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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe


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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe




Take five, work four?

Covid isolation is cut from seven days to five - how do employers feel? How some countries are addressing soaring energy prices. Who's embracing the four-day week? Felicity Hannah hears from freelancers and a group campaigning for the change in our workplace culture.


Political Purse Strings

Boris Johnson is facing calls to resign after he apologised for going to a drinks party in the Downing Street garden in May 2020. But what do the Tory party donors think?


Are you ready Boots? Start biddin'

Bain Capital and CVC Capital Partners are reported to be assembling a joint bid for Boots, which is currently owned by the US pharmacy giant Walgreens.


Negative Energy

It's not just households who are feeling the pinch. Businesses which use lots of gas are at the sharp end.


Nation of Isolation

Ikea has slashed sick pay entitlement for some unvaccinated staff forced to self-isolate after close contact with someone infected with Covid


The Big Squeeze

The soaring cost of wholesale gas is contributing to record high energy bills that many predict will soon get higher. The boss of energy company Ecotricity tells Felicity what he thinks can be done to mitigate a big squeeze on the cost of living which could hit in April with taxes and energy bills set to rise. Maggie Philbin used to present the BBC's iconic Tomorrow's World programme. She now helps teenagers achieve their dream jobs in science and technology. So how can we help the teen in...


Go Test

The government says it will ditch the requirement for travellers to take a pre-departure covid test before they return to the UK. The Jet2 boss tells Sean whether it's enough to give the travel industry a much needed boost. Mickey Clarke chats through the business stories of the day. Plus why gaming has grown during Covid and how showrooms are struggling to sell new cars. Join in the conversation on Twitter: #WakeUpToMoney With Sean Farrington


Testing Times

As Covid cases hit a new high we speak to businesses about the impact on their workforces.


Theranos founder convicted

The founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, has been convicted of defrauding investors after a landmark trial. Also, has Omicron put a stop to plans to return to offices? And, Apple becomes the first company to reach a value of $3 trillion.


22 things in 2022

Felicity Hannah looks ahead to 22 things which will or could happen in 2022


Cheers, 2021

Felicity Hannah looks back on the big business of the year and takes a look ahead to new Brexit rules coming in. Plus she discusses the world of wines and spirits with wine merchant James Tanner and Justin Urquhart-Stewart gazes into his financial crystal ball to take a look at what 2022 may have in store.


Taking stock

The FTSE 100 hits a 22-month high as investors' Omicron concerns ease, but how do smaller companies feel about the future? Felicity Hannah finds out. Felicity looks at the so-called renewal premium on car and home insurance, which could come to an end when new rules come in on the first of January. And she speaks to the journalist who covered one of the most shocking stories of the year from its early days. The scandal saw dozens of sub-post masters falsely accused of theft but then went on...


Shop Drop

Felicity Hannah discusses why fewer people have been out to the traditional post-Christmas sales in the shops. Plus she talks brewing and pubs with the owner of Black Sheep brewery in Yorkshire; looks ahead to big Brexit measures being introduced on the 1st of January and the latest on the impact of Covid. Also the top selling vinyl albums of 2021.


The Shop Before Christmas

As we head into Christmas with infection levels at a record high, could it mean more restrictions on the way once the festivities are over? If so, the former Sainsbury's boss Justin King says retailers will need targeted support. This time last year a trade deal between the UK and the EU was hammered out. So where are businesses a year on? And, with many supply chains still disrupted, you might be still waiting for some parcels to arrive. Or you might have had to self-isolate and couldn't...


Travel bans leave holidays up in the air

Felicity Hannah explains why Brits face more travel bans abroad, incoming Welsh Covid restrictions and whether nudge theory can boost vaccination numbers. She also sets out why music venues are struggling and the surge in smishing - fraudulent text messages.


Mo' money, Mo' problems

The Chanceller offers more financial help to Covid-hit businesses, but is it enough? Feleicity Hannah speaks to a supply chain firm, hospitality business and beauty association boss to find out. Plus we catch up with Richer Sounds boss Julian Richer, and ask why McDonald's is having to ration its french fries.


Yule rules

As the PM rules nothing in, or out, for covid, what impact is it having on festive plans? We speak to a theatre boss and salon owner about waning how confidence is hitting bookings. We also ask why Covid insurance cover is so hard to come buy, and why a number of big name banks have been slapped with significant fines in recent days.


Not going out?

Hospitality firms call for Government help as confidence dwindles in the face of rising Covid cases. Mark Syred also asks whether Strictly come Dancing could help sign language courses tap into a new audience? Elsewhere we look at rumours Mike Ashley could be planning to take his Sports Direct empire private again, Liz Truss taking over the UK's Brexit brief and why Lego may be worth more than its weight in gold.


May I interest you in some rates?

The rate rise came as a suprise as it had been widely expected that rates would be held, to allow the economy time to recover from the impact of the Omicron variant.


Up, up, up

As inflation surges above 5% in the UK we ask what the implications are for consumers and business - with a look at saving rates and a catch up with a manufacturer. We also take a look at what impact surging prices are having in Turkey and the US, and how the world of advertising is changing.