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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe


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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe




Losing the Fizz

What does the energy price crisis mean for suppliers like Bulb? They're having to raise more funds to keep going as the price of wholesale gas soars. And sky high gas prices are causing problems with the supply of CO2 which is vital to the food industry and to suppliers like Kate who runs a pig farm in Yorkshire. She tells Sean Farrington how she's frightened for the future of her business. #WakeUpToMoney With Sean Farrington


Ready, Jetset, Go!

Will the government scrap the traffic light travel system? And as the nights draw in and we start firing up our boilers, how worried should we be about rising energy prices?


All back to work?

We take a deeper look at why most staff and bosses say office work won't return full time -hearing from workers, experts and even BT. Plus Sean asks why energy prices are surging. Elsewhere he discusses why there's been a record jump in price rises and whether Charlie Mullins could sell of Pimlico Plumbers


Best Laid Plans?

Sean looks at the PM's Winter Plan(s) and the impact they could have. He also asks whether a better system could replace Universal Credit and how much low literacy costs workers.


From Summer Sun to Winter Plan

Furlough is expected to mean more jobs go, but we can't fill our vacancies. Sean examines the employment conundrum. He also grabs his crystal ball to look at what could be in the PM's Winter Plan. Elsewhere, he discusses Primark going digital, why MPs are investigating social media influencers, and he takes a look at teambuilding and how companies can bring their staff back together in real life and in spirit. #WakeUpToMoney With Sean Farrington


Raising Raducanu

After Emma Raducanu's US win, Vishala asks what it costs to turn a tennis player into a superstar? We also discuss furlough with the TUC as they meet for their annual conference and take a look at what changes the Government could make to Covid regulations. And as charities struggle we ask how they're trying to keep ticking over.


Fairytale in New York

18 year old Emma Raducanu has done what no British woman has been able to do for 44 years. She'll be in the final of a grand slam this weekend, but what does all this success and media attention do for her earnings power? And with a few weeks left until the furlough scheme winds up for good, what now for the 1.6 million people still using it? Plus how can employers negotiate the tricky British class system? With Felicity Hannah #WakeUpToMoney


Pop-It like it's hot

Sean explores why there's such a backlog of HGV driving tests, he finds out how a health and social care levy would work, and why the latest toy craze has swept the playgrounds of the world.


Tax and Spend

Sean Farrington looks at what the government's new health tax means for workers, employers, care homes and the wider economy? Plus, we look into the HGV driver test backlog. And, how do you make your dream career a reality?


A taxing gambit?

Sean looks at the potential for National Insurance increases to help fund social care. He also examines why HGV driving tests are taking so long, and the latest chess board shortages, and asks why the financial regulator is taking aim at Kim Kardashian over crypto?


Tax 'n' Vax

Sean looks at plans to cover the cost of social care. Plus, the latest on shortages, and vaccine passports for nightclubs and large events. He also hears from a programme that's working to get more young black people into corporate jobs.


Sowing the seeds for price rises?

As shortages drive wholesale food prices higher, could consumers soon feel the pinch? Felicity Hannah speaks to one importer and exporter to find out. She also asks whether Blackpool Illuminations will shed any light on how UK tourism is faring. And as BMW says it plans to slash its carbon emissions from the life cycle of its cars, from their production onwards, by 40% per cent before 2030, we catch up with the carmaker to ask how it will carry out that pledge. Plus loose change hoarding,...


The Big Short(age)

From cola to beer, many items are still running short. It's caused by many issues including covid and a shortage of lorry drivers. Some businesses are investing in fleets of vans to move products around, bypassing HGV's. But is it sustainable? And will it cost us all more in the end? And a combination of weather problems and covid restrictions in coffee producing parts of the world means the price of beans has jumped. What does it mean for your morning brew? With Sean Farrington...


Trucking Troubles

Today's Wake Up To Money looks at how shortages are impacting different industries. While some are struggling to recruit, others can't get the goods they need. Tom talks about what life is like behind the wheel of an HGV and says despite a recent £7 an hour pay rise, he still wants to leave the industry. Leanna Byrne hears how a lack of staff is also causing some restaurants and pubs to close or limit their hours And the boss of a Nottingham theatre explains how even building sets is getting...


Exiting Afghanistan

Today is the crucial deadline imposed by President Joe Biden for US forces to pull out of Afghanistan. A former Chief of Staff at the Afghan Central Bank tells Wake Up To Money the future of the country's economy is "very alarming". We may all be allowed to go out to eat again. But we're still consuming more takeaways than we were before the pandemic. Has covid changed our eating habits forever? And Sean hears how the Chinese government says under 18's will only be allowed to play video...


Shops, shortages and shindigs

As new figures show food and hospitality firms are hardest hit by low stock, Mark Syred looks at how firms are tacking stock shortages. Five years after BHS finally shut its doors, we ask what's become of those sites and examine what festivals are worth to local economies. And the team takes a look at what to expect from the central bankers attending the Jackson Hole meeting in the US.


HGV, not as easy as 1, 2, 3

Companies like Greggs, McDonalds and Nandos have all said one of the key reasons behind current food chain shortages is a lack of lorry drivers.



McDonald's joined KFC and Nando's this week in reporting supply chain issues - so what's going on and which high street big name brands could be next?


Coming up short

The economy is suffering the worst shortages of workers and materials in decades. Wake Up To Money takes a look at how these shortages are hurting construction.


Testing times for the travel industry

Travel companies say they want furlough extended till next March and dozens of companies are to be removed from the list of travel testing providers