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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe


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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe




Pigs, Planes and Pumpkins

Most fully vaccinated travellers will be able to take cheaper lateral flow tests on returning to England from holiday, rather than the more expensive PCR tests. What does it mean for the travel industry? Plus more foreign workers will be allowed in to do the jobs in abbatoirs that British workers are not filling right now. And have you been spending more on the kids this halloween? Felicity asks if, after such a rough 18 months, we're just wanting to spend more on the things we missed out...


Supply and Demand

Just 73 days until Christmas, and already businesses are warning of creaking supply chains, Felicity Hannah catches up with former Debenhams and Barclays boss Sir Ian Cheshire to discuss the issue. She also has the latest from Northern Ireland on EU moves to ease border frictions, and speaks to the woman who runs the Green Man Festival about an emotional return to live events.


Ports in a storm

Felicity Hannah looks at the impact of driver shortages on the UK's biggest port, and considers what's next for the Northern Ireland Protocol. Plus, William Shatner's not the only one with the stars in his eyes. We'll find out about the plan to launch satellites from Cornwall.


Much Ado About Energy

Felicity discusses the suggestion that the government could step in to offer loans to businesses which are heavy energy users, to help ease the gas crisis. Why are black and ethnic minority workers still struggling in many cases to get ahead in their careers? And the Mop Fair, which has been recruiting people to local jobs since medieval times returns to Stratford. #WakeUpToMoney With Felicity Hannah


Gas, Glass and Grub

There's a warning from the food and drink industry that food prices are on the rise. Plus the glass industry explains why it can't just power down its furnaces as energy prices rise. Felicity hears how bookings are rising as the travel red list is shrinking. And why are so many working mums worried about their promotion prospects? #WakeUpToMoney With Felicity Hannah


Fly me to the Toon

Felicity Hannah takes a look at what the changes to the red list mean for the travel industry and asks what Saudi Arabia's takeover of Newcastle United is really about.


The Productivity Puzzle

The PM insists that Britain will become a high wage, high skill, high productivity economy. But what actually is productivity? And how can we get better at it? Felicity investigates and listeners share their top tips. Plus after gas prices reached a record high yesterday before falling again, what does it mean for our bills? And why scams are on the rise and what you can do to protect yourself. #WakeUpToMoney With Felicity Hannah.


Government, Guts and Growth

Boris Johnson will tell the Conservative Party conference later that he has "the guts" to make Britain a high wage economy. Felicity looks into what businesses make of the idea of paying workers more. Plus the latest on Facebook's bad week; as a whistleblower cllaims the company's products "harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy". And how investors are increasingly eyeing up the music world as Adele releases her first new song for years and Tina Turner sells her back...


WhatsAppened to Facebook?

A Facebook server went down. How did it affect customers and businesses around the world? Plus the latest on how global shortages are affecting the UK's biggest car dealers.


Mistletoe and Mondays

An auction took place this weekend to buy supermarket chain Morrisons. What do we know about the winners CD&R and what its plans are for the chain? What's being done to tackle the petrol shortages continuing in some parts of the country,? And why Christmas isn't just for Christmas, it's all year round, for one company at least. #WakeUpToMoney With Katie Prescott


Cap in hand?

Fliss looks at the new energy price cap and asks what it means for household finances at a time of surging energy costs. Also, how to save money during a cost of living squeeze? Plus, the latest on the fuel crisis, and from global markets.


Farewell furlough

It's the last day of furlough so Sean's looking at what's next for the hardest hit industries. Plus the latest on the energy crunch and the robots coming to take over our homes.


Giving it gas

Fuel shortages continue, gas prices are on the up, while the pound takes a hit - Sean Farrington looks at the state of play.


Double Oil Seven

Sean will be looking at the latest in the petrol pump panic and asking a consumer psychologist why so many of us can't help panic buying in a crisis. Plus can Bond save cinema?


Problems at the pump

The government is to suspend competition law to allow oil firms to target fuel deliveries at petrol stations following recent panic buying.


Running on Empty

As driver shortages lead to fuel shortages at the forecourt, Felicity Hannah asks what impact that could have on supply chains. She also tries to get answers to your questions on collapsed energy suppliers. Meanwhile, as the Bank of England warns inflatuion could pass the 4% mark, Felicity will be discussing what that could mean for interest rates.


Powering Down

Avro Energy and Green are the latest energy companies to fall victim to the rising cost of wholesale gas. It means one and a half million customers have lost their energy company in the last two weeks. The government thinks it should be easier to ask for flexible working. Sean hears from a couple of bosses on either side of the divide And what will happen when furlough ends in a week's time? #WakeUpToMoney With Sean Farrington


A Special Relationship?

Sean looks at the latest on the energy crisis and whether the deal done to safeguard CO2 supplies will be enough to prevent shortages. A damning report into the scandal which meant thousands of women missed out on state pension payments because of government mistakes And why we could soon have more rights to ask for flexible working. It's hoped new rules will protect women, disabled people and working parents. #WakeUpToMoney With Sean Farrington


Keeping the Lights On

The wholesale price of gas continues to rise amid government promises that power outages will be avoided this winter. Sean talks to boss of energy company Utilita and finds out what we can all do to protect ourselves against rising bills. Meanwhile the US president has lifted the travel ban on Brits entering the US. One boss tells Sean how he's looking forward to a return of business travel. And Universal Music, home of Ariana Grande and the Rolling Stones makes its stock market debut today....


Losing the Fizz

What does the energy price crisis mean for suppliers like Bulb? They're having to raise more funds to keep going as the price of wholesale gas soars. And sky high gas prices are causing problems with the supply of CO2 which is vital to the food industry and to suppliers like Kate who runs a pig farm in Yorkshire. She tells Sean Farrington how she's frightened for the future of her business. #WakeUpToMoney With Sean Farrington