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19: Monica Byrne on Custom Couture Dresses

Next to having the perfect groom, the perfect wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding. Making sure you feel confident and beautiful in your dress is ultimately every designer’s goal. This is why having a custom-made dress is such a unique and intimate experience. Monica Byrne’s is a bridal designer with an exemplary portfolio, working with names such as Vera Wang. She has a passion for the creative experience behind every piece and fulfilling every bride's vision. If...


18: Bella Bridesmaids

Is your wedding party located in different cities throughout the Country? Are you worried about having the same look for them, then today’s show is for you! Delivering what girls are asking for, and having them still feeling great the day of. Mother and Daughter duo, Kathleen Casey and Erin Casey Wolf of Bella Bridesmaids, have 55 showrooms through the country and is still growing. A franchise focusing on bridesmaid dresses, making it their expertise. Getting the effortless look is not as...


17: What to Wear for a Second Wedding with Mark Ingram

Have you met someone wondering what do they wear this time around for a second marriage? It has become more common, and on Today’s show we will hear the best advice from experts that help guide you in the right direction of wearing what makes you feel great on your wedding day. We have the pleasure of hearing from Mark Ingram of Mark Ingram Atelier once more. Talented in fashion, Mark keeps up to date on all trends. Through time, second marriages and what to wear has completely changed. If...


16: What I've Learned About Marriage

Ever have any regrets about your wedding day? On today’s show, it will be a little different than the past episodes. Julie is celebrating her 17 Wedding Anniversary! We will take a look back and see what really has changed with weddings in the past 17 years, and how a lot has stayed the same. Julie will not only go through some of her top regrets from her wedding, but she will also give some personal advice about the special day. As foundations of weddings have stayed the same, there...


15: What to Do If Your Wedding Dress is Too Big

On today’s show, Julie talks with Giselle Ghofrani from Dress Doctor about dress fittings, and things to help if your dress ends up being too big. Some brides change weight as they plan their wedding due to stress, and some just want room to dance, and jump around. Either way, there are ways to have a great fitting dress that will hold its shape and not become unmanageable as the wedding goes on! Show Highlights: Julie really wants to hear from you, so if you have questions or...


14: How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photographs with Jose Villa

Do you let stress get the best of you when it comes to having your photo taken? Today’s guest will help you navigate looking great in your photographs. As a fine art photographer, he is there to think for you and knows how to capture the perfect photos. Jose Villa of Jose Villa Photography finds the beauty in everyone and helps brides look and feel amazing on their wedding day. Starting out when he was only 19 years old, he found his passion for photography in high school. Graduating with...


13: Selling Your Wedding Dress and Buying a Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

Are you a bride who doesn’t want to sacrifice the experience of gown shopping for a designer gown, but also doesn’t want to spend too much on your wedding dress? On today’s show, we find out that you can still walk down the aisle in the perfect couture dress, without breaking the bank. Thanks to Ana and Jacquelyn for coming together and finding out there was a need in the wedding gown industry for pre-owned designer wedding gowns and providing this much needed service. Ana and Jacquelyn...


12: Bridal Styling Secrets from a Boutique Owner with Beth Chapman

If you’ve ever wondered just how far brides will go to have the perfect wedding dress, then today’s show is just for you! Styling a bride goes far beyond the dress choice and there’s no one more capable of sharing her best practices for building a successful business styling brides than Beth Chapman. Beth Chapman founded The White Dress by the Shore bridal boutique and has set the standard for what a great dress shopping experience should be. Beth has also branched out to create a...


11: Bridal Market Trends with Shelley Brown of The Knot

On today’s show, Julie talks with Shelley Brown, the fashion editor of The Knot Magazine. We will get to hear all about what they saw at Bridal Market last week. Trends, things that Shelley loved, and all of the new designs brides need to pay attention to is what Julie and Shelly are discussing today! Show Highlights: Julie really wants to hear from you, so if you have questions or comments, please reach out to her so you can be sure you are dressed, styled and down the aisle! Links...


10: Everything Bridal Market with Alexandra Macon

We’re on the cusp of COUTURE NYC Bridal Market, and we have so much to talk about in preparation for the show. It’s Julie’s 27th market, and she still can’t wait for it to get started! On today’s show, Julie talks with Alexandra Macon from Over the Moon. We get to hear how her career got started to how Alexandra built Over the Moon. Alexandra shares with us her favorite bridal fashion trends and what she hopes to see more of at the Market! Show Highlights: Julie really wants to...


09: What is a Trunk Show and Should I Attend?

On today’s show, Julie talks with Mark Ingram of Mark Ingram Atelier. Mark has one of the best eyes in the industry in selecting dresses. The topic today is trunk shows. They can be critical in finding your dress, and some brides don’t even know what they are. Show Highlights: Julie really wants to hear from you, so if you have questions or comments, please reach out to her so you can be sure you are dressed, styled and down the aisle! Links Mentioned in the Show: Mark Ingram...


08: How to Make Sure Your Bustle Doesn't Break

On today’s show, Julie talks with Giselle Ghofrani about your wedding dress bustle. Most designers do not design the dress to be bustled. The designers do not think about the dancing sitting, or jumping around - they only care about walking down the aisle and that you will look amazing. Bustles are not meant to be tucked or folded giving the seamstress a big challenge. Listen to today’s episode to learn how to keep handle the bustle and how to be prepared when the inevitable happens! Show...


07: Transporting Your Wedding Dress

On today’s show, Julie talks about how to transport your wedding dress to where it needs to be with the least amount of stress and hassle. You will need to ascertain your threshold of dealing with uncertainty. How the dress is packed plays a big part of the condition it arrives in. She will talk about the pros and cons of shipping verses carrying the dress with you, as well as tips for the best practices. Show Highlights: Julie really wants to hear from you, so if you have questions...


06: How to Deal with a Wrinkled Wedding Dress with Giselle Ghofrani

On today’s show, Julie will talk about what every bride worries about, and every planner has had to deal with. What to do when your wedding dress is wrinkled. Julie will interview an expert with fabric, Giselle Ghofrani. She will help with tips on how to handle wrinkles on your wedding dress. Show Highlights: Julie really wants to hear from you, so if you have questions or comments, please reach out to her so you can be sure you are dressed, styled and down the aisle! Links...


05: Have You Found THE ONE?

On today’s show, Julie talks about how you will know if you found the ONE, the perfect dress, the dress you’ll want to get married in. Brides today are having a harder time than ever before deciding on their wedding dress. There are more options out there than ever before and you are exposed to a constant stream of gorgeous photos on social media. Plus you know what dress your friends wore, and what their friends’, friends wore, and you want to be different, making it pretty overwhelming....


04: What to Expect on the First Dress Fitting

On today’s show, Julie continues the dress shopping conversation she had during the first 3 episodes. The anticipation of seeing your actual wedding dress for the first time can be overwhelming. You may wonder if you will still love it, if it will still fit properly, or even if they made the changes you requested. Julie has been to hundreds of dress fittings and today she tells you exactly what to expect, gives you some expert tips on how to make your first fitting go smoothly, and hopefully...


03: Wedding Dress Shopping, Part 2

Today’s show is the third episode of The Stylish Bride Podcast and Julie continues the conversation about the dress shopping experience she began in episodes 1 and 2. Today, Julie discusses specifically how you can maximize your salon appointments, what to do when your consultant just isn’t getting you. What do you need to know about finding THE dress for you, ordering the dress, and paying a deposit? Show Highlights: What should you wear to your appointment?What should I bring to my...


02: Help! I'm Engaged

You’re what? Perhaps you think finding the perfect dress is on your radar. Julie suggests taking many details to take into consideration before finding your dream dress. The date, venue, formality of the event, and what kind of mood/vibe you expect to have on your special day. In today’s episode, Julie will give you some wonderful advice about the steps to take after your engagement. Today’s show is the second episode of The Stylish Bride Podcast. You will soon discover that...


01: Welcome to The Stylish Bride

In 1999, at the age of 22, Julie was working in finance after graduating college and met the man of her dreams. When Julie became engaged, she found herself looking for something that simply did not exist. She didn’t know where to find information about how to plan her wedding. Magazines and books were the primary resources she used for planning her wedding because Internet planning wasn’t yet popular. From the agonizing process of the dress selection, and trying on literally hundreds of...