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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe


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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe




Wake Up to Money: One Week On

The prime minister is to hold emergency talks with the OBR.


One Week On

One week since the mini-budget was announced the Prime Minister is to hold emergency talks with the OBR. Felicity Hannah looks at the effect of the announcement on the markets. Energy prices are set to go up on Saturday, we'll be looking at what you should do before then. We'll also be finding out more about the official coin portrait of King Charles III and a new £5 coin.


Gilt Trip

Sean gets the latest market reaction, as the Bank of England seeks to reduce volatility by buying government bonds. Sean also asks how the plummeting pound is impacting car manufacturers, and looks at the latest results from Boohoo and Next.


Wake Up to Money: Gilt Trip

Sean looks at market reaction, after the Bank of England's bond purchase announcement.


Sterling Stutters

As markets continue to respond following the pound's tumble on Monday, Sean Farrington gets reaction from experts and businesses. Plus ahead of leader Keir Starmer's keynote speech at the Labour Party conference today, a look at what policies for business it might put forward, and we examine the possible reasons for singer Ian Brown performing to a backing track on his latest tour - controversially for some gig-goers.


Wake Up to Money: Sterling Stutters

Reaction from experts and businesses as markets respond to the pound's tumble.


Mortgage Misery

Sean Farrington finds out about the impact of the dramatic drop in the value of the pound on mortgages as lenders change products and borrowers have their options restricted.


Wake Up to Money: Mortgage Misery

Sean Farrington finds out about mortgage woes as banks pull products from the market.



Sean Farrington looks at the impact of the mini-budget that brought in major changes and talks to businesses and market experts about what the next week is likely to bring.


Wake Up to Money: Mini-Budget?

Sean Farrington looks at the impact of the mini-budget that brought in major changes.


Today's the Day

Ahead of the nicknamed 'mini budget' of the new government, Felicity Hannah speaks to experts about what we might expect from the the day's announcements, and speaks to businesses about what they're hoping to hear.


Is it enough?

James Lipscombe, CEO of the largest fish and chip shop chain in the UK discusses the energy support package for businesses with Felicity Hannah. As Liz Truss pledges to lift the ban on fracking, we discuss the impact it could have. Wasps Rugby Club announce that they're filing for administration, Dan Plumley, sports finance expert from Sheffield Hallam University brings us the latest on what the future might look like for the club.


Businesses get their answer

The Government is set to reveal what support it will offer business for energy bills, Felicity Hannah will hear from those urging the new Prime Minister to stick to her green energy targets. As more and more of us are buying insulation products to prepare for the winter ahead, we hear from the boss of one installation firm who has seen enquires more than double. Elsewhere, a former Channel 4 Editor speaks to us about the review into the privatisation of the broadcaster.


The final farewell

We hear from the London Chamber of Commerce on what it means for a city to host such an event and look ahead to a big week of financial news with a panel of business owners.


The Long Farewell

As London prepares for the funeral of the Queen, businesses in the capital have found themselves having to deal with a huge influx of people. Felicity Hannah speaks to the London Chamber of Commerce and a business in the heart of the capital to find out how they are adapting. Aid efforts continue in Pakistan following catastrophic floods in the country and officials there are warning of a looming health crisis. Wholesale giant Bestway Group employs 20,000 people there - their Chief Financial...


The world watches

As mourners gather to honour the Queen in London, and proceedings are broadcast around the world, Sean looks at the impact that this week's events will have for businesses. Also, he hears what is behind food prices rising at the fastest rate in 14 years.


London prepares

As Her Majesty the Queen lies in state, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to travel to London to pay their respects - Sean speaks to a recruiter working to support rail companies facing high demand. And companies who've held Royal Warrants talk about their relationship with the monarch, and what happens now.


Open or close?

As the national mourning period continues following the death of the Queen, Sean speaks to one business that has decided to close for Her Majesty's funeral. Meanwhile, businesses look for more detail on the government's proposed energy scheme, and Sean hears how markets have responded to the Prime Minister's support plans.


Royal Special

Sean Farrington takes a look at how the Queen and new King have influenced the world of business with Lord Bilimoria of Cobra Beer fame and the chair of Duchy Originals. He also takes a look at how coins and banknotes are set to mark the change of monarch and takes a look at the Government's latest plan to tackle surging energy prices. Keep the conversation going #WakeUpToMoney


Ice cream, you scream

Sean Farrington heads to the outskirts of Derby, to visit a luxury ice cream producer, a restaurateur and a member of the East Midlands Chamber, to find out how businesses in the region are coping with rising bills and energy costs. It's all part of the BBC's Counting the Cost of Living series, and BBC News will be hearing from people at towns and cities across the Uk to find out how they're doing, and revisiting them again the coming months.