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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe


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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe




No Room At The Inn?

Wake Up To Money hears from one woman who says her struggle to book a room in one of the UK's quarantine hotels has meant she now won't get to have Christmas with her family. The former boss of the business watchdog has criticised the government's handling of the travel testing system. He says the PCR and Lateral Flow test market is a "rip off jungle" And : If you work in customer facing job, have you noticed people getting ruder? The CEO of First Direct Bank thinks it's a growing problem...


Let's Test Again (Like We Did Last Summer)

From 4am today, travellers returning to the UK will b e subject to new covid tests. Felicity finds out what the travel industry makes of it. She also hears why the flotation of online news service BuzzFeed has been so controversial. And after Spar was hit by a cyber attack, she looks at how companies can protect themselves from hackers. #WakeUpToMoney With Felicity Hannah


After Miscarriage

Rahul Tandon talks to Monzo Bank about its policy to give parents two weeks of paid leave following a miscarriage, after BBC research finds wide variation in the support companies offer their staff in the aftermath of a miscarriage. So what kind of help do parents need to recover? And is it just as important to offer that support to dads as well as mums? VR is increasingly being used as a tool in healthcare. Rahul talks to one firm about how it's developed tech to enable VR to be used in...


£17bn in fraud failure

As a government watchdog says that £17bn worth of Covid loans won't be paid back Felicity takes a look at the numbers and Germany restrict those who are not vaccinated.


Energy Shock

Felicity Hannah looks into the impact of energy price rises, what they mean for the energy companies involved and what our bills might look like in a few months time. She also speaks to a business without power, six days after Storm Arwen hit. Plus, financial literacy with Bobby Seagull.


Fear of the unknown

Can businesses weather any fresh wave of coronavirus infections caused by the Omicron variant?


Is the Christmas party over?

Health minister Edward Argar said the government will let people in England 'use their judgments' about whether to attend festive bashes this year.


What does Omicron mean for business?

Katie Prescott looks at the impact of new Covid rules on travel and retail. Plus, why are so few vacancies classed as 'green' jobs? And, how are theatres dealing with the drop in demand in this all important Christmas panto season? Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.


Good Deal or No Deal?

The red list returns for travel from Southern Africa over fears of a new variant. And, Black Friday is back but what does it mean to shoppers and retailers? Plus, is the government's Kickstart apprenticeship scheme have the desired impact?


Working 9 to 5 ... till 50

Felicity Hannah takes a look at why older workers are having to change their job hunting tactics and how some people are getting their own back on scammers. Plus a look ahead to the latest NEETs figures (16-24 year olds not in education employment or training) and AstraZeneca unveils plans for a huge £1bn R&D centre.


Are Businesses braced for a covid crackdown?

In Northern Ireland people are once again being asked to work from home, Felicity finds out what that means for business and what is the ultimate computer game of all time?


The lights go out at Bulb

Bulb goes into Special Administration, so what does that mean for customers and Atom Bank moves its UK employees to a four day week, the boss tells Felicity how it will work


Lockdown Returns

Katie Prescott hears from an Austrian business owner as national lockdown is reintroduced. Plus, will the departure of Manchester United's boss have a bearing on its share price? And, why are charity shop sales so strong?


Rising rates and restrictions

As European Covid rates rise and Northern Ireland brings in new restrictions we look at the impact for business. Felicity Hannah also catches up with the first afro hair brand to advertise on UK TV. Plus fallout from the Government's decision to cut part of the HS2 line, why Metro Bank's suitor has pulled out of takeover talks and we run through the numbers as Adele releases her latest album.


How on track is HS2?

Felicity looks into what it will mean for Leeds and Nottingham if plans to scrap the Eastern link of HS2 are announced. She hears what the proposals are likely to be and what impact they'll have on places like Leeds. James runs a cafe close to Leeds station and tells Felicity the city will suffer. Plus she hears why Amazon has said it won't accept Visa credit cards and why Apple's considering helping customers fix their own phones. #WakeUpToMoney With Felicity Hannah


Inflation Nation

Rahul investigates inflation: What is it and what's driving that rise in the cost of living? He talks satellites and space with the boss of Cornwall's Spaceport. And what business should learn after the Yorkshire cricket club race row. #WakeUpToMoney With Rahul Tandon


Work and Reward

Felicity Hannah looks at the jobs market and wage growth, as well as the future of high speed rail in the North of England. Plus, Shell plans to move its HQ to the UK. And, what financial pressures is the NHS under at the moment?


At The Coal Phase

Felicity Hannah looks at the significance of coal to India's economy after a plan to phase it out in a COP 26 agreement was watered down. Plus, Booths supermarket on sustainability and supply chains. And, should your boss be able to contact you out of hours?


Good Cop, Bad Cop?

As the UN COP 26 climate change conference in Glasgow comes to an end, Felicity looks at what it's achieved over the last 12 days. The boss of clothing chain Patagonia discusses the company's values and eco credentials. And the veteran investor Guy Hands has been chatting to Felicity about how he still gets anxious, even now, about his dyslexia. He says in some ways the world is a better place, but there are still many barriers in the workplace for people with the condition. So have...


Wake Up To Money Boardroom Stories - Guy Hands, Founder Terra Firma

One of the biggest names in the world in private equity, Guy Hands, talks candidly about what he calls 'going from hero to zero'. Speaking with Felicity Hannah he shares his experience of growing his business Terra Firma Capital Partners which became one of the largest investment companies in the world. He discusses the controversy around his ownership of record label EMI and losing control of the care home company Four Seasons. He also talks about being dyslexic and how it's affected his...