post Quick Tip: Let Go Internally and Reduce Stress -TPS267 appeared first on Prosperity Place.


Bob Litwin: Live the Best Story of Your Life -TPS266

Performance coach and author Bob Litwini the #1 world ranked senior tennis player, two-time World Tennis Champion, 18-time US National Champion, and Eastern Hall of Fame inductee. He has spent over three decades using the New Story method to coach thousands of top athletes, performance coaches, Wall Street hedge funds and traders to raise individual performance to extraordinary levels. He is the real life version of the Wendy Rhoades character on Showtime’s hit “Billions,” he works on Wall...


Quick Tip: Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company -TPS265

In the Quick Tip episode, I talk about the different hosting options for your website. During the 22 years I have been online, I’ve had the opportunity to try a number of different hosts. Did you know that many of the hosting companies, including Hostgator and Blue Host are owned by the same large conglomerate? The downtime and long waits for customer service I experienced with them sent me running. I talk about the other platforms I have used and make some suggestions. Links:...


Am I Obsolete? -TPS264

Recently, while listening to a podcast with two young and successful entrepreneurs, I reflected on the numbers of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have entered the business world. With all of the tools the Internet has to offer and the numerous coaches available to give business owners helpful advice, I wondered if I’m obsolete. In this episode, I share my thinking – and conclusion – and how important it is not to compare yourself to others. Highlights: It’s still apparently true that only...


Quick Tip: Grammarly Will Improve Your Writing Big Time – TPS263

My Quick Tip for today is about an app called Grammarly that you can install on your browser and in MS Office. Grammarly will pick up lots of little errors, like comma mistakes, extra spaces, and misused words. Links: Free Ebook – Heal Your Money Shame & End Underearning The post Quick Tip: Grammarly Will Improve Your Writing Big Time – TPS263 appeared first on Prosperity Place.


Rebecca Skeele: Sacred Ambition and Your Heart’s Calling -TPS262

Rebecca Skeele is a Wisdom Teacher and Sacred Ambition Mentor. She is an author, ordained minister and licensed counselor who has facilitated seminars in the United States and Europe for 25 years. She is the author of You Can Make It Heaven: How to Live Your Life with Abundance and Loving and creator of The Heaven on Earth Wisdom School – A Spiritual M.B.A. Highlights Rebecca teaches people how to work with themselves in a loving, caring way. Rebecca shares how she has brought spiritual...